Monday, December 28, 2009

hey hey people! hari ni rs sgt bsmgt! first thing first, i had a sixth sense in the morning that gaji akan msuk arini. ye, FYI, elaun kami sbg RA akan masuk btul2 ujung bulan, or btul2 awal bulan. sgt2 jarang utk masuk 27, 28 hb mcm hari ni. kira hari ni anomaly la. sbb unexpected! haha.. tq en lukman

so, for this month i have less debt to settle with. and as new year is just around the corner, i've made up my mind that i will in any possible way, try to save up a little. tanak berbelanja sesuka sesuki dh. enough is enough. tp kan, kalo ade good bargain for dresses ape salahnya kn? kn? hahaha.. currently i am crazy for online shopping especially all those gorgeous dresses. agaknye nk tngu sampai my little wardrobe senget br stop kot. it's my passion though, but i have to limit myself, have to restrain myself from doing things sesuka ati.

oh, talking about new year, have you got your own resolutions yet? i visited this one web, and in case you don't have any idea at all on your resolutions, this might be a good start by visiting here. you will find many useful information on how to boost up your life to the max!

oh ya, on a completely different matter, i wanna ask.. mcm mane utk tidak mengendahkan ape org sekeliling ckp psl kita? i am a very observant person. bnda kecik yg org lain x perasan, i will notice it first! believe me. it's true. i wish i could just dont care what others say sometime!


Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Sem

hari ini ramai yg pulang ke kampus. welcome back undergrad students! teringt zaman i muda2 dulu. every semester we are going to do the same routine. kosongkan bilik, pulangkn kunci, amek kunci, amek brg2 kt stor. dan kalo sesape yg bernasib 'baik' kne pndah blok every new academic session, well, congratulations. been there, done that. kalo boleh tanak dh pndh2 blok, super duper penat.

suddenly i miss all of my friends here.looking back, rs mcm 4 tahun tu sgt sekejap. and now, we are all on our different path. goodluck to all Sumberian class 2009. miss you all!

ok, nak smbg balik bace buku cte. Blue-Eyed Devil that I mentioned before.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Between Jane Austen and Avatar

it's weekend and i have been staying in my room all day long, majoring in sleeping. hehe. btw, i just finished watching this movie called "The Jane Austen Book Club" and i am totally into it. dont know why, but the passion showed by each of the member makes me wanna read a book and finish it today! got a few in mind, like Starting Over by Tony Parson or Blue Eyed Devil by Lisa Kleypas. normally it takes me weeks to finish a book, it's not that i don't enjoy reading, but i dont seem to find a perfect time to read it. tetiba rs nk beli sume buku written by Jane Austin. ye, i tend to overspend money and currently working to overcome it

last thursday, me, my other half and my friend sara Sara went to Sunway Carnival and we had a blast time by watching AVATAR. what can I say, two thumbs up to James Cameron for his extra ordinary thinking of creating this movie. I mean, come on, this man is a genius! who would have thought that we could see those magnificent scenery, the Ikran, the Toruk, and also all those glow-in-dark living things! not forgetting how creatively he created the Na'vi people. plus, the language of the Na'vi itself is terrific! definitely there a lot of things we can learn from this movie, which are from my opinion,

  • people nowadays are so anxious to explore our one and only Earth until at one point they tend to forget the importance of keeping things on the way they already are, in order to keep balance between human and other living things. we ain't got another Earth.
  • we should have respect for other people, by not simply intruding their place and get rid of them in a cruel way. let's live happily together. http://www.emocutez.comok, enough of me bubbling. hehe.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

i need 25 hours maybe?

oh, how I wish to have more time in a day to do all my favourite things and stuff. *sigh*

I've read once that says, "24-hour a day is more than enough, but it is up to you to use it wisely." ok, maybe I should work on time management smartly. :)

p/s: yesterday I've got a very good instinct that tomorrow's presentation is going to be canceled. and turned out that it was right! yippie yippie yeay yeay!


Sunday, December 20, 2009

i got tagged!

wee hee.. i think this is the first time i got tagged. and considering the fact that i have some spare time right now, i would be more than glad to answer it. thx anis ;)

1. Adakah anda rasa anda hot?

oo tidak. but definitely it's getting hot in here!

2.Upload gambar kegemaran anda

3.Cerita pasal gambar?
movie yg mmbuat ku tidak tidur mlm. ahahaha.

4. Bila kali terakhir anda makan pizza?
ermmmm, last month perhaps.

5. Lagu terakhir yang anda dengar?
definitely Never Knew I Needed by Ne Yo. he's got amazing voice!

6. Apa yang anda buat selain menyelesaikan tag ini?
fikir ape yg mahu dibuat utk ari ini.

7. Selain nama sendiri anda dipanggil nama apa?
kasyah, shah, sha, shasha, ecah, and bie. hik3

8. Tag lagi 6 orang
1)kak arnie
2)kak shida
3)kak kerry

9. Siapakah orang No.1 pada anda?
she's my senior back in mrsm. even though we never spoke face to face, but the magic of internet telah menemukan kami berdua. hehe.

