Saturday, October 30, 2010

releasekn tension kt belog

hari ini, pd waktu ini, saat ini, rs super duper sakit ati, marah gile, rs mcm nk lempar sume brg kt tanah, or lempar kt atas lantai lg bagus kn? sng, berkecai trus! ggrr.. siyesly rs mrh ya amat! mengapakah?

2 3 ari ni hp kesyangan asik jatuh je. sjak g lgkawi aritu, bleh dikatakan almost every day die akan jatuh. tau x, setiap kali jatuh tu, rs mcm pecah jantung I!!! uwaa... ingt senang ke nk dpt hp idaman? td pun dh 2x jatuh.. yg aritu pnye jatuh dh terhakis dh key pad die.. td jatuh rs cm nk hempas2 je atas lantai! dh la tensen ngn bnde lain + hp asik jatuh, siyesly i cannot think rationally anymore!! @__@

but I feel lucky though, sbb mine is Nokia and it was made from metal, kunun2 tough la.. so kalo hp Nokia, jatuh byk kali pun insyaAllah ok lg *ayat sedapkn ati sndiri*.... my hp is Nokia E71, exactly like the image below..
this hp has done soo many favor to me, tu yg sedih kalo asik jatuh je :( I am the kind of person yg mmg sgt cermat mnjaga barang, *ayat bajet best ni diakui oleh my famly and my bf okeh* :p.. so, I mmg akan hangin satu bdn kalo sape2 yg gune brg I, pastu x reti jg.. mmg telinga tu sokmo kuar asap la.. hahaha..

Friday, October 29, 2010


do you know what hurts the most? when you think that someone you truly care for, is the person that most understanding you in and out. and at some point, it turned out to be wrong. it is the same person that you thought most understand you, is the one who do not understand you at all. after all what you've been doing all this time is trying to follow the right path, that person seem to be dislike it for a reason that I do not understand at all.

and that person keeps on hurting me as much as I try to take care of that person's feelings, heart etc etc. I do my best to make a relation between human as wonderful as possible, without breaking any law..but...

I am not perfect, yet I'm just some random human with feelings. I've reached my limitation of being patient, and I did try my best not to break anyone's heart. But somehow, it is me whose heart got broken in the first place, just for the sake of trying to protect others feelings.

I'm at my very lowest point in my life, right now. Whatever happen, will happen. Years and years of knowing someone is not a definite guarantee that it would have a happy ending.

footnote: credit to google for images.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

you don't know what you've got til it's gone.

sy mau hati ni setenang lautan. :)

whenever we feel lost or there is something missing that we don't even know what that thing is, Allah The Gracious will always be there to guide us to the right path. it's just the matter of nak tak nak je..

these past few days, I feel like there's a hole deep inside my heart, I don't even know how to say, or how to explain to my other half when I told him about this. But I do know, that there were few events that made me feel sad, angry, crazy I might say? Rs mcm apa yg kita buat x dihargai lgsung. masing2 nk ikut kpla masing2, and in the end, I was the one yg kne mengalah? oh tidak! But then, I realize, why not back to basic? dekatkan diri dgn lebih kepadaNya, insyaAllah hati akan tenang.

Please forgive me for all my sins, Dear Allah.. aminnn..

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'm done with u.

you know, sometimes when we think that we've already give all of our best to someone, and suddenly, we feel that everything we've done is not, well, kinda appreciated by that someone, we'll feel sad. yes, that is what happening to me right now.

kdg2 rs mcm, baik x pyh lgsung kisah pasal org, or give advice when he or she most needed it. rs mcm x berbaloi bila kite rs kita dh tlg yg tbaik, bg nasihat, support in term of money, and etc etc (bkn nk mengungkit).. n when th time comes bila pndapat kita x sama dgn dia, he or she will act like I am the one who shud be blamed. wtf?

dh bg nasihat berpuluh2 kali, ckp itu ini, and I even told that person, not to be me, where I am still regretting for what happening to me when i was back in first year of my undergrad life, tp still x reti2 bhs lg ka?

so, whatever might happen after this, lu carik solution sndiri ok. tayah byk2 tnye itu ini kat I! ckp beribu kali pun masih x reti bhs. so, lantak la.. ape nk jd, jd la ok.. sket pn sy xkisah.

