Friday, July 24, 2009

futsal, anyone...?

hi again.. ;) guess what? ptg smlm dan ptg td i played futsal. dlm english ape ek? hehehe. spnjg sy hdup 23 tahun ni, yesterday was my first time ever of playing it. actually, when kak ida first asked me to play, i thought it was just for fun. ya know, for friendly match, and nothing more. but then, it turned out to be a tournament! "Piala Futsal Dr Azhar", if im not mistaken. can u believe that? im going to enter a futsal tournament, and i havent acquired any skills on my list yet. in fact, i've been playing it twice. and i even used my hand to score. haha.. geram sgt nk tendang msuk gol x dpt2.. so, wish me luck for tomorrow. ;) oh ya, i'll be playing as a defender. hik3.. striker sgt la jauh smpi bole msuk longkang. =p

later this evening, g pasar dgn zaikha and dayah. diorg x pnh g pasar jumaat. n lunch td kak ida blanje. sbb die menang competition last wednesday aritu. best2..

i have to sleep early tonite. got to have as maximum strength and stamina as i could.

nite2 people.

till next time..

Thursday, July 23, 2009

strength, come to me now~

howdy guys.. how was your day today? (of course i mean wednesday..hehe) mine? i gained a new experience today. i went to the Young Lecture Competition organized by USM which was held at Bukit Jawi Golf Resort. all i can say is that all the contestants were very talented. i couldnt even see a bit of anxiety in each of them. the winner goes to one of my friend, Katrina. u go girl! congrats! ;) i dont know if i would feel as confident as them if i was one of the contestant. hee~

apart from that, sgt bertuah kpd sesiapa yg managed to watch the eclipse. its the longest time of this phenomena so far, and you wont see the eclipse longer until the year of 2132, if im not mistaken. unlike me, im reading eclipse, book number 3 of twilight saga.hehe.. tp the real eclipse lupe nk tgok.. ape la kn.. huhu..

last tuesday, sy x g keje pn. why? i got a very serious food poisoning. this is the 2nd time sy kne mcm ni. *sigh*. mlm tu mkn kt kulim, tmpt yg slalu gk mkn dgn my other half dlu2. dh lme x mkn kt stu, tu yg g. pas mkn je, x smpt ke mane2, dlm kete tu jgk perut dh rs len mcm. then i went back to hostel. guess what? from 4 am till 6++ in the morning, i went to toilet continuously. siyesly mmg x dpt nk tdo. and to make it worst, sy muntah2 4x. 2x dlm bilik. luckily i managed to grab the pail.hehehe. so, sah2 pg tu x larat sgt2 nk g keje. whole day i spent my time with sleeping. alhamdulillah, evrything's ok now. ptg td siap g masak2 uma zaikha. luckily diorg ade kt sni. x rase sunyi sgt. perangai pn gile2 mcm sy. hee~ thx to zaikha, anis and dayah sbb melayan perangai sy... =) mesti ko nk muntah kn zaikha bace entry nih..haha..

its 1215 in the morning now. i got some work and some thinking to do. nway, thx kpd semua org yg bg nasihat kt sy. sgt2 sy hargai. ;) those advices are worth remembering. =)

good nite people.

till next time..

Monday, July 20, 2009

guys, i need your opinion

hi kwn2.. slmt bjmpa lg.. sy tgh runsing skrg ni. just now, i met with my ex-supervisor, Dr Syed. we had a long talk, n the talk of cos involve isu pekerjaan, smbg master, experience, government and other related stuff. there was this one thing that keep me thinking until now. he said that according to his opinion, antara bekerja dan sambung belajar, he would prefer to work. because, by working, definitely we will gain experiences. and.... experiences + master = that's the real power. of course working in our field, as in me, Mineral Resources Engineer.

the truth is im not applying for master study yet. im working as a RA. and.... (byknye and), im planning on it. in fact, im working on the proposal right now. tp apa yg dr syed ckp tu sgt betul. but the main problem here is i havent got any job at all. he said that it's better if we work as RA, RO first. then, bile dh ckup pengalaman, proceed with master. of cos all these are of his opinion la kan. he, himself after degree, keje dlu, then smbg master, keje then br smbg phd.

just now, my mum called. i got "invited" utk attend exam for PTD.

thing that bother me now is whether i should hold on the master application, and try searching for work. kalau bole, work that's related with my field of study.

guys, any opinion? i dont wanna make the wrong move in my life, again. ckup sekali itu. the moment where that bi**h destroyed my dream.

till next time..


morning!! another boring monday.. huwarghhh...

im turning back the background to pink layout. what to do, i lurve pink a lil' bit more than other colours. ;)

have a good day people..

till next time..

