Sunday, September 13, 2009


erm.. i havent done anything since yesterday. anything at all! other than reading eclipse.. ( few pages only, ok) and playing farmville. OMG, why and why did i ever play this game on the first place? now i cannot stop.

ok, after this will settle everything. i must and i will.

its been 23rd ramadhan already. time is flying away very fast. xde smgt nk raya. xtau nape. but all i know, since atuk passed away on 2001, everything's not the same anymore. there was this one incident i will never ever forget. a tragedy that effects my relationship and point of view of all my uncles, aunties dan yg sewaktu dgnnye. name je dh dewasa, tp otak ltk kt lutut. this anger will never fade away..

kt sni ad seorg pakcik yg jual sate kt kedai mkn.. muka die seiras my atuk. tiap kali jmpe, rs mcm nk sgt g kt die, cium tgn die. smpi skrg kalo teringt arwah atuk sy masih menangis. maklum la, first cucu and dia pnh jg sy mase kecik dlu. syg sbb dia x smpt nk tgok kejayaan sy. al-fatihah utk arwah atuk. im missing you soo much..

till next time..

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