10.Kata sesuatu mengenai orang no.5?
a best fren of mine. wish to meet her sooner!

11.No.3 ada hubungan dengan siapa?
i dunno. but she's def is with someone ;)

12. Bagaimana pula orang no. 4?
single lg kan dear?

13. Pesanan kepada orang no.6?
mish u syg!

14. apa kelebihan yang anda nampak pada orang no.2 ini?
she's good and witty.

new look! what do you think guys?

monin' people! it's 348 in the morning and I just finished giving my blog a few modifications, just to make it look fresher and resembles more of me (yess, i love tinkerbell a lot! hihi).

ok, here goes the stories of my life these past few days:

  • my parents came last thursday utk perjumpaan tenaga pengajar PSSCM. spend some quality time them with them. sadly, they have to go back early. umi ckp ad byk knduri kt uma. :(
  • I am officially a master student! hee, registered early december and have to present a progress report this coming wednesday *sweating*
  • just witnessed a fatal accident that involved one person's death and i watched the dead person right in front of me. still can remember the scene vividly. mengape aku perlu tgok???
  • just involve in an online business. perlu usaha dgn lbih lg! oh ya, u can scroll down and take a look at those bags im currently selling. ;)
ok, I guess that was it! will try to write frequently after this.

p/s: last wed tgok wyg cte "the princess and frog" dgn rumet and sara, and now I CANNOT STOP LISTENING TO THE SOUNDTRACK, "NEVER KNEW I NEEDED, by Ne Yo." I have played the song again and again. totally in lovvee with it!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gorgeous Bags For Sale!

hi... yes, it has been a very long time since i last updated this blog. hopefully after this sy akan rajin mengupload entry baru. ;)
ok, straight to the point. I'm quite interested to involve in an online business since me myself is one of the blogshoppers! yes, indeed I am. So, saja nk cuba nsib dlm online business ni. As an introduction, I wanna try to sell bags. Not just an ordinary bags, but beautiful and gorgeous ones where you can hardly find outside. It is suitable as your everyday bags, anywhere anytime. Plus, the price is very affordable, if you compare with the superb quality. I got one for myself also. :) So, take a look and if you are interested in any of these, email me at and provide your details such as:

Phone No:
Item's code:
Preferred Bank: Maybank @ CIMB

Shipping method will be Pos Laju, where you will be charged RM 6 per item, or RM 8 if you're from East M'sia. Thank you in advance! ;)

MATERIAL: Quality Cotton

A small compartment at one side of the bag.

MATERIAL: Thick Quality Cotton

MATERIAL: Thick quality cotton


Saturday, November 7, 2009

pelik dan penyek

happy weekend people! im not a morning person, so last nite i stayed up late and definitely woke up quite late today..hee~ my roomies share the same habit with me, so phm2 sndiri la kn..hehe..

last week's lab was quite impressive i might say. during the lab experiment, i found something yg menyebabkn my supervisor sgt bsmgt. u can say that it is a new discovery. well, i accidentally found it actually. if not for my lab mate who said that we should show the structure of the particles to our sv, maybe by the time now bnde itu sudah lama ku penyek2kan. hahaha.. u can see difference between new and experienced researhers, right? ;) so, in the end of that day, my sv told all his students, "kalo jmpe something pelik2, tnjuk kt sy dlu." heheheheh.. i was happy though. makes me want to work harder. alangkah bagusnya kalau gaji tiap ujung bulan xkn ad masalah cm tu. i wish all this would end once i become a master student. i love my job, but like sis arnie said, perhaps i should find another part time job. i got a few opportunities lay ahead in front of me, but im afraid to give it a try. im afraid it might not work properly. call me a coward, but sometimes i do have internal conflicts with myself. right now, im considering something that perhaps could change my future. it is not something massive and grand, though. but something i can gain extra income with. wish me luck! ;)

till next time peeps ;)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

raining and jogging..not a gud combination.. nope..

it is still raining since evening. harapan utk berjoging hanya tinggal harapan sbb digantikan dgn aktiviti tidur dan berlingkar di atas katil *sigh* itu tidak termasuk mmbuat aktiviti rahsia bersama sara.. wahahaha..

ok, wish for the best tomorrow. nk joging. nk joging. seriously man, i feel like im super fat! haha..

her say of upsetting thinG (no S)

hi.. wahh, its been a while since i last updated this blog. bak kata sis arnie, "the sweetest escape." hehe.. actually, i've been busy doing other things including lab, reading journals etc. so, td kak atiqah sent a comment. n it makes me think, "oh ya, dh lme x tulis kt blog."

