Saturday, April 30, 2011

motivasi utk diri sendiri

oh yes, PRESSURE itu perlu utk siapkn sesuatu kerja. but in a good way la kan, jgn smpai sume kerja tak jadi, susah jugak tuh.

and yes again, aku nak jd seorang Aishah yg rajin suatu ketika dulu. the smell of success is sweet, but the road is not guaranteed to be easy. but it's going to be worth it, kan?

better late than never, kan?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

starting over

kadang2 bila tuhan dh bg sesuatu anugerah @ nikmat kt kita, without we realize it, kite kurang atau tak langsung hargai nikmat pemberian itu, until at one time bile kite hilang nikmat tu, baru kite sedar, but it's too late. so, today I've been given an opportunity to change myself once again, and this time around, I'm making sure I wouldn't lose it anymore. ever!

you can listen to what people are saying about you, and you can ignore every single word they're saying. but the "ignoring" part is damn hard to do, isn't it? you keep on hating yourself and wanting to be other person desperately, when the truth is, YOU ARE IN YOUR BEST FORM JUST BY BEING YOURSELF. with a little improvement you're gonna be great!

I am doing that improvement starting tomorrow, and I'm hoping for the best. insyaAllah... senyum

Saturday, April 23, 2011

serious or not serious?

pernah tak korang rasa macam other people don't take you seriously? erm, ye la, korang selalu nampak chillax and gelak2, tapi when it comes to something serious, they tend to think that you dunno how to do it properly. come on, I mean, lain orang, lain cara kan? nampak sempoi tapi..... jeng3..

sebab, kadang2 it turned out that diorang pun salah sebenarnye. ekekeke... slalu tengok kat tv, pasal orang2 kaya bersosial, even satu habuk pun diorang tak paham pasal certain issues, but they still make their serious face, like they know literally everything about that.

gaya mutu keunggulan, eh? yg penting gaya, even habuk pun tak paham?

I should practise that more! kenyit

kembali ke sekolah

after the last quite-not-so-friendly post, skrg nak cerita yg santai2 sikit. As for the last post, it wasn't much like me. Aku tak suka marah lama2, tapi semalam agak tensi drpd biasa. don't know why. Like someone always said, "you can forgive but you cannot forget." As much as I try to forget, I will remember it vividly. Bagus utk apply dlm pembelajaran ni kn? sengihnampakgigi

Well, hari ni start dari pukul 7.30 pagi smpi kui 1 td, me and my other friends kene jd ajk utk jaga booth skul bahan kt sekolah menengah sebelah USM nih. Seronok jugak tengok aksi budak2 ni, and seriously teringat kenangan diri sendiri masa kt sekolah dulu. I do miss my school life! it was wonderful, even some of the memories were bitter, but still, rasa seronok jadik budak sekolah balik.

yg ni nama die Dr Kamar. super duper talented bab2 mineral and batuan nih. He said something that I will remember for the rest of my life for sure... "kite belajar master nih bukan sekadar nak dapat sijil je, or help your supervisor with him/her research, BUT you have to develop and expand your knowledge, rajin2 membaca, not just for the sake of your master, but for yourself." Thank you Dr. senyumkenyit I'll keep that in mind!


Friday, April 22, 2011

sape tanak kawen oi!

Lately bila tengok orang lain kawen, or orang lain tgh preggie or org lain tgh bercuti dengan hubby tersayang, tak dapat tidak, mesti terbit rasa jeles! ee, tak baik kan? syuh2 jealousy, off you go! off you go!

yes, people around you will ask non-stop.. "bila nak kawen Aishah?" "plan bile?" "dlm tahun ni ke?"..pastu siap ada member yg duk cakap "barang2 yg diguna utk bina masjid tu tak perlu yg mahal, cantik, yg penting masjid tu siap a.s.a.p"... well, hellooo,.. meh sini nak habaq mai...

if and only if kawen tu macam pergi beratur kat pejabat tok kadi lepas settle isi borang, I swear to God that I will be the first person of doing it. Not that I'm too desperate of getting married, but of course, utk mengelakkan dosa2 yg kita bleh totally get rid of dengan berkahwin.

