Monday, February 8, 2010

monologue again..

npe eh kdg2 kte tkot dgn bayang2 sndiri? it feels like u have something biiggg to maintain about, and somehow in the middle of the road, u dropped it accidentally.. and now, you are trying to get back those dropped-thing, not wanting others to know that you are actually trying your best to get it..damn! 2 3 ari ni mood x berapa nk elok.. hmm, nk jog sorg2 la sok.. smbil tenangkan diri sndiri..

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

dirty little secret

have you ever secretly know someone else's dirty little secret accidentally? i did!
well, all these times you respected him/her for what he/she believes in, and all of a sudden, kaput! all that respect has gone just because of a teeny-weeny little secret.

im not saying im a goody goody girl.. i am not perfect either. tp bile kite dh tau rahsia tu, susah utk kite layan dia mcm sebelum ni. oh, how i wish i didnt know anything about it! bak kate my lab mate, "aishah ni senang sgt nk teka mood dia just by looking at her face." i thought i wasnt easily read, but i was wrong! hehe..

so, i guess i will act like normal, walaupun susah.. oh god, help me!

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

anda dan kasut.. what about it?

I read on this one article about what do your shoes say about you.. it's interesting because somehow they do reflect your personality.. agree with me? read on... ;)

1) Classic pumps
-dikatakan org yg suka jenis kasut mcm ni adlh seorang perempuan yg bekerjaya.
- basic rules in life : kerja kuat, dpt gaji lumayan, mghargai nilai persahabatan dan kekeluargaan.
- anda juga bijak, boleh diharap dan seorg kwn yg setia

2) Sneakers
- aha! this kind of girl is very cool, approachable and witty!
- dlm perbualan, anda suke menyelitkn unsur2 humor utk menceriakn lg keadaan.

3) Stilettos
- one word, confidence!
- tidak takut utk menyatakan apa yg anda mahu
- berani melangkah ke hadapan
- modern at appearance, but traditional at heart

4) Mary-janes
- suka keadaan yg tersusun, kemas dan teratur, tapi tidak memboringkan ok! hehe..
- have a great sense of playfullness

5) Open peep toes
- sinonim dgn "natural flirt."
- kemana jua anda pergi, pnuh dgn semangat dan gaya yg tidak berlebihan.

so, which one are you? and as for me, I've been in love with mary-janes since a long time ago, and open peep toes is one my favorite now. even ad yg ckp kasut cmni huduh, but i still love it. different people have different taste, right?

all pictures are credited to womenshoesize,,,, and shoeshipper.

have a nice and fun weekend ;)
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today my other half will be going to KL. have a safe journey dear.. im waiting for you..