hmm, im feeling kinda sad actually. first of all, i haven't get my salary yet :( last month pnye salary dh la dpt awal, b4 raya. around 18 sept. so, can u imagine how i survive with no money at all? and btw, im not working for thousands salary. im just a research assistant. so, x byk sgt gaji. tp bole la nk survive utk sebulan. tu pon kdg2 ad something came up, tlepas la gk bajet. so, for this coming december, i wish to register for master study. arap2 dapat elaun lbih sket. aminn.. i did plan for what i have to settle this month, which including car's service, room's rent ( dh lme x byr bilik nih) :( but all of those have to postpone for a while, cos up until this moment im writing this blog, gaji x msuk2 lg. i went to bndahari department this morning, seemed like my contract renewal have a bit of a problem yg menyebabkn gaji tertangguh. so, i did settle the matter and hopefully, by this end of this week dpt la duit tu. i really truly wish dapat cpt. x snggup dh nk utang dgn mmbe. (malu).. hee~

ok, gtg..

till next time.. ;)

Monday, October 19, 2009

craziest, wackiest madness of westlife's phenomenal..

hi.. tonite im gonna tell a story of my favorite past time. it happened ages ago, almost 10 years. which is the addiction of me towards boyband2 yg ade mase tu, including bsb, nsync, and my most madness, craziness... WESTLIFE!! sbb westlife ni aku sgt2 minat nk blaja BI, n i can say that i scored quite well. hee ;)

bole dikatakan kt atas meja blaja, kt bilik prep,kt dlm file, dlm loker, dlm wallet, sume ad gmba westlife, esp Shane Filan, my one and only la konon2 time tu.. keh3..well, bcos of him, i dare to dream high, i learned english by heart, and i know how someone's heart got broken. it all started mase kt uma kot. time tu tv3 slalu tayangkn vid klip bdk2 westlife ni, If I Let You Go. and, i loveeee him at the first sight. xtau npe, bkn yg len x ensem, mark, kian, nicky and not forgetting bryan, but my heart trus terpikat n tergoda gile kt si shane ni.. tp dulu, starting from that day, anything, anything at all that relates to westlife, i will definitely buy it, print it or do anything that i can to own them. there was this one secret, aku print sume lagu westlife kt tenet kt uma mase tu, and of cos mase my mom xde kt uma. sia2 je kne marah kalo die ade. dan aku snggup simpan duit semata2 nk beli magz cm smash hits, lime, max (a few examples magz yg femes satu ketika dlu). and utk sesapa yg tau, smash hits tu agak mahal ok. dlm 20 something. gila kn?

dan aku x kn lupe sorg kwn aku ni, anissa sohadi, die sngup bg kt aku door-sized poster of westlife n can u imagine how i scream like hell at that time?? hehehe.. bila pk2 balik, rs lucu pulak sbb tlalu minat kt si shane n westlife ni. not forgetting every single songs and words yg aku sgt2 hafal. cm kacang goreng je. dan sume kaset2 diorg aku beli x kisah la special edition ke, ape ke.. n bcos of them, aku bcita2 nk smbg blaja kt ireland, n x paling x bleh blah, nk kawen dgn mat saleh. hahahaha..

well, i didnt manage to further my studies oversea, thanks to my hormonal changes yg menggatal time tu.. n i didnt get any mat saleh boyfriend. but now i have lelaki melayu sejati who truly loves me and i do love him more than ever. jgn mrh ye syg.. ;)

bile start x suke westlife? well, bkn x suke, tp kurang minat sbb as i grow up, i love to listen to punk rock, and other songs that catch my ears. but one of the reasin is bcos shane dh ad gf mase tu, gillian walsh. patah ati, xde la frust menonggeng kn.hehe.. my prince charming of my childhood.

but then, thanks to them, i always got highest marks in english, and bcos of them, i love english languange so much. tp tu dulu.. and i always have this one dream yg xkn pnh padam, tu watch weslife concert with my own eyes. well, one of fren, pkah dh pon tgok konsert diorg mase blaja kt uk dlu. and i definitely gonna watch them someday, with my other half teman, xpe kn syg? bila dan di mana? well, lets hope for the best.

last nite, hati tbe2 tgerak nk goggle pasl westlife nih. shane dh ad 2 anak pon rupe2nye, patrick n nicole. i feel happy for them. tp agak x bkenan kt si gillian tu sbb bg aku die x cntik pn.mcm la aku cntik sgt..hahahaah.. its good to see them still going strong with the same members. cume bryan yg dh xde.

well, that's all for now..

till next time peeps..~

Sunday, October 18, 2009

aishah's monologue

tonite im hoping i could get my post-it to-do-list all done, or at least 70% of it. ;) i wish that tomorrow will bring me some mood and inspiration to give out my very best towards my works. it is time to prove that im not who i was before. even though there are some things you cannot change, the ones you have to carry for the rest of your lives, at least i know me, myself that im not that bad. it's just the matter of timing and luck. ;)above all, Allah knows what is best for me. let Him do the rest. ;)

p/s: aishah is so relieved that she finally found her peace and be able to put back all the broken pieces together, becoming one charming, beautifully crafted and abstract pieces. :)


Saturday, October 17, 2009

im in no mood at all. if only i could turn back time *sigh*

another boring weekend with an additional package of works. hihi. someone, plis make me laugh.

till next time..

