Friday, April 30, 2010


last nite i was sleeping at 3 am in the morning! x dpt tdo.. n mase yg x dpt tdo digunakan utk mndonlod cerita Thumbelina.. dh lme carik.. ala, cite mase kte kecik2 dlu tu, yg dak pmpuan tu size die besa ibu jari je.. hehe.. ekceli, when i was goggling last night, br dpt tau yg Barbie pun ad gk cte Thumbelina nih, as in Barbie Thumbelina, yg ni i x tau cte die cane.. but definitely it is Thumbelina version 1994 that i really want! mengimbau zaman kenangan kanak2 dulu sgt seronok rupenye. i wish i could cherish every moment of it! for those yg masih x hengat yg mane cte tu, take a look at this picture:
this is the Thumbelina in 1994, the one that really loved to watch once upon a time


and this is the modern version of Thumbelina, Barbie Thumbelina:

pictures credited to Mr Google..

rs mcm nk tgok la nnt.. barbie best jugak kn katun2 die..

i know, maybe ad org yg akan kata, "ala, dh besa pun nk tgok katun jgk.." but come on, admit it! ad mase2 pun korg pasti akan suke tgok kartun kn? kn? kn? hehehehe..

ok, gtg.. mau start mmbuat kerja pula.. ;)

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if only i could turn back time

happy friday kwn2.. may today brings you more happiness under The Almighty's protection.
at late night like this, mcm2 bnde yg terpk kt pale otak ni, x kisah la mengarut ke tak, tetap terpikir jgk.. like tonite, tbe2 terpk, "if only i could turn back time, i could do sooo many things, like million things better than i did now." for example:

1) nak watch out my weight when i was slim back then. seriously, when i take a look at my old pics, i really was slim! mengapakah sy xd kesedaran pd masa itu utk mnjaga berat bdn dgn baik?? uwaa.. td tgok pic mase taun 2006 dgn sara, die ckp, 'wahh. kalo tutup muka mest org x tau ni ko." ahahaha... ade ke ptt? sabo je la.. but then, rsnye mase dulu mmg x pnh sedar kot diri ni kurus.. dlm pale otak asik pikir, gemok, gemok, dan gemok... hmmm...

mengelamun sebentar..

oh ya, gmba mase sy kurus x bleh diupload, sbb ditakuti akan mendatangkan kesan negatif kpd pemilik blog.. hrp phm ye..

2) i wish i was damn good at school, esp high school. rs mcm x all out mase blaja dlu, lg2 time kt mrsm kuantan (SPM).. up until now, terbit ts menyesal sbb x blaja btul2 n pk bnde lain yg amatlah merugikan.. kalo tak, surely my dream of studying abroad will come true.. mase PMR, i could say that i was happy and proud of myself, because i dare to dream high n in the end, i did achieve my dream..

ok, buat mase ni, 2 bnda tu je kot yg paling buat aku nak kembali ke mase silam.. but then, when i think thoroughly, if things did not happen the way they were, mesti aku xkn berada di bumi USM ni, mesti xkn jmpe my great friends, and of cos x kn jmpe my other half.. and my path of life will be entirely different from what im having right now, which im very happy and content with..

itulah mnusia kn, x kn penah puas dgn apa yg dia ada.. the grass is always greener on the other side.. and when it comes to saying, "u dont know what you've got til it's gone", it is definitely, absolutely true enough!

till then~~
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

in the middle of wednesday night

it's 12.26 in the morning.. supposedly org lain dh tdo kot, but not for me! for me to sleep before 12am is like something magic, ones that u can count with your 10 fingers... ahaks..

so, what am I doing? watching Motherhood.. korang dh tgok? the main cast in this movie is Uma Thurman.. basically, the story is about a mother who's trying to throw a birthday party for her 6-year-old daughter and she's having so many challenges throughout the day. but, according to Rotten Tomato, the rate is only 3.8 out of 10! nmpk sgt busan kot.. but layan aje la..alang2 dh donlod. oh ya, tgok cte smbil ditemani white coffee and twisties! OMG, mane g hasrat utk berdiet nih?

till then~~ ;)

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Monday, April 26, 2010

marah & geram!!

pnh x korg tetibe rs marah yg amat? rs mcm the people around u amik kesempatan kt diri korang?? well, im feeling it at this very moment.. tetibe rs mrh sgt kt one particular person nih.. die mcm x reti nk bersosial dgn org lain, precisely die mcm x reti nk bckp dgn org lain tnpe menyaktikan ati org.. pastu wat muka x bslh.. mcm la ko sorg je yg perfect! pastu dgn x tau malu mntk tlg kt aku balik...

