Saturday, February 6, 2010

dirty little secret

have you ever secretly know someone else's dirty little secret accidentally? i did!
well, all these times you respected him/her for what he/she believes in, and all of a sudden, kaput! all that respect has gone just because of a teeny-weeny little secret.

im not saying im a goody goody girl.. i am not perfect either. tp bile kite dh tau rahsia tu, susah utk kite layan dia mcm sebelum ni. oh, how i wish i didnt know anything about it! bak kate my lab mate, "aishah ni senang sgt nk teka mood dia just by looking at her face." i thought i wasnt easily read, but i was wrong! hehe..

so, i guess i will act like normal, walaupun susah.. oh god, help me!

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~anis said...

heheehe... ive gone tru dat situation before... and to be more positive, i think we are not the type of pretending person because we show what we feel.. lagi better dr cakap2 belakang kan?? hihihi

aishah~ said...

yes! you are definitely right.. tp tkot nnt org bole bace ape kte rs..nk pki topeng vampire la cmni.. :D