Thursday, October 15, 2009

to my other half...

hi all..

today's my special day bcos as you can see at the upper left corner of my page, me and my other half have been together for 2 years. rs mcm x caye lak bcos i've never been in a relationship for more than a year! well, i guess i have found my true love. ;) insyaAllah this relationship will never end. i cant wait for the next chapter in our lives, and we are working on that. harap dimurahkan rezeki supaya dpt menuju ke hari bhgia tersebut, sooner! hehehehe..

to ahmad naim abd halim, there are no words to describe how much i love you and how deep im in love with you. thanks for everything that u did, thanks for taking care of me, and giving me a shoulder to cry on. no matter how hard those obstacles i have to overcome, you always stood by me. hope there will be more years to come for both of us. and i cannot wait for this relation menuju ke jln yg diberkati Allah. what more can i say, im not perfect and you're there making me as perfect as i could be. thx to usm and blok lembaran 1 especially. hehehehe.. if not for the file transfer, maybe we wouldnt know each other till now.

i dedicate this song, You Belong To Me by Lifehouse esp for you ;)

See the pyramids along the Nile
Watch the sunrise from a tropic isle
Just remember darling all the while
You belong to me

See the market place in old Algiers
Send me photographs and souvenirs
Just remember when a dream appears
You belong to me

And I'll be so alone without you
Maybe you'll be lonesome, too

Fly the ocean in a silver plane
See the jungle when it's wet with rain
Just remember 'til you're home again
You belong to me

And I'll be so alone without you
Maybe you'll be lonesome, too

Fly the ocean in a silver plane
See the jungle when it's wet with rain
Just remember 'til you're home again
You belong to me

Sunday, October 11, 2009


oh man! i hate it when im very really truly hungry at late night like this. dang! i dont even have any biscuits, maggi, let alone a loaf of bread... :(

Saturday, October 10, 2009

mumbling.. bla bla bla..

howdy saturday.. yee-haw! hihi.. ok, part of my mission for this weekend sudah selesai. which is tgok cte.. just finished watching G-Force. not bad.. x bley blah rodent pn ad facebook. siap bg advice psl lelaki lg tuh.. part tu mmg wat aku gelak guling2.. hihihi..

another mission is to wash all my clothes. done that! err, half of them only. hand-wash ok. so, x bley nk bsuh byk2 sgt. x berkualiti nnt basuhanku. hehe..

next mission? mndi and siap2 g dating..ehem2..

daa.. till next time..;)

Friday, October 9, 2009

thanks god it's friday! ;)

oh yeahh!! finally it's friday! sjak dlu suke ari jumaat. why? bcos tomorrow and the day after tomorrow im off from work! yeah, that's right. weekend holiday is very important for working people, like me. it gives this kind of happier, merrier feelings knowing that tonight u can stay up late and tomorrow sleeping like no body cares. ;) have donwloaded a few movies to watch.. lalalala~

currently im reading this one book, written by Jodi Picoult, My Sister's Keeper. perhaps some of you have already finished reading it, but i must say it's a good story though. still flipping through the pages towards the end. more books to read later, Starting Over by Tony Parson, Blue-Eyed Devil by Lisa Kleypas and of course Breaking Dawn! im taking a break of reading twilight saga. at one point, u have to stop with no reason ;)

gtg, till next time...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

blog is ok! *relieved*

im glad that blog is ok now. oh, btw, have you noticed the unusual things that happened before? i mean, there were edit buttons at every blog i visited.. (mcm tuan pnye blog pulak). n all the previous posts from previous months had been displayed all along the bar. happy that all turn back to normal now.


till next time.. ;)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

tambun, mcd, master, etc...

syuh2.. habuk, g terbang jauh2.. its been quite sometimes since my last update.. bz sgt.. ngee. tah ape yg bz pon i x tau.. ;) im at my lab doing nothing today.. hehe.. oh ya, my master application has been accepted. alhamdulillah.. know what, sometimes i wonder, "why did i choose this path in the first place?" masa jd undergrad student dlu pnye la berikrar tanak smbg blaja dlm masa terdekat, nk rehat2 carik keje kt uma, n have a goood looong holiday. but then, suddenly, i just made this decision and its been 3 months already, n i must say that this isn't a bad choice. someone used to say this, "accept your destiny and embrace it."well, well maybe before this it seemed not a good choice for me, but sometimes the 'not good' is the best for us, and yet we have to embrace it and try to manipulate it in a good way. bila dh tgok status accepted tu smlm, rs mcm ad tanggungjawab yg besar pulak. but yet, i love this responsibility. someone has said to me, haish, these past few days, byk kata2 someone yg melekat di fikiran aku. hehehe.. ok, someone has said to me, " we are 23 year-old already, it is time to grow up and handle everything on our own. xkn sume bnde nk susahkn org." it makes a lot of sense to me. manusia ni kdg2 x sedar ape yg die buat slame ni, mgkin x berapa betul. tp bile ade org yg ckp something wise, rs mcm kene kejutan elektrik and ada satu smgt baru utk improve hidup kita. im feeling it now, at this very moment. ;)

last 2 days, me and my other half went to drive through mcd @ juru. and guess what? we got one regular coke, and one sundae choc for free!! ktorg ckp kt org tu, "bang, kami x order ni." and he said, "xpe, amek je." walawei, rezki tp mlm tu agak kekenyangan, so seronok tp x abes pon.. hee~

and last saturday, we went to Lost World of Tambun. this is our second time there and it was fun until my skin has been burned out. lupe nk pki sunblock yg kalis air. up until this moment, my nose still lg merah2 n kering.. uwaaa.. plis get well better, nose.. plissss..

ok, stop smpi sini dlu..

till next time folks.. ;)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

face it, deal with it, you're gonna be fine.

i lykeee what fergie said about his team MU against manchester city..