But then, lain org lain cara. I'm not dreaming for my wedding day to be super grand, but of course, takkan lah nak pegi bagitau sume orang yg kita ada masalah itu ini.

sorry to say, but rezeki ko murah kot, sbb kita same2 masih blaja, tapi ko kawen dulu sbb laki ko keje kt tmpt gaji ribu riban, duit kepuk2.. Naim pulak, mesti ko bleh argue yg die dh keje lama, takkn takde duit simpanan kot.. abes, takkan ingt duit gaji bulan2 tu die x bayar sewa rumah? kereta? telepon? and as for me, mmg la ade elaun tiap2 bulan same mcm ko, tapi mcm ko x bese pulak, cukup ke elaun tu utk kawen? jwb sket!
and then, lu bleh argue yg ktorg bleh plak beli kete cik city, tapi x leh kawen.. eh, sukati la kan ktorg nk beli kete ape.. we do have our own planning in our lives. so what the hell, right??
kete tu kami same2 bayar.. and tuhan bagi rezeki lebih nk beli kereta yg selesa.. wth again?

lu pkir la sendiri.. sape yg tanak kawen cepat.. but then, lain org, lain ragam, lain permasalahan hidup.

ok..dah abes sesi luahkan perasaan..

Friday, April 15, 2011


seminggu dua ni agak tensi sebab byk kerja. tapi tak bleh nk salahkan sape2, it's purely my own fault! tu lah, sape suruh suke sgt tangguh kerja kan? padan muka.. hehe.. as for now, I'm doing nothing but rasa bersyukur kat tuhan, sebab despite of everything, masih ada masa lagi untuk fix all the not-so-wrong-things into good things. I just miss to look at these people once again..

umi & ayah... sejuk mata tgok mereka..

my first nephew.. rindu jgn cakap la, mcm ni rupanya rasa bila sayang kat baby.. before ni tak pernah rasa macam ni..

budak kecik yg x reti duduk diam


si dia where he's currently in China for business purpose. Hati2 di sana, love.

Monday, April 4, 2011


I am the new me today. Definitely, absolutely positive!

May the changes that I want will be fulfilled.. insyaAllah.

I cannot change the way people look at me, neither I can make everyone likes me. Take it or leave it. I'd rather be loved for who I am than for who I am not. Easy.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

my 25 years-to-be

ehem! today's my last day of being 24. and tomorrow, I am gonna be 25, precisely at 2.59 pm.. *siyesly, dlm surat beranak memang doktor tulis 2.59 pm*...

when I was goggling anything that relates to 25 years old, I found this:

err, not the sex part okay. tak sesuai untuk our culture, and I'm not drinking..hahaha.. might as well replace those 2 parts with thought about bile la nak abes master nih, bile la nak kawen nih, and also dah start pikir which anti aging product yg bagus for me, prevention is better than cure, right girls? malu

but seriously, I was thinking, "ape yg aku dah achieve in my long life of 25 years all this time, all this while?

I don't know for other people, but as for me, that is a huge number, kinda like your first benchmark in your life, where you'd look back and wonder about many things, either things that you're proud of or the saddest moments in your life.

and I guess, after this would be a new phase in my life, to a more matured, young woman, but still, tak dapat lari dari masalah2 remaja. cewah.. kunun2 la kan.. sengihnampakgigi

what did I achieve so far? I'm gonna sit and give a longggg thought about it.

this time around, nak jadik the first person yg wish birthday kt myself lah.. boleh pulak kan? siul

so, Happy Birthday to Me! May this year and forward makes me a brighter, prettier, smarter and definitely a slimmer person! senyumkenyit

*thanks to google images for all the nice pictures!