Wednesday, September 23, 2009

face it, deal with it, you're gonna be fine.

i lykeee what fergie said about his team MU against manchester city..

" kadang kala anda mempunyai 'jiran yang bising' dan anda terpaksa berdepan dengannya.Anda tidak dapat melakukan apa-apa mengenai mereka jika mereka berterusan buat bising tetapi apa yang boleh kami lakukan, seperti yang kami tunjukkan, hari ini, iaitu teruskan dengan cara hidup anda, hidupkan televisyen dan menguatkan suaranya." (source from b.harian)

seems like a good advice for handling people yg x reti nk tutup mulut and asyik komplen psl org lain, sedangkan diri sndiri berjalan mcm ketam.. hmm...~

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

new fold in raya...

aishah says..

slmt hari raya kwn2.. its been 3rd raya already. wah, masa berlalu sgt sekejap. nothing special raya kali ni. bju raya dh la x siap, tpkse pki bju grad. nseb bek bju cntik.. hehe.

erm, i must say that im not a big fan of cte2 melayu. its not that im not proud of being malaysian, but we all got our own taste, right? ;) n raya kali ni, smpt menonton bbrapa cte melayu yg agak menginsafkan. there was this one story, i dont remember the title, but i guess it was "tanah kubur" or something. actually my other half said that this story dh byk kali men kt astro. tp br sekali aku tgok. hehehe.. cte tu sgt menginsafkan sbb her husband died in a creepy way. diorg pnye lifestyle sgt super sosial, x smyg, mrh2 org yg mengaji and even mabuk. bila husband dia mati, xde sape nk bacekn yasin, instead, diorg bole pasang lagu pulak. ade ke ptt. n si isteri ni sdih sgt2 sbb she didnt know how to bc yasin, and even bc al-fatihah. and her husband yg mati tu b4 kebumi, tgn hitam, kubur smpit and air sntiasa msuk kt kubur die. aku sgt2 insaf.. mcm mane la agaknye aku mati nnt. tanak jd mcm tu.. :( sesungguhnya amalan yg aku buat slame ni blum tntu ckup n blum tntu diterima Allah. subuh pn slalu wat subuh gajah. ya Allah, aku harap Kau permudahkan segalanya. aminn..
tp tu la, bila kita nk buat baik, nk berubah, ad sja anasir2 jahat yg slalu mganggu pegangan hati kite. aku harap raya tahun ni akn btul2 mmbawa aku ke lembaran baru. moga selalu diberikan taufik dan hidayah olehNya.

oh ya, tahun ni still dpt duit raya even x byk pn.. hihihihihi..

till next time.. ;)

p/s: i was bloated and full with foods everyday at my home. ahh, x kira ko nk ckp aku gemuk ke ape ke.. bkn slalu dpt balik uma lme2 cmni.. :D

Saturday, September 19, 2009

home sweet home

hi.. slmt pagi semua..

guess what? im homeee! yippi2 yeay2...hehe.. smpi dlm kul 4 td. sgt seronok n best sbb finally dpt sahur masakan umi. nasik goreng yg super sdp + choc cake yg super sdp jgk! :D balik2 je umi ckp, "eh, nmpk dh kurus!".. hmm umi, kejap je ni kot.. smngu duk uma sure cm belon yg dipam pam.. haish, kne kurgkn mkn ni.. tp x bole. first day duk uma, x smpi 2 jam dh telan segala jnis mknn.. what to do? the temptation is too delicious to resist!

balik ni sgt bsmgt utk menyiapkn keje yg ttangguh. i must and i will.. after all, u cannot plough a field by turning it in your mind ;) sgt mndalam kata2 itu..

ok.. im feeling quite tired of driving before. will settle subuh prayer and have some sleep. oh ya, td highway menghala ke utara super duper jam! kt tepi2 jalan byk kete yg berenti, maybe nk berehat kejap. kwsn rehat sume full. luckily im on the reverse side of the road. tp sronok jgk tgok, br rase suasana balik kg. till 330 am, the highway's still jam.


tke cre.. be good.

till next time..

Thursday, September 17, 2009


slmt ptg sume.. today im alone in my room. my roomie just go back for raya. and as for me, insyaAllah tomorrow will be the latest time of me going home. bkn tanak balik cpt, i have to wait for my other half.. cian die balik sorg2 nnt. hehe... my plan for today? first and foremost, nk bace journal utk write paper which i have to submit after raya holiday. second plan, nk men farmville smpi termuntah! wahahaha... da lme x cantikkn ladang sy. smpi nk accept gift pn x bole sbb dh pnuh kotak hadiah sy. :D

ok.. gtg.. my ranch is calling me ;)

till next time..