" kadang kala anda mempunyai 'jiran yang bising' dan anda terpaksa berdepan dengannya.Anda tidak dapat melakukan apa-apa mengenai mereka jika mereka berterusan buat bising tetapi apa yang boleh kami lakukan, seperti yang kami tunjukkan, hari ini, iaitu teruskan dengan cara hidup anda, hidupkan televisyen dan menguatkan suaranya." (source from b.harian)

seems like a good advice for handling people yg x reti nk tutup mulut and asyik komplen psl org lain, sedangkan diri sndiri berjalan mcm ketam.. hmm...~

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

new fold in raya...

aishah says..

slmt hari raya kwn2.. its been 3rd raya already. wah, masa berlalu sgt sekejap. nothing special raya kali ni. bju raya dh la x siap, tpkse pki bju grad. nseb bek bju cntik.. hehe.

erm, i must say that im not a big fan of cte2 melayu. its not that im not proud of being malaysian, but we all got our own taste, right? ;) n raya kali ni, smpt menonton bbrapa cte melayu yg agak menginsafkan. there was this one story, i dont remember the title, but i guess it was "tanah kubur" or something. actually my other half said that this story dh byk kali men kt astro. tp br sekali aku tgok. hehehe.. cte tu sgt menginsafkan sbb her husband died in a creepy way. diorg pnye lifestyle sgt super sosial, x smyg, mrh2 org yg mengaji and even mabuk. bila husband dia mati, xde sape nk bacekn yasin, instead, diorg bole pasang lagu pulak. ade ke ptt. n si isteri ni sdih sgt2 sbb she didnt know how to bc yasin, and even bc al-fatihah. and her husband yg mati tu b4 kebumi, tgn hitam, kubur smpit and air sntiasa msuk kt kubur die. aku sgt2 insaf.. mcm mane la agaknye aku mati nnt. tanak jd mcm tu.. :( sesungguhnya amalan yg aku buat slame ni blum tntu ckup n blum tntu diterima Allah. subuh pn slalu wat subuh gajah. ya Allah, aku harap Kau permudahkan segalanya. aminn..
tp tu la, bila kita nk buat baik, nk berubah, ad sja anasir2 jahat yg slalu mganggu pegangan hati kite. aku harap raya tahun ni akn btul2 mmbawa aku ke lembaran baru. moga selalu diberikan taufik dan hidayah olehNya.

oh ya, tahun ni still dpt duit raya even x byk pn.. hihihihihi..

till next time.. ;)

p/s: i was bloated and full with foods everyday at my home. ahh, x kira ko nk ckp aku gemuk ke ape ke.. bkn slalu dpt balik uma lme2 cmni.. :D

Saturday, September 19, 2009

home sweet home

hi.. slmt pagi semua..

guess what? im homeee! yippi2 yeay2...hehe.. smpi dlm kul 4 td. sgt seronok n best sbb finally dpt sahur masakan umi. nasik goreng yg super sdp + choc cake yg super sdp jgk! :D balik2 je umi ckp, "eh, nmpk dh kurus!".. hmm umi, kejap je ni kot.. smngu duk uma sure cm belon yg dipam pam.. haish, kne kurgkn mkn ni.. tp x bole. first day duk uma, x smpi 2 jam dh telan segala jnis mknn.. what to do? the temptation is too delicious to resist!

balik ni sgt bsmgt utk menyiapkn keje yg ttangguh. i must and i will.. after all, u cannot plough a field by turning it in your mind ;) sgt mndalam kata2 itu..

ok.. im feeling quite tired of driving before. will settle subuh prayer and have some sleep. oh ya, td highway menghala ke utara super duper jam! kt tepi2 jalan byk kete yg berenti, maybe nk berehat kejap. kwsn rehat sume full. luckily im on the reverse side of the road. tp sronok jgk tgok, br rase suasana balik kg. till 330 am, the highway's still jam.


tke cre.. be good.

till next time..

Thursday, September 17, 2009


slmt ptg sume.. today im alone in my room. my roomie just go back for raya. and as for me, insyaAllah tomorrow will be the latest time of me going home. bkn tanak balik cpt, i have to wait for my other half.. cian die balik sorg2 nnt. hehe... my plan for today? first and foremost, nk bace journal utk write paper which i have to submit after raya holiday. second plan, nk men farmville smpi termuntah! wahahaha... da lme x cantikkn ladang sy. smpi nk accept gift pn x bole sbb dh pnuh kotak hadiah sy. :D

ok.. gtg.. my ranch is calling me ;)

till next time..

