Monday, September 7, 2009

haish, since this blog has been revamped, tgn rasa gatal je nk menaip all the time. hehe.

tomorrow will start working as usual. keje dh btmbh. hopefully i can finish all of it on time. first work, have to grind silica for 2 hours and 5 hours straight. then, have to do the heat treatment. ekceli dh bleh wat since last week, tp sy tkot. cos the technician garang. hav to prepare with all the theory about heat treatment br g jmpe die. hee~ my project? have to do XRD. dr sam x sbr nk tgok result, kalo jdik mest dia gembira. mane tau kot2 bole nek pangkat jdik RO ke.. hehe.

nk kua p beli air sat. air td xsdp. rs daun pisang. huh.

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