Wednesday, July 1, 2009


today the weather's not too hot. looks like it's going to rain anytime now. for this entry, i feel like talking about my liking. i bet my closest friends know how much im in love with twilight saga. deeply love smpi my other half kdg2 perli, g la sgt kt edward cullen tu.. hahaha. dear, no need to worry. i love u, u & u alone. ;) in fact, when we were watching twilight, he was sleeping, meaning that the story didn't attract him at all. sng cte, bosan.. hehehe.. jgn mrh ye bucuk. but as for me, terbeliak bijik mate tgok cte tu. wow, i was mesmerized. it's not because of edward cullen only, but it includes all aspects of twilight. the story, the person involved, emotion shown by the actors. i just love it. and when i said i LOVE it, i'll do anything to have anything that relate to it. heh heh.

lucky me, i met this one person on the internet, she's selling twilight merchandise where she bought in australia. rsnye kt sni xde official twilight store, right? but hope they will be someday, though. i cant wait to receive the stuff that i bought from her. even my other half mrh2, bising2, still die belikn jgk. thx bucuk. so far, i've got all series of twilight saga. plus another book written by twilight movie director, Catherine Hardwicke, "Twilight Director Notebook." when the was book was first arrived in M'sia, there were only 7 copies of it kt seluruh Penang. mcm mane sy tau? my other half yg duk tepon sume Popular Bookstore kt Penang, including main land and island. turned out only one copy left at Popular Gurney Plaza. so, ptg tu jgk, ktorg g Penang sbb dh booked. sgt2 bersyukur time tu. and thanks again to my other half sbb belikan buku tu.hehe. twilight books sgt2 laris di penang. this is the cover of the book. hee~

and right now, i cant hardly wait for the sequel of twilight, New Moon. the movie is due this coming november. 20th nov if im not mistaken. hope it is better than twilight movie because the previous movie wasnt as good as the book. but, still ok for me. ;) bkn sng nk wat cte dr novel. there are limit here and there compared to writing book.

one more thing, i bet all twilight lovers out there know about this one book called "Midnight Sun."it is twilight version from edward perspective. hope Stephenie Meyer will release this book sooner.

till next time..


RaSHidAwAti DaUd said...

Aisyah, seriously I'm also one from milionz fans or of this series. It was superp!!! Kalah semua cite romance. I have the entire book as well =) bt unfortunately during the show, I have no interest at all. But after finished the book, it feels like you want to finish the whole series of the booked. I can’t wait “NEW MOON”…Kena booked ticket premier nie =)

aishah~ said...

u're definitely right kak shida.. i love it the first moment i saw it.. aishah tgok cte dlu, br beli buku.. hehe.. yeah, cant wait for the next sequel. gold class ticket seems nice..hehehehe..