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

PS i love you

salam..wohoho.. it's been wednesday already. time's moving away very fast. and we are getting to the end of ramadhan. i hope i will be able to meet next ramadhan again, insyaAllah.

hmm, im at my workplace. but i do nothing much since this morning. pg td mase g keje nmpk ade yg dh angkut beg balik kg. i cant wait to go back. dh x larat nk mkn kt luar, even g bazar pn dh xtau nk beli ape. naik ijau mata tgok the same foods since first puasa.

oh ya, smlm sy berbuka dgn zaikha, my old fren. we broke our fast right in my room, smbil tgok cte PS I Love You. i've watched this movie before, but still by watching it yesterday, rs sdih jgk. i dont know what will happen to me if i was Holly Kennedy. when the love still growing and growing stronger, suddenly it is taken without her willing. how sad.. *sigh* i think i could be quite insane if someone i love leave me so quickly, and left me those letters reminiscing all of our memories together . the feelings are too unbearable.

ok, back to reality! byk lg keje menunggu sy dan akan ttp menunggu smpi abes cuti raya nnt. i must and i have to finish my writing masa holiday nnt. it's ok though, i havent even have any mood of raya. :-s . but i really cant wait to go home.. and get ready with all those comments yg menyakitkan hati drpd saudara mara tercinta. "eh, npe pp makin chubby?".. "eh, aishah ke ni? lain muka skang eh"... "npe gemuk sgt sha?"... wtf! tension ok.. u cannot expect me to be the same like i was back in 10 YEARS ago! i lurve myself the way i am..besides, im not super duper gemuk. hehehehe.. apepn, i have to get ready to fire back.. dgn kuasa bulan, akan menghukummu!

ok2, kne start wt keje skang. baik.. cau cin cau!

till next time..

p/s: jeka, thanks alot sbb bg selipar pink yg sgt2 comel tu.. i really99x lurve it. heh heh. x saba nk tnjuk kt naim :D

Monday, September 14, 2009

today's monday?

wahh.. today's monday already. rs mcm kejap sgt cuti. im in no mood of working. sara balik esok, lg la xde mood. hmm.. cant wait to go home.. nk balik tp tanak beraya, bole x?
there are so much going on inside my mind now...

Sunday, September 13, 2009


erm.. i havent done anything since yesterday. anything at all! other than reading eclipse.. ( few pages only, ok) and playing farmville. OMG, why and why did i ever play this game on the first place? now i cannot stop.

ok, after this will settle everything. i must and i will.

its been 23rd ramadhan already. time is flying away very fast. xde smgt nk raya. xtau nape. but all i know, since atuk passed away on 2001, everything's not the same anymore. there was this one incident i will never ever forget. a tragedy that effects my relationship and point of view of all my uncles, aunties dan yg sewaktu dgnnye. name je dh dewasa, tp otak ltk kt lutut. this anger will never fade away..

kt sni ad seorg pakcik yg jual sate kt kedai mkn.. muka die seiras my atuk. tiap kali jmpe, rs mcm nk sgt g kt die, cium tgn die. smpi skrg kalo teringt arwah atuk sy masih menangis. maklum la, first cucu and dia pnh jg sy mase kecik dlu. syg sbb dia x smpt nk tgok kejayaan sy. al-fatihah utk arwah atuk. im missing you soo much..

till next time..

Saturday, September 12, 2009


have you ever feel hopeless and wish you were as perfect as others could be?

i'm feeling that right now. right at this very moment *sigh*

Thursday, September 10, 2009

blogging is my thing

assalamualaikum semua.. ;)

the moment im writing this blog, perut masih terasa sgt kenyang sbb berbuka td. dh 2 hari g bazar dgn sara. and its been two days i havent break fasting with my other half, apakan daya, he's been very busy these past few days. so, berbuka kt bilik dgn sara smbil tgok cerita. smlm ktorg tgok cte rusia kot, The Maiden and The Wolves. best n ade certain part lawak gile, bg ktorg la.. even td mase wat analisis XRD, bole pulak ktorg teringt cerita tu n sempat imitate a few dialogue yg mmg bg ktorg super lawak. Giuseppe, a name we will never forget. hahaha..and later this evening, ktorg tgok cte Meet Dave lak. sah2 super duper lawak. sara nk tgok cerita hantu. hmm, still searching for it. a few days back, we did watch Drag Me To Hell. OMG, the ending of the movie was extremely shocking for me. sian sgt2 kt pempuan tu. and i wont forget the horror look of her boyfriend tatkala melihat gfnye ditarik ke neraka. ish3..

