Thursday, June 23, 2011

computer thingy

I bet most of you already have a personal computer right? And after a while of using it, you can sense that your beloved lappy runs slower, and most of the free space in your hard disk is occupied already. Well, generally there are two ways you can solve the problems, given that you're sure that no virus is detected in your computer.

1. ccleaner
- basically, ccleaner ni guna utk clearkan balik all those temporary files, cookies, history, recent files @ documents kt hard disk C that filled up our space. once all of 'em has been cleared, you'll notice your pc runs smoother and more free space is available. you won't lose your personal data, though. don't worry. kenyit

2. defraggler
- benda ni lebih kepada susun kita punya file2 so that ruang kosong between file tu akan dapat dijimatkan.
- ruang kosong tu normally jadi bila kita delete files @ documents here and there.

this is how ccleaner looks like.


oh, both of the softwares are free. click here and here.

good luck! ;)


fiQ'Ra said...

salam awak..fiqra berbesar hati mnjemput awk join contest fiqra ;) tq yea

Anonymous said...

best ke ni????

Hayati Hamzah said...

defraggler ni same ngan disk defragment dlm system tools la kan ?

~aishah♥ said...

fiqra: thank you dear.. so sweet of you.. ;)

soour: best tu xd best mane, tp mmg byk mmbntu nk smoothen our pc performance.

hayati: yup, but this one is more convenience.. try guna 2 2, then you'll feel the difference :)