Sunday, April 3, 2011

my 25 years-to-be

ehem! today's my last day of being 24. and tomorrow, I am gonna be 25, precisely at 2.59 pm.. *siyesly, dlm surat beranak memang doktor tulis 2.59 pm*...

when I was goggling anything that relates to 25 years old, I found this:

err, not the sex part okay. tak sesuai untuk our culture, and I'm not drinking..hahaha.. might as well replace those 2 parts with thought about bile la nak abes master nih, bile la nak kawen nih, and also dah start pikir which anti aging product yg bagus for me, prevention is better than cure, right girls? malu

but seriously, I was thinking, "ape yg aku dah achieve in my long life of 25 years all this time, all this while?

I don't know for other people, but as for me, that is a huge number, kinda like your first benchmark in your life, where you'd look back and wonder about many things, either things that you're proud of or the saddest moments in your life.

and I guess, after this would be a new phase in my life, to a more matured, young woman, but still, tak dapat lari dari masalah2 remaja. cewah.. kunun2 la kan.. sengihnampakgigi

what did I achieve so far? I'm gonna sit and give a longggg thought about it.

this time around, nak jadik the first person yg wish birthday kt myself lah.. boleh pulak kan? siul

so, Happy Birthday to Me! May this year and forward makes me a brighter, prettier, smarter and definitely a slimmer person! senyumkenyit

*thanks to google images for all the nice pictures!

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hawa2403 said... suwett la ur blog..ur dream to get slimmer...otw syg..hehhehe..juz belive in urself keh!!...