Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ditelan mati emak, diluah mati bapa..

rsnye itulah peribahasa yg dpt mnggambrkan perasaan aku skrg ni.. mlm td bsmgt utk memotivasikan diri, and today, i received some bad news that slowly changed my mood from happy to sad, and mad i might say. the things that makes me sad? i dont think i can write them down here, it's too private. dan aku tanak salahkn sape2, or malukan sape2.. bcos whatever the things are, they already make my day as gloomy as the weather outside..i should have known this long ago, as my instinct is strong. not to feel smug, but i always have a good instinct, and normally they are right. and right it is now.. :(

all the plans i've been working on nmpk x kn jadik.. the other half said to me.. "dont be sad, let's find another way." but im not used of rejection. mungkin ad hikmah di sebalik ni kot. i asked Allah before, that kalo bnde ni yg tbaik, permudahkan segalanya. and i guess it was not as 'terbaik' as i thought. hanya Dia yg mengetahui.

and thinking about Him, The One and Only, The Almighty, rs sejuk sikit hati ni. ad sedikit kedamaian. terima kasih Allah.

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intan.dayana said...

care to share?

aishah~ said...

no syg, it's something i have to bear myself.. thx for asking btw.. muah!