ok, sgt marah mlm ni!

full stop.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

my head is spinning round and round....

happy sunday! td tgh golek2 utk try tdo diwaktu tghri, kate org, take a nap before zohor prayer is good for you, tp ni dh lps zohor dh pun.. ape yg goodnye, nnt kalo tdo sure smpi ke asar, mereng jdinye.. dh la smlm ujan lebat, of cos the weather was nice and cold, apo laie, tdo dr awal pg smpi ke ptg kot.. hmmpss! bersalah rase..

so, when i was about to shut my eyes, tbe2 mate tkelip2.. x leh tdo.. why? because there are just so many things going on inside my mind now, which is good because then I have something to do. mcm2 bnde tu tmasuk lah:

1) nak men farmville, lame x melawat jiran2.. ape jd kt diorg tah.

2) upload gmba kt fb, pictures that were taken ages ago (during my birthday, on a trip to kelantan).

3) nk try edit2 pics.. sonok tgok mmbe len dh pndai, tp i cume tau basic shj.. up until now, i still cant decide whether to use photoshop or any idea guys?

4) nk bace journal! yg ni dr dulu smpi skrg azam tu ttp ade, tp x tau la bile tercapai *sigh*

5) tukar tmplate blog.. i think i need something mature, which is suitable with my age, or my mood at the moment.

6) nk bace n tulis review pasal movies that i watched, tips that i read and whatsoever. i love sharing tips with people. tp rs mcm 24 jam x ckup utk sehari. there are just too many things to do, too many things to proritize things... i dont think the time is to be blamed, but it's me! ok, surrender.. sy yg x tau nk manage mase dgn bkesan.. walaupn umur sudah mncecah 24 tahun, ttp nmpknye umur x berkadaran dgn pengurusan mase yg bkesan kot..

hmm.. suddenly i came across this thought.. ok, i will try to complete things that i wish i would do as listed above. so, we will see whether i can accomplish it or not. jeng3..

and i dont even know whether i have anybody reading my blog, apart from my friends, anis, jeka..but who cares? i write becos i feel like typing and writing. and i dont even put my blog url at my fb profile. i malu la youu... ahaha..

ok, i'll let u know later whether i manage to do all the things listed above.. ;)

till then... ~~

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ditelan mati emak, diluah mati bapa..

rsnye itulah peribahasa yg dpt mnggambrkan perasaan aku skrg ni.. mlm td bsmgt utk memotivasikan diri, and today, i received some bad news that slowly changed my mood from happy to sad, and mad i might say. the things that makes me sad? i dont think i can write them down here, it's too private. dan aku tanak salahkn sape2, or malukan sape2.. bcos whatever the things are, they already make my day as gloomy as the weather outside..i should have known this long ago, as my instinct is strong. not to feel smug, but i always have a good instinct, and normally they are right. and right it is now.. :(

all the plans i've been working on nmpk x kn jadik.. the other half said to me.. "dont be sad, let's find another way." but im not used of rejection. mungkin ad hikmah di sebalik ni kot. i asked Allah before, that kalo bnde ni yg tbaik, permudahkan segalanya. and i guess it was not as 'terbaik' as i thought. hanya Dia yg mengetahui.

and thinking about Him, The One and Only, The Almighty, rs sejuk sikit hati ni. ad sedikit kedamaian. terima kasih Allah.

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revamp up yourself!

can you believe that at time like this, exactly 1.23 am in the morning, suddenly i have got all the enthusiasm i ever wanted these past few weeks? yesss, i am! x tau nape tbe2 skang ni rs mcm bsmgt sgt nk wat buat sume keje. i just finished folding all my clothes, already done Isyak prayer, and my eyes still wide open. rs mcm lps ni nk mmbaca buku cerita pulak. i've bought quite a number of my favourite english books, tp smpi skrg xd peluang nk bace. asal nk bace je, x jdik.. even ad few books yg dh bace half way, but i guess i have to restart all over again.

my roomie used to say that i was very energetic during night time. kalo mlm tu, ad je bnde aku nk kms sane, sapu sane, sapu sini.. mlm td duk sapu sawang2 kt bilik.. kt uma pun cmtu.. i guess i was an owl mase dulu2 kot.. ahahaha..

but seriously, i feel different tonight. enough said, im gonna start over and make sure when i do something, i'll do it seriously!

till then~~

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Friday, April 16, 2010

friday has come!!