Sunday, July 19, 2009

sometimes love knocks you down....

gud morning! well, it's almost noon right now.. hehehe..

ekceli xde pape nk tulis, tp ttp jgk nk menaip. currently, im very addicted to these 3 songs:
1) Keri Hilson - Knock you down
2) Kris Allen - No Boundaries
3) Green Day - 21 Guns

these songs keep on playin on my mind most of the time. god, how to get rid of this? but no worries, time smyg alhamdullillah ok.. ;) its just that i cant keep myself from humming them. hee~

till next time..

p/s: my lonely weekend for the first time i'm here. :( i miss my friends....

Saturday, July 18, 2009

woman from point of view of engineer

hi there.. i just bumped into this entry by someone. it's funny and ridiculous. how they can come up with this such a brilliant idea. hehehehehe. click here.
till next time..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

here and there

hi all.. dh lme x update blog. i was kinda bz settling a few things that have to be done quickly. one by one is settled, hopefully sume akan selesai a.s.a.p. hee~

this week mcm minggu pertemuan membe2 lme lak. last week, i met with my old friend from mrsm, zaikha, as i mention in the previous entry before. last monday, tanpa disangka2 tjmpe lak mmbe lme time kt matrik dlu, zati. we didnt meet for like, 4 years i think. jmpe lak kt dlm surau time nk smyg zohor. pertemuan yg diberkati. hehe. she's from unimap, n doing RA like now, just like me. what a coincidence. b4 ni mmg lost contact trus dgn die. this world is a small small world. pi mai pi mai, tang tu jugak. hehehehe~

gtg, will write more later. ;)

till next time..

Sunday, July 12, 2009

my new destination

howdy people!

guess what? im in penang now. trying to find a new solution of my jobless life. hopefully sume akan dpermudahkan olehNya. Amin.

thx to my friend, zaikha yg sudi menumpangkn sy di rumahnya. if not, im gonna be a homeless person. hehehehe..

i've got so much to settle by tomorrow. so i guess i better start right now.

im off.

till next time.. ;)

Friday, July 10, 2009

i feel goooodddd...

hi guys..

after been stressed out for like, 2 or 3 days, i think im ok now. thx for those who give me their brilliant advices and stuff. sy sgt2 hargai. i know, life isn't always beautiful. when we think we've been cheated by it, we have to keep our head up, but always keep your nose at the same level. otherwise, people will hate u. hehe.

i've made up my mind. well, u can say im up to something at this very moment. =). tp tanak la cte lbih2, biar jd dlu, then i'll write it here.

in the previous entry, i promised that i will update about my journey to the north, precisely penang. actually nk letak a few pics kt sni, but i wonder where my usb cable is. x jmpe2 lg smpi skrg. well, it was a fun and memorable journey, though. i did stuff that i did when i was student back there. g jln2, tgok wayang, tgok kapal terbang.. hehe. n last but not least, tgok ombak atas feri. hahahaha.. pathethic me.. but considering the fact that i've been living in S'gor for almost 2 months, it wasnt so bad i guess kalo sy sgt suke tgok ombak time nek feri.hee~ there was this one kakak, she's indian. ktorg mntk tlg amek gmba, tp die malu2 dan tnpe disangka2 die pngl lak hubby die kot, yg tgh asyik tgok laut kt dpn. tkt gk die mrh sbb kaco die, but luckily, die sgt peramah. thx ye uncle. all in all, it was a memorable journey, of cos la sbb i g jln2 dgn my other half kn.. hehe.. thx to u bucuk, for ur willingness utk amek cuti n bwk g u. always have, always will.

