Thursday, September 10, 2009

blogging is my thing

assalamualaikum semua.. ;)

the moment im writing this blog, perut masih terasa sgt kenyang sbb berbuka td. dh 2 hari g bazar dgn sara. and its been two days i havent break fasting with my other half, apakan daya, he's been very busy these past few days. so, berbuka kt bilik dgn sara smbil tgok cerita. smlm ktorg tgok cte rusia kot, The Maiden and The Wolves. best n ade certain part lawak gile, bg ktorg la.. even td mase wat analisis XRD, bole pulak ktorg teringt cerita tu n sempat imitate a few dialogue yg mmg bg ktorg super lawak. Giuseppe, a name we will never forget. hahaha..and later this evening, ktorg tgok cte Meet Dave lak. sah2 super duper lawak. sara nk tgok cerita hantu. hmm, still searching for it. a few days back, we did watch Drag Me To Hell. OMG, the ending of the movie was extremely shocking for me. sian sgt2 kt pempuan tu. and i wont forget the horror look of her boyfriend tatkala melihat gfnye ditarik ke neraka. ish3..

one other thing, sy sgt kagum dgn seorg akak ni yg pd pndangan sy, sgt berusaha bersungguh2 utk mengubah nasib dia and i can see that she's working very hard on it. even cume smpt knal muka time kt mrsm dlu ( x pnh bertego pn, hehe), we are quite close virtually. dia jual bju2 yg super cantik kt blog, and all the apparels come from aussie, which is something you never get from other blog. and dont worry about the quality, sgt2 bagus. bkn nk ckp ape, ad certain blog jual bju, tp bile kte dpt bju tu, the quality sgt2 poor. x baik tpu customer ok. there was this one entry on her blog where she wrote about her life yg pd pandangan sy, sgt inspiring. susah2 sy pn, x pnh smpi mcm tu.. i guess we all should be grateful with what we have because there are other people yg lbih susah dr kita. kak arnie, thx for your inspiring article, u deserve all the success u have today, tomorrow and more day to come. ;) bkn nk mengampu or anything ok, but seriously, im impressed with her attitude.

ok la, gtg now.. x mndi lg.. ops.. syok sgt menaip.. hihihi..

till next time.. :)



muaahhahah terharu baca entry ni ;P
akak passionate jual baju baju camtu, ni tengah usahakan macam mana nak dapatkan kualiti yang sama dgn harga yg murah.

Hehhee kita memang tak penah bertego pun ;P akak zaman dulu maluuuuuuu

aishah~ said...

mmg akak nmpk pemalu pn.. hehehe.. hope ape yg diusahakan akan tercapai ;)