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

PS i love you

salam..wohoho.. it's been wednesday already. time's moving away very fast. and we are getting to the end of ramadhan. i hope i will be able to meet next ramadhan again, insyaAllah.

hmm, im at my workplace. but i do nothing much since this morning. pg td mase g keje nmpk ade yg dh angkut beg balik kg. i cant wait to go back. dh x larat nk mkn kt luar, even g bazar pn dh xtau nk beli ape. naik ijau mata tgok the same foods since first puasa.

oh ya, smlm sy berbuka dgn zaikha, my old fren. we broke our fast right in my room, smbil tgok cte PS I Love You. i've watched this movie before, but still by watching it yesterday, rs sdih jgk. i dont know what will happen to me if i was Holly Kennedy. when the love still growing and growing stronger, suddenly it is taken without her willing. how sad.. *sigh* i think i could be quite insane if someone i love leave me so quickly, and left me those letters reminiscing all of our memories together . the feelings are too unbearable.

ok, back to reality! byk lg keje menunggu sy dan akan ttp menunggu smpi abes cuti raya nnt. i must and i have to finish my writing masa holiday nnt. it's ok though, i havent even have any mood of raya. :-s . but i really cant wait to go home.. and get ready with all those comments yg menyakitkan hati drpd saudara mara tercinta. "eh, npe pp makin chubby?".. "eh, aishah ke ni? lain muka skang eh"... "npe gemuk sgt sha?"... wtf! tension ok.. u cannot expect me to be the same like i was back in 10 YEARS ago! i lurve myself the way i am..besides, im not super duper gemuk. hehehehe.. apepn, i have to get ready to fire back.. dgn kuasa bulan, akan menghukummu!

ok2, kne start wt keje skang. baik.. cau cin cau!

till next time..

p/s: jeka, thanks alot sbb bg selipar pink yg sgt2 comel tu.. i really99x lurve it. heh heh. x saba nk tnjuk kt naim :D

Monday, September 14, 2009

today's monday?

wahh.. today's monday already. rs mcm kejap sgt cuti. im in no mood of working. sara balik esok, lg la xde mood. hmm.. cant wait to go home.. nk balik tp tanak beraya, bole x?
there are so much going on inside my mind now...

Sunday, September 13, 2009


erm.. i havent done anything since yesterday. anything at all! other than reading eclipse.. ( few pages only, ok) and playing farmville. OMG, why and why did i ever play this game on the first place? now i cannot stop.

ok, after this will settle everything. i must and i will.

its been 23rd ramadhan already. time is flying away very fast. xde smgt nk raya. xtau nape. but all i know, since atuk passed away on 2001, everything's not the same anymore. there was this one incident i will never ever forget. a tragedy that effects my relationship and point of view of all my uncles, aunties dan yg sewaktu dgnnye. name je dh dewasa, tp otak ltk kt lutut. this anger will never fade away..

kt sni ad seorg pakcik yg jual sate kt kedai mkn.. muka die seiras my atuk. tiap kali jmpe, rs mcm nk sgt g kt die, cium tgn die. smpi skrg kalo teringt arwah atuk sy masih menangis. maklum la, first cucu and dia pnh jg sy mase kecik dlu. syg sbb dia x smpt nk tgok kejayaan sy. al-fatihah utk arwah atuk. im missing you soo much..

till next time..

Saturday, September 12, 2009


have you ever feel hopeless and wish you were as perfect as others could be?

i'm feeling that right now. right at this very moment *sigh*

Thursday, September 10, 2009

blogging is my thing

assalamualaikum semua.. ;)

the moment im writing this blog, perut masih terasa sgt kenyang sbb berbuka td. dh 2 hari g bazar dgn sara. and its been two days i havent break fasting with my other half, apakan daya, he's been very busy these past few days. so, berbuka kt bilik dgn sara smbil tgok cerita. smlm ktorg tgok cte rusia kot, The Maiden and The Wolves. best n ade certain part lawak gile, bg ktorg la.. even td mase wat analisis XRD, bole pulak ktorg teringt cerita tu n sempat imitate a few dialogue yg mmg bg ktorg super lawak. Giuseppe, a name we will never forget. hahaha..and later this evening, ktorg tgok cte Meet Dave lak. sah2 super duper lawak. sara nk tgok cerita hantu. hmm, still searching for it. a few days back, we did watch Drag Me To Hell. OMG, the ending of the movie was extremely shocking for me. sian sgt2 kt pempuan tu. and i wont forget the horror look of her boyfriend tatkala melihat gfnye ditarik ke neraka. ish3..

