Wednesday, July 15, 2009

here and there

hi all.. dh lme x update blog. i was kinda bz settling a few things that have to be done quickly. one by one is settled, hopefully sume akan selesai a.s.a.p. hee~

this week mcm minggu pertemuan membe2 lme lak. last week, i met with my old friend from mrsm, zaikha, as i mention in the previous entry before. last monday, tanpa disangka2 tjmpe lak mmbe lme time kt matrik dlu, zati. we didnt meet for like, 4 years i think. jmpe lak kt dlm surau time nk smyg zohor. pertemuan yg diberkati. hehe. she's from unimap, n doing RA like now, just like me. what a coincidence. b4 ni mmg lost contact trus dgn die. this world is a small small world. pi mai pi mai, tang tu jugak. hehehehe~

gtg, will write more later. ;)

till next time..

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