Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Last Song

there is a saying that goes like this... " if you don't know what to do at that particular moment, then you have a problem, dude.." I guess it's right. there are loads of thing that you can do to fulfill your time...

for the time being, rasa macam nak baca this one book titled The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks. Movie pun ada jugak, tapi nak habis baca novel ni baru tengok cite tu nanti.. :D
it's been a while since I last read a novel, I mean truly read it, days and nights. Been busy with labworks yg x tahu bila akan siap, not to mention byk sangat buang masa depan lappy watching the same thing over and over again.. *sigh*..

okay, the reading begins tonight.

i love reading as well as collecting bookmarks. this one is a custom made for me, bought it via online. nice, isn't it? a perfect compliment for reading tonight.. ;)

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Adam Idris said...

rajinnya, memang minat baca ye,
goodluck! :) :) :)