one other thing, sy sgt kagum dgn seorg akak ni yg pd pndangan sy, sgt berusaha bersungguh2 utk mengubah nasib dia and i can see that she's working very hard on it. even cume smpt knal muka time kt mrsm dlu ( x pnh bertego pn, hehe), we are quite close virtually. dia jual bju2 yg super cantik kt blog, and all the apparels come from aussie, which is something you never get from other blog. and dont worry about the quality, sgt2 bagus. bkn nk ckp ape, ad certain blog jual bju, tp bile kte dpt bju tu, the quality sgt2 poor. x baik tpu customer ok. there was this one entry on her blog where she wrote about her life yg pd pandangan sy, sgt inspiring. susah2 sy pn, x pnh smpi mcm tu.. i guess we all should be grateful with what we have because there are other people yg lbih susah dr kita. kak arnie, thx for your inspiring article, u deserve all the success u have today, tomorrow and more day to come. ;) bkn nk mengampu or anything ok, but seriously, im impressed with her attitude.

ok la, gtg now.. x mndi lg.. ops.. syok sgt menaip.. hihihi..

till next time.. :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


tonite i am fully bloated with foods at Seoul Garden. sgt2 kenyang mkn kt situ. abes plan nk kurgkn mkn time bln pose ni. my other half pnye idea yg ajak g mkn kt stu. Seoul Garden is a restaurant that offers you a buffet package ranging from 23.99++ to 27.99+ per person. harga berbeza ikut weekday or weekend and normally, dinner diorg charge lbih sket. but believe me, super duper berbaloi. a lot of food to choose from. their specialties is on how they marinated the meat and the chicken. mcm2 perasa ade. hehe. and if you are brave enough, try coffee meat. the name implies that the meat is marinated with coffee. sdp, tp sy x suke sgt. hehe. my fav? tomyam squid. sdpnyee.. masih terase2 di mulutku ini. hihihi. seafood pn ade. seronok sbb kte yg masak sndiri sume2 tu, BBQ style or you can choose any soup that you want. mcm men masak2 pn ad. hehe. and the best part for myself is i can make my own cendol and ABC. how many you want is up to you stomach to decide ;)

enjoy this pic. it wasnt taken tonite, but the venue is the same, Seoul Garden. tp x sure kt KL ade ke x. kt penang ad 3 branch. try it out yourself. ;)

x bole tdo lg ni. have some works to do.

till next time.. nite friends. ;)

working anyone?

monin people.. it's the first day of working this week. have to settle a lot. wish me luck! arap2 tgn x gatal nk men farm ville je.

till next time..

Monday, September 7, 2009

haish, since this blog has been revamped, tgn rasa gatal je nk menaip all the time. hehe.

tomorrow will start working as usual. keje dh btmbh. hopefully i can finish all of it on time. first work, have to grind silica for 2 hours and 5 hours straight. then, have to do the heat treatment. ekceli dh bleh wat since last week, tp sy tkot. cos the technician garang. hav to prepare with all the theory about heat treatment br g jmpe die. hee~ my project? have to do XRD. dr sam x sbr nk tgok result, kalo jdik mest dia gembira. mane tau kot2 bole nek pangkat jdik RO ke.. hehe.

nk kua p beli air sat. air td xsdp. rs daun pisang. huh.

slmt bbuka

selamat berbuka semua..

my menu today: 2 ketul kuih yg diberi oleh sara. thx fren.

p/s: im not on a diet ok. later after maghrib prayer, akan ku mkn mknn yg mengenyangkan. hihi.

picture speaks louder than words

howdy people..
hari ini dalam sejarah. y? cos i havent sleep since sahur. hehehe.. giving my blog a new improved version. . so, i promised to upload my pics for the next entry, and that would be this entry. here we go.. pics speak louder than thousand words.. ;)

1) penang trip
- this one was a trip when i didnt come to usm yet. just a short vacation to penang to meet my other half, and also the turning point of my life. why? because it was the day that i decided to work here in USM and futher my study, despite of me promising to have a good long holiday at home. but, after only 2 months of staying at home, i came here. still doesnt believe it ;)

guess which sandal did he finally choose? ;)

first time went to PISA after 4 years of living here. poor me. hehe.

2) cameron highland
- this trip mmg x plan lgsg. actually we were on our back to uni from kl. but in the middle of the highway, sj tnye my other half, "tu signboard g cameron kn?" (smbl tersengih). and as usual, he seemed to know what i meant, n here we are....

green is what? green is gudddd..

pls... let me live...

haa.. yg ni boleh dijadikan korban..hihihi..

3) last but not least, my graduation day. it was so memorable. even though i didnt manage to meet and take picture with some of my friends, still it's one of the best memory ever. never thought i would have come this far. i luv u mum, luv u dad.
love you soo much mother!

part of my family ;)

my beloved..luv you.

few of my friends.. frens 4 ever.. 4 years of us being together, hopefully more years will come =)

alamak, terkecik lak gmba bdk2 comel nih.. hihi ;)

till next time.. ;)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

hi.. just want to share this useful information. i stumbled upon this blog site (click here) where she shares about quran explorer website. here's the address. sgt bagus sbb ada translation in malay, and even bole dgr org baca. early this morning, sgt menenangkan ati. try to visit it. berbaloi. ;)

left blank

morning friends.. currently im at home, for a short vacation with my family. first time balik umah since first puasa. n today's the first day of me bersahur kt umah. sgt seronok sbb finally dpt mkn ayam msk kicap yg umi masak. hee~ i was bloated for drinking too much...
any news for this whole week? nope. everything going on as usual. cume keje dh btmbah. and im getting busy day by day, which is a good thing since it makes me work harder and try my very best. i dont want to miss any opportunities anymore. it's not that i regret of what i did for the past few years. i want my life to be better. and i know how far can i go to achieve my dreams. i used to have this one dream but unfortunately, it didn't happen. xpe la, bkn rezki sy. but obviously, it was my mistake for not getting that dream becomes reality. but hey, mistake leads to another achievement, if we are on the right track, aren't we? ;) so, keeps your heads up. there are no boundaries above and beneath you. (pnjm lirik kris allen jap, hehehe).

