Monday, February 8, 2010

monologue again..

npe eh kdg2 kte tkot dgn bayang2 sndiri? it feels like u have something biiggg to maintain about, and somehow in the middle of the road, u dropped it accidentally.. and now, you are trying to get back those dropped-thing, not wanting others to know that you are actually trying your best to get it..damn! 2 3 ari ni mood x berapa nk elok.. hmm, nk jog sorg2 la sok.. smbil tenangkan diri sndiri..

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1 comment:

Shida said...

jogging really helps me on discharging ion2 neg(when I'm down to be exact) =). Normally what I do during jogging is clearkan mind and try hard to jog as far as I could; non-stop. Then biler sweat giler2, baru puas, baru teringat kaki sakit..huhu..Tapi memang best Aisyah...