one other thing, sy sgt kagum dgn seorg akak ni yg pd pndangan sy, sgt berusaha bersungguh2 utk mengubah nasib dia and i can see that she's working very hard on it. even cume smpt knal muka time kt mrsm dlu ( x pnh bertego pn, hehe), we are quite close virtually. dia jual bju2 yg super cantik kt blog, and all the apparels come from aussie, which is something you never get from other blog. and dont worry about the quality, sgt2 bagus. bkn nk ckp ape, ad certain blog jual bju, tp bile kte dpt bju tu, the quality sgt2 poor. x baik tpu customer ok. there was this one entry on her blog where she wrote about her life yg pd pandangan sy, sgt inspiring. susah2 sy pn, x pnh smpi mcm tu.. i guess we all should be grateful with what we have because there are other people yg lbih susah dr kita. kak arnie, thx for your inspiring article, u deserve all the success u have today, tomorrow and more day to come. ;) bkn nk mengampu or anything ok, but seriously, im impressed with her attitude.

ok la, gtg now.. x mndi lg.. ops.. syok sgt menaip.. hihihi..

till next time.. :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


tonite i am fully bloated with foods at Seoul Garden. sgt2 kenyang mkn kt situ. abes plan nk kurgkn mkn time bln pose ni. my other half pnye idea yg ajak g mkn kt stu. Seoul Garden is a restaurant that offers you a buffet package ranging from 23.99++ to 27.99+ per person. harga berbeza ikut weekday or weekend and normally, dinner diorg charge lbih sket. but believe me, super duper berbaloi. a lot of food to choose from. their specialties is on how they marinated the meat and the chicken. mcm2 perasa ade. hehe. and if you are brave enough, try coffee meat. the name implies that the meat is marinated with coffee. sdp, tp sy x suke sgt. hehe. my fav? tomyam squid. sdpnyee.. masih terase2 di mulutku ini. hihihi. seafood pn ade. seronok sbb kte yg masak sndiri sume2 tu, BBQ style or you can choose any soup that you want. mcm men masak2 pn ad. hehe. and the best part for myself is i can make my own cendol and ABC. how many you want is up to you stomach to decide ;)

enjoy this pic. it wasnt taken tonite, but the venue is the same, Seoul Garden. tp x sure kt KL ade ke x. kt penang ad 3 branch. try it out yourself. ;)

x bole tdo lg ni. have some works to do.

till next time.. nite friends. ;)

working anyone?

monin people.. it's the first day of working this week. have to settle a lot. wish me luck! arap2 tgn x gatal nk men farm ville je.

till next time..

Monday, September 7, 2009

haish, since this blog has been revamped, tgn rasa gatal je nk menaip all the time. hehe.

tomorrow will start working as usual. keje dh btmbh. hopefully i can finish all of it on time. first work, have to grind silica for 2 hours and 5 hours straight. then, have to do the heat treatment. ekceli dh bleh wat since last week, tp sy tkot. cos the technician garang. hav to prepare with all the theory about heat treatment br g jmpe die. hee~ my project? have to do XRD. dr sam x sbr nk tgok result, kalo jdik mest dia gembira. mane tau kot2 bole nek pangkat jdik RO ke.. hehe.

nk kua p beli air sat. air td xsdp. rs daun pisang. huh.

slmt bbuka

selamat berbuka semua..

my menu today: 2 ketul kuih yg diberi oleh sara. thx fren.

p/s: im not on a diet ok. later after maghrib prayer, akan ku mkn mknn yg mengenyangkan. hihi.

picture speaks louder than words

howdy people..
hari ini dalam sejarah. y? cos i havent sleep since sahur. hehehe.. giving my blog a new improved version. . so, i promised to upload my pics for the next entry, and that would be this entry. here we go.. pics speak louder than thousand words.. ;)

1) penang trip
- this one was a trip when i didnt come to usm yet. just a short vacation to penang to meet my other half, and also the turning point of my life. why? because it was the day that i decided to work here in USM and futher my study, despite of me promising to have a good long holiday at home. but, after only 2 months of staying at home, i came here. still doesnt believe it ;)

guess which sandal did he finally choose? ;)

first time went to PISA after 4 years of living here. poor me. hehe.

2) cameron highland
- this trip mmg x plan lgsg. actually we were on our back to uni from kl. but in the middle of the highway, sj tnye my other half, "tu signboard g cameron kn?" (smbl tersengih). and as usual, he seemed to know what i meant, n here we are....

green is what? green is gudddd..

pls... let me live...

haa.. yg ni boleh dijadikan korban..hihihi..

3) last but not least, my graduation day. it was so memorable. even though i didnt manage to meet and take picture with some of my friends, still it's one of the best memory ever. never thought i would have come this far. i luv u mum, luv u dad.
love you soo much mother!

part of my family ;)

my beloved..luv you.

few of my friends.. frens 4 ever.. 4 years of us being together, hopefully more years will come =)

alamak, terkecik lak gmba bdk2 comel nih.. hihi ;)

till next time.. ;)