Sunday, April 24, 2011

starting over

kadang2 bila tuhan dh bg sesuatu anugerah @ nikmat kt kita, without we realize it, kite kurang atau tak langsung hargai nikmat pemberian itu, until at one time bile kite hilang nikmat tu, baru kite sedar, but it's too late. so, today I've been given an opportunity to change myself once again, and this time around, I'm making sure I wouldn't lose it anymore. ever!

you can listen to what people are saying about you, and you can ignore every single word they're saying. but the "ignoring" part is damn hard to do, isn't it? you keep on hating yourself and wanting to be other person desperately, when the truth is, YOU ARE IN YOUR BEST FORM JUST BY BEING YOURSELF. with a little improvement you're gonna be great!

I am doing that improvement starting tomorrow, and I'm hoping for the best. insyaAllah... senyum

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