kdg2 rs menyesal sbb interfere dgn decision die satu ms dulu.

ok, dh ilang marah,

Friday, October 15, 2010

emergency emergency

ok, I seriously need a good time management! not good, the best time management!

gambatte Aishah!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

second chance

do you believe in 2nd chance? I do! bila dh umur makin mghmpiri level matang nih, ehem2, rs mcm byk sgt kot aku bermonolog. I've been thinking a lot! literally about everything. and lately, one thing that came to mind is when someone is given the second chance to prove something to others.

what type of 2nd chance that I got? well, byk sgt kategori yg aku rs aku bkn stkt peluang ke 2, ke 3, ke 4 dan ke berapa tah aku pn x pasti, tp yg pastinya, most of the times, I DID NOT appreciate the opportunity that God once gave me. x hargai ni bg aku mcm x teruskn bnde yg aku dapat tu dgn istiqamah, or in other words, continuity. bile buat something, mest sekerat je. pastu benti. pastu bila nk start balik. kne mule dari zero sbb dh lame tingglkn. it's like all for nothing!

contoh paling simple yg aku leh bg... hmm.. exercise! mcm joging!. cm aku, dh seminggu maintain joging, rentak joging pun dh dpt, kira dh leh lari satu kampus ni dgn selambanya, xd la nk terkapai2 menarik napas..pastu tbe2 aku stop, dgn alasan byk keje la, itu la, ini la.. bila rs jeans tu dh x muat ke, bdn rs berat ke, baru la terkedek2 nk start joging balik. haa, masa ni br la rs nyesal, marah, benci sume ad sbb x maintain joging. hahahaha.. eh, logik x contoh yg aku bg nih?

ok, smbung nnt la.. nk cte sket pasal joging nih.. ehem2.. skang nk smyg n buat pape yg ptt. ;)

till next time peeps!


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

happy is the key to everything! err, literally everything kot..

hi guys! hari ni kan, tah kenapa rs mcm dpt smgt baru pulak! even keje still x siap2, kene perli lg tuh ngan sv.. ahaks! tp sy rs gmbira! rs mcm skrg ni enjoy dgn my work, and rs bsmgt nk siapkn keje lab, n write a paper for publishing purpose! rs mcm dh leh wat 1 or 2 paper utk publish nih. i already got one paper already published, and now I think I want more! tp skang ni tgh siapkn paper utk conference dlu, br leh pk utk bnde lain.

but whatever it is, I think I'm happy enough with my works. :D this is the pic of me smilingggg.... :):):):):)

p/s: ada mcm adik beradik x? *wink*

Friday, October 1, 2010

me being the typical malay

hari ni rsnya buat kerja dgn bsungguh2.. kot? i dunno, but i feel like i need to feel the pain and the joy of finishing something that I write, regardless of the quality of "results and discussion" part. hehehe.. dh x sempt dh kot nk tuka or tambah result baru. i just managed to improvise the old ones, and hope it is enough utk kali ini. :-s

and I guess I'm just being me, a typical malay yg mmg suke sgt2 buat gheja last minit nih! mmg betul2 last minit, dan ditambah pulak kalau gheja tu xpe anta over deadline sbb ad org dalam yg tlg. muahahaha.. ekceli, rs menyesal sbrnye. byk kali kot dh bjnji dgn diri sndiri,

''Aishah, pasni ape pun keje yg ko buat, pastikn siap awal2 ye, xd la kelam kelibut, tensen semacam nnt."

and the result?? I am still being the typical me, typical malay yg mmg suke last2 minet pnye keje.

pastu rs menyesal dan sedih sbb tak explore betul2 kebolehan dlm diri. (-__-)

current worksation. thx to pihak desa sbb provide a larger table utk org yg super byk brg mcm sy ni.. wpun area dpn loker muat2 utk sy sorg je tgok cermin, belek2 muka, tp sy berpuas ati. time kasih lg skali ye :D

p/s: rsnye utk entry yg akan dtg, nk letak at least 1 image. bolehkah? let's cekidaut later.