Thursday, June 3, 2010

knowledge is power, isn't it?

it has been quite sometimes since my last post. bukan tak tau nk tulis ape, but I kept thinking, "org suka ke bc ape yg aku tulis ni? dh la gmba pun jarang2 nk upload." but then, I remember that this is MY blog, so basically I can do anything and I can write anything that I like in here, without having to worry whether people might get bored or not, right? nerd

what's with the title above? tah, tbe2 terpikir, at times like this, I mean zaman yg serba maju n canggih skrg, information is borderless! everything yg kite nk tau, we can simply google it! yess, goggle is a biggg word right now. in fact, dlm cte Twilight pun, Edward Cullen ad ckp cmni, "you can google it." hehehe.. cumenye, it's up to us to decide which info gives the most accurate and reliable answer. so, it is a very LAME excuse if someone says, "oh, i x tau pun.." or "ala, I xpndai la nk carik info pasal ni".. busuk come on, kalo facebook ko reti create account, xkn nk carik info pun x reti babe.

the most important key for me is the words / sentence that we write in that box. general words mcm a, is, the and lain2 rsnye x perlu letak. keyword is very important utk mnentukan maklumat yg korang carik tu betul and tepat! and sometimes, kalo korang dh biase dgn satu2 web ni, type the name of the web as well. for example, korang slalu donlod games or installer mcm yahoo messenger or anything kt 4shared, so simply type "rush ranch games 4shared." senang bukan? kenyit

ok, enough of me mumbling! goodnite.