Wednesday, June 29, 2011

how to compree or resize pdf format file?

sekarang most of the permohonan, semua nak kene online kan? contohnye macam student like me, nak apply for any scholarship, we have to submit all the details of application through online.. and kadang2, ade limit utk satu2 file tu.. let's say, kita nak kene submit proposal dlm format pdf and the maximum size allowed is 300 kb...

unfortunately our proposal turned out to be more than 300kb. thus, the solution is you have to compress it to the smaller size so that it can be uploaded. One of the method is you can compress the size via online.. no need to install any software, because most of the time, you have to pay for the software.. you will find some freeware though, but it's gonna be quite difficult.

1) just pergi kt web ni:

korang akan nampak mcm ni..

2) next step, click at compress pdf, you'll see this.
-change any setting that you want.
-for the maximum compress, choose maximum the last one.
-maximum compress, quality will be lower.

3) browse the file that you need to resize at select file.
- click upload and compress.

4) wait...... minum

5) tadaaa... siap dah! right click kt folder tu, save link as.... / just klik kt folder name tu, and then save.
- check again the size of the folder.
-kalau rase nak kecik lagi, just klik kat "try different compression setting.."

ok, good luck! nerd