smpt gk jmpe mmbe lme time kt mrsm dlu. die wat ra kt usm, n soon she will continue her study in master. sebut psl kwn ni, i can say that it's hard to find friends like u used to have back when u were in school. at that time, sume x pk ape2 kecuali tlg mmbe n sket pn x rase jeles, or dengki or whatsoever. bkn kwn time dh besa ni x baik, but that's the reality of it. when we thought that he or she will be our best friend among other friends, unexpectedly we stumbled upon something that we thought they will never do. there was this saying that me n friend in school used to say. "a friend in need is a friend indeed". rndunye kt mereka2 semua. but now, they rather concern on their own personal profit. no offense, this is only my general point of view.

wow, pnjgnye entry kali ni. sbb bersemangat kot. haha..nite guys.

till next time..

Thursday, July 9, 2009

my sanity has been provoked!

i am mad, very mad at myself. sume yg aku wat arini sume x jd. tensen! im as clumsy as someone could be! damn it!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

this way, that way, which way?

hi friends..

last monday i got back from penang. first, to meet my other half yg dh lme sgt x jmpe. second, i went to usm, meeting with my lecturer. we discussed about the possibility of me continue my study in master. but still, my heart feels unsure of it. the truth is i feel unsure of everything. it's like, in front me, lay all the paths that im not sure which one to take. each path is full of uncertainty that somehow i dont seem to understand. *sigh*.

xmo sdih2.. cte bnde yg best g penang. hee.. apart from meeting my old fren back in mrsm, byk gk aku g jln2.. will tell u guys later.


till next time..

Friday, July 3, 2009

another say from me

i'm super-duper happy today. lots of happy things happen.. one of them, surat dr usm dh smpi, confirming that i will graduate this coming august. alhamdulillah. at last, i can make my parents proud of me, since im the eldest in my family. ;)

other thing is that i received another parcel of twilight merchandise. cant wait to show it here. but i dont capture any pic of them yet. maybe later.

x bole lame ni, i've got something to do. but still my hand tersangat la gatal nk menaip. more thing, im off to somewhere this weekend. cant wait! will update about it later.

till next time..

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


today the weather's not too hot. looks like it's going to rain anytime now. for this entry, i feel like talking about my liking. i bet my closest friends know how much im in love with twilight saga. deeply love smpi my other half kdg2 perli, g la sgt kt edward cullen tu.. hahaha. dear, no need to worry. i love u, u & u alone. ;) in fact, when we were watching twilight, he was sleeping, meaning that the story didn't attract him at all. sng cte, bosan.. hehehe.. jgn mrh ye bucuk. but as for me, terbeliak bijik mate tgok cte tu. wow, i was mesmerized. it's not because of edward cullen only, but it includes all aspects of twilight. the story, the person involved, emotion shown by the actors. i just love it. and when i said i LOVE it, i'll do anything to have anything that relate to it. heh heh.

lucky me, i met this one person on the internet, she's selling twilight merchandise where she bought in australia. rsnye kt sni xde official twilight store, right? but hope they will be someday, though. i cant wait to receive the stuff that i bought from her. even my other half mrh2, bising2, still die belikn jgk. thx bucuk. so far, i've got all series of twilight saga. plus another book written by twilight movie director, Catherine Hardwicke, "Twilight Director Notebook." when the was book was first arrived in M'sia, there were only 7 copies of it kt seluruh Penang. mcm mane sy tau? my other half yg duk tepon sume Popular Bookstore kt Penang, including main land and island. turned out only one copy left at Popular Gurney Plaza. so, ptg tu jgk, ktorg g Penang sbb dh booked. sgt2 bersyukur time tu. and thanks again to my other half sbb belikan buku tu.hehe. twilight books sgt2 laris di penang. this is the cover of the book. hee~

and right now, i cant hardly wait for the sequel of twilight, New Moon. the movie is due this coming november. 20th nov if im not mistaken. hope it is better than twilight movie because the previous movie wasnt as good as the book. but, still ok for me. ;) bkn sng nk wat cte dr novel. there are limit here and there compared to writing book.

one more thing, i bet all twilight lovers out there know about this one book called "Midnight Sun."it is twilight version from edward perspective. hope Stephenie Meyer will release this book sooner.

till next time..