Monday, September 7, 2009

picture speaks louder than words

howdy people..
hari ini dalam sejarah. y? cos i havent sleep since sahur. hehehe.. giving my blog a new improved version. . so, i promised to upload my pics for the next entry, and that would be this entry. here we go.. pics speak louder than thousand words.. ;)

1) penang trip
- this one was a trip when i didnt come to usm yet. just a short vacation to penang to meet my other half, and also the turning point of my life. why? because it was the day that i decided to work here in USM and futher my study, despite of me promising to have a good long holiday at home. but, after only 2 months of staying at home, i came here. still doesnt believe it ;)

guess which sandal did he finally choose? ;)

first time went to PISA after 4 years of living here. poor me. hehe.

2) cameron highland
- this trip mmg x plan lgsg. actually we were on our back to uni from kl. but in the middle of the highway, sj tnye my other half, "tu signboard g cameron kn?" (smbl tersengih). and as usual, he seemed to know what i meant, n here we are....

green is what? green is gudddd..

pls... let me live...

haa.. yg ni boleh dijadikan korban..hihihi..

3) last but not least, my graduation day. it was so memorable. even though i didnt manage to meet and take picture with some of my friends, still it's one of the best memory ever. never thought i would have come this far. i luv u mum, luv u dad.
love you soo much mother!

part of my family ;)

my beloved..luv you.

few of my friends.. frens 4 ever.. 4 years of us being together, hopefully more years will come =)

alamak, terkecik lak gmba bdk2 comel nih.. hihi ;)

till next time.. ;)


intan.dayana said...

eh,bile mahu temukan aku ngn ur other half?

aishah~ said...

tu la intan..jgn kate die,aku pn ko dh lme x jmpe. hehe~ slmt bpuase.. misu u babe.


heheheh pic no 3 baju cam kenal ;P

btw congratz on ur grad day!!! dah keje pon skrg kan, bagus2.

akhirnya akak dah link aishah setelah sekian lamanya, wahahahha mmg sgt teruk!!

aishah~ said...

tu my most favourite bju. sgt suke pki bju tu.. bju len2 pn suke jgk ;)

aah, dh keje kak arni. tgh tngu result nk smbg master. hopefully sume ok.

aishah br smlm teringt nk bgtau akak psl link blog ni.hehehe..


muahahha same with me, nyesal tak beli utk diri sendiri haha

aishah~ said...

akak dh ad byk bju cntik.. save some for me la ... hehehehe =p