Happy Friday everyone.. for those yg nak balik kg tu, slmt balik kg n berhati2 di jalan raya..
aahhh, at last, hujan jugak bumi USM ni... i love the smell of it.. dh lme x rs nyaman mcm ni.. last nite i was struck with bad headache, maybe sbb perubahan cuaca kot.. ye la, msuk lab sejuk, kuar lab, super panas, masuk lab balik, sejuk.. mane x poning eden...

oh ya, my other blog br je launch preloved items for sale. take a look at it ya.. kot2 ad yg bkenan.. ;) this is the sneak peek of the items:

will write more later. take care..

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

quick update!

i know it's already 2 o'clock in the morning, but once the mood of typing has come, x kisah la kul bpe pn ttp akan rase nk menaip jugak.. yesterday, i mean Wednesday, i had so much fun! first and foremost, ptg td aku, sara n nanie g mkn kt one of the restaurant kt pekaka.. mine was tomyam campur.. tgh syiok2 mkn tu, tetibe.... ADE SEEKOR LALAT! duhh!! patah trus selera.. hari isnin hari tu ad beli kuey teow kung fu kt kedai lain, tgh mkan jmpe nyamuk n LANGAU! kalo lalat x leh tolerate, apetah lagi langau yg besaq n kaler ijau tuh.. eww! geliii!!! okeh, this is the picture of the tomyam.. kedai ape x leh bgtau, sian mcm tutup pintu rezki diorg lak.. but luckily, i didnt have to pay any dime! :D

TETAPI, bile ktorg smpi je kt blok, tnmpk sesuatu...

tadaaaa!! nasik lemak sotong yg paling murah n sedap pnah i jmpe.. singgit je you! mmg kenyang la mkn.. ilang sume diet.. hahaha.. much more worth dr tomyam tu..

later that day, me and my other half went out together. dh lme ajak die tgok cte Date Night, sbb i tau cte tu mmg best. so, td instead of going to Sunway Carnival, he made a surprise by going to Queensbay Mall. heee.. so, kotrg beli tiket, smyg maghrib n mkn..and after that tgok cte. it is a must-watch movie i tell u! very hilarious.. x abes2 gelak.. mase tgok tu pay attention kt ape yg diorg ckp, sure korang akan gelak terkekek2... hihihi.. n on our way back home, he gave me something...............

suke sgt sbb da lme x dpt adiah.. (kunun2 lame la sgt). tp suke sbb it was a total surprise from him considering the fact that today's our relationship has turned to 2 years and 6 months. i know it is not much, but it was worth it! i wish there will be more and more years to come for us! aminn.. doakan eh ;) these are some of the photos yg gedix2 that i managed to capture...

i love you.

i guess this is my favorite spot all the time! x tau npe tp suke sgt amek gmba kt sni..

and last but not least, nk tnjuk musim bunga sakura kt USM ni.. skang dh xd dh, tp nk tnjuk jgk gmba nih...

ok, mood menaip semakin lemah.. will write more later.

good nite people..

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

regain my semangat

ok, sudah terpikir to-do list utk mlm ni: *bersemangat aishah!*

1) tukar background blog.. i think i need something mature and serious.. hee~
2) nk upload baju2 preloved. oh ya, ad bju2 preloved yg cntik utk anda semua.
3) nk jahit baju tdo n tdung.. ;D
4) accept and send gift kt farmville.. hihi..
5) nk jdik rajin n tuka moto yg baru.. NO PAIN, NO GAIN!

xd mood

xtau nape mlm ni nk wat ape2 pn xd mood.. td tgok cte The Bounty Hunter, baru 8 minit tgok, dh stop... malas nk tgok n phmkn.. bukak fb nk send gift kt farmville, x sempat nk tekan dh tutup. bukak blog nk window shopping, blum fully loaded dh tekan stop..

mengapakah? :(

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Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm back!

wahh.. setelah sekian lame x menulis (menaip exactly), arini br ad mood. thx to zaikha sbb men-trigger-kan mood I nk ber-belog.. hehehe..

since my last post, of course there are lots of things that happened.. yg best dn yg x best. among them are:

1) my birthday - i went to kelantan with my other half
2) ladies night almost every weekend with my lab's collegue *giggle*
3) my car broke down just before lebuhraya timur barat.. (sgt bersyukur)..

and of course, every event mesti la ad picture kan.. will upload them later..

for now,just warming up my writing style

will write more later.. thanks sbb sudi baca kamu2 ya.. *hugs*

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