Tuesday, July 26, 2011

for you, yes you... :p

coretan utk kamu...

I'm sorry dear, but somehow, it's kind of an enjoyment just to make you feel angry, just to bother you with things that should never been brought up.. just to make you say words in your pure Terengganu accent! and somehow, I managed to shout back at you using the same accent, and amazingly, you said that you didn't understand a word I was saying or you just pretend that you don't understand! and I was like, "whatever!" I'm still saying 'em, doesn't matter if you said it was ugly and "kaku", "keras" or whatsoever!

becauseeeee... the truth is.. I ♥ you just the way you are. sengihnampakgigi

and I'm sure you feel the same, right? you make me laugh, you make me cry, I guess that's both I'll have to buy tumbuk

♥ is in the air...

maybe it's true that i can't live without you

and maybe two is better than one

there's so much time to figure out the rest of my life

and you've already got me coming undone

and I'm thinking two is better than one...

~BoysLikeGirls feat. Taylor Swift~

everybody needs inspiration

everybody needs a song

a beautiful melody when the night is so long

cos there is no guarantee

that this love is easy

you love me for who I am

like the stars hold the moon

right there where they belong

and I know I'm not alone..



oh yeah, hari ni rasa sangat lah loser. I dont have any mood to do anything, even takut sv mintak chapter 123.. gigitjari

the reason being is that, tak bangun sahur! nangih

since last week dh praktis utk puasa, together with menggantikan puasa2, tapi, ye lah, rasa sedih sebab dah excited beli makanan siap2 malam tadi, dengan harapan nak bangun & bersahur happily.. tapi.. hampeh! totally like a loser!

and when I mengadu2 kat encik naim, die senyap je.. bila tanya, nape senyap? he answered like this.. "x tahu nak cakap ape, speechless, sebab tak sangka dedicated sangat nak bangun sahur, pastu boleh sedih..."

and I was like..."ohhh.. salah ke sedih tak bangun sahur? "

it's more like being angry actually, rather than feelin' sad. angry of not being able to stick to the plan that I've made... urgh! pfftt!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Adapt or die

In this big fat world, we do realize that not all of the things go accordingly. There are times that we've seen no justice, and yet, we play along with it. We know the truth, and we're not dumb, we just don't have the power to go against it.

Like some says, adapt or die.

Yes, I'm not numb or stupid or silly, mind you.. I know the truth is not as real as you always claimed. But what to do, I have to lay my card on the table, just like you, just like others. Period.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Lots of things stuck in my head. But I can't seem to write 'em down. I've a few ideas of writing in this blog, but when I started writing, it doesn't feel right. Dunno why.. *sigh*

Every single thing doesn't feel right at the moment. I'm kinda lost in my own thought, not knowing how to adjust, to improve, to do, even to make it happen! Edgy and simply unsatisfying.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

that should be me........

that should be me, livin' your dream, that was once used to be my ultimate dream..

that should be me, feelin' that glorious moments..

that should be me, experiencin' all those bitter sweet adventures..

that should be me, living that life, at this very moment!

but then, here I am, living the real life, because God knows, He knows what is best for me, which I silently thankful to Him, for if not because of Him, I wouldn't be anyway near this perfect life, and that is something you should be grateful at.

He won't test you with something you can't bear at all. He knows only the best, for me..


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

meh nk tego sket bleh x?

what kind of people yg duk update facebook die almost every hour every single day? I know, I know, tu adlh hak masing2... but after a while, I was like, 'die ni x keje ke ape?', "xd keje lain ke?".. kalau bnda yg duk diupdate selalu tu something yg berfaedah yg org lain bleh dpt manfaat, it should be okay I guess.. ni duk bermadah cintan cintun 24 jam... sket2 bleh la kott.. oh, I am sooo cannot stand that person!

seriously, facebook is not a good medium for you to pour all your luahan hati yg segala macam tu.. there are things you should keep to yourself. privacy is not something you can buy. no no no!

Monday, July 4, 2011

i'm a chicken!!

hari ni rasa gembira sikit.. supposedly I have to ask for this lecturer's signature like, a week ago. But then, I was too perfectionist in a way that he might ask me anything about FTIR. takut okayhh... actually, he's a good lecturer, cuma bila face to face dgn die, mak ai, ketar segala sendi kt badan nih! you know what? org yg slalu ckp die perfectionist tu adlh ayat lain utk maksud "i'm a chicken!" a.k.a penakut la tuh... hahahaha.. malu

so, tadi dh 2x kot pegi naik bilik dia.. mula2 pegi, ada org,so I was thinking of waiting outside his room dgn harapan soklan yg die tanya nanti boleh la jawab kan.. but then, lepas that student dah keluar, peluh jantan mula menitik di dahi! dup dap dup dap... rase mcm x sedap ati.. eh, x tak boleh jadi nih.. so, turun la balik g lab yg memang jadi mcm PG room. pastuuu, rs menyesal pulak x mintak, sebab dh janji lame dh dgn of the technician nak bg borang tu.

so, after a bit more reading regarding the FTIR, pegi la balik ke bilik Dr ni dgn harapan die takde.. ekekeke.. and then, bile dh sampai dpn pintu, I was like.... "nak ketuk ke taknak ye?" pastu mule la terpikir segala macam ayat2 motivasi utk beranikan diri.. heh. tanpe berfikir panjang, straightaway I knock! knock! on his door.. oh, x berkunci rupanya.. here goes the conversation:

me: assalamualaikum Dr. sy nak mintak sign untuk guna mesin FTIR. (and I handed out the borang)

Dr: (tgok borang kurang 2 saat).. kenapa lama sgt br nk mintak? (sbb tarikh kt stu 28.06.11, arini dh 4th july kan)... n then dia terus sign..

me: time kasih Dr..

kuar bilik tu, rs excited sgt sbb x sangka kali ni bnasib baik.. he usually loves to ask anything theoretically! alhamdulillah, smpi rase nak tego sume orang yg I met during that time.. heh!siul

moral of the story: you never know until you give it a try. just go for it! as whatever may happens, you have that experience that can never be bought anywhere. peace

Sunday, July 3, 2011

saturday night

oh, malam minggu ni x tahu nak buat ape! siyesly like, banyak sgt keje yg bleh dibuat, but then, rs malas tu mengatasi segalanya.. hahaha...

oh, last wednesday ari tu dah tgok cte Transformers! beli tiket online since 24th june lg.. mase beli tu pun seat kat hall dh half-full! mmg ramai sgt yg nk tgok cte ni kan? well, dulu I x layan lgsung cte2 action nih, sikit2 nak tgok komedi romantik, romantic comedy.. pastu si naim yg ajar tengok cte2 action nih.. so, skrg The Fast and Furious pun dh layan.. dulu, sket pun x hingin nak tgok! sengihnampakgigi

ingat nk buat review pasal cite transformers tu, but maybe later... skrg tgh meng-update belanjawan untuk this month. pening2.. blur