its still early though, 624 in the morning. after this, nk smyg n maybe nk wat keje sket. ad byk lg tanaman yg perlu dijaga. haha. im addicted to Farm Ville. so beware, if u're not used of getting addicted, just dont try it. hehehehe..

next entry will be uploaded with my pics as i promised before. currently im working on sorting all those pictures in my lappy. byk sgt gmba kt dlm ni. dh lme x re-organize.

till next time..

Friday, August 21, 2009

happy fasting

today all Muslim mula bepuasa. selamat berpuasa kepada semua. mohon maaf di atas segala kesalahan. semoga puasa kali ini akan mendapat keberkatan dari Yang Esa. aminnn..

Thursday, August 20, 2009

quick update

hi hi friends.. i dont know why, but lately feel quite lazy to write, or update my blog, and even my fb. i've been busy, well, not that super duper busy.. cume pg g keje, ptg balik, rehat jap and then g dinner, pastu pas dinner, pnt, x larat nk wat pape other than bc berita, kms2 and borak dgn rumet. pastu tdo. and tomorrow the same routine will happen.

i think i promised to upload my pics, starting from i bought those twilight stuff, went to penang, a short vacation to cameron, and last event, my convocation. i will upload all those pictures, as i promised. but not for now. im struggling for this mundane existence to get rid of my life. hee~
i did upload some of my graduation pics though. in fb. :)

im sleepy. nite2..

till next time..

nota kaki: sy tidak mmpunyai broadband lg. sudah dibawa pulang ke rumah oleh adik. salah satu sebab tiada semangat 2 3 hari ini. internet usm? hmm, siput berjalan lagi laju...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

my heart says...

hi hi people.. it's been almost a week i havent updated my blog. the desire to spend time in front of the computer writing blog is quite faint. perhaps it's due to my busyness this past couple weeks. have to go to the main campus to pick up my graduation robe. went here and there with my friends, maklum la nk grad. everything have to settle as quickly as possible. furthermore, im working on my proposal's correction. just submit it this morning.hope everything will be ok.
despite all of that, there are a few things that seem to hurt my heart a lil' bit. gaji x msuk lg. :( i really2 wish, so very really wish that tomorrow will be the day where i can get my salary and settle all my debts. apart from that, it's my graduation day that gets me worried. of course my parents are gonna be here, xkn la nk mgharap duit diorg sj. teringin gk nk bg diorg rs senang.

there are also other things yg mmbuat sy berjauh hati. but its ok i guess. people are people. we cant control on how they think of us. yg pnting, aku x sushkn sape2 n anything that might happen or will happen, aku tanggung sendiri. someone has taught me to be strong, to handle everything on my own without making other people's lives miserable. but im only a human, sometimes i cant afford to take care of everyone's heart gracefully. so, forgive me for my unpleasant way of treating you people.

this week gonna be busy with my graduation things. happy? nope, i dont feel a thing at all. maybe it's too early. hehe..

till next time..

Monday, August 3, 2009

one week updated

hi hi people.. morning! i guess it's been one week since my last post. I've been busy with lots of stuff. but the good news is my team has won 3rd place for the futsal tournament! haha.. me, myself jaringkan 5 gol. can you believe that?? what the.... i didnt even believe it till now. first time playing it, n here it goes.. 5 goals straight in one match.. hik3.. but surely, the next day all my muscle sakit2 la kan. nk jalan kt skul pn tkedek2.. hehehe..

last friday, we've been shocked with lembaran management. for those who stay at blok 1, aras 3, have to move out to give way to those who are sick, n suspecting h1n1. n i got blok 2, aras 3. can u believe that? so, i've decided to stay at my friend's house for a while. the last week has been very hectic for me, just for the sake of pack and unpack my stuff. it wasnt a small stuff, believe me. by just looking at it, i feel tired already. and have to climb all those stairs....*sigh*

oh, i forgot to mention that im home now! yeayy. but tomorrow have to go back to uni. just a short vacation, but still, im happy with it. ;) but the sad part is i haven't get my salary yet. :( how i wish to get them before coming home.

till next time..

p/s: ayah tak bg duk luar.. sdih.. =(

Friday, July 24, 2009

futsal, anyone...?

hi again.. ;) guess what? ptg smlm dan ptg td i played futsal. dlm english ape ek? hehehe. spnjg sy hdup 23 tahun ni, yesterday was my first time ever of playing it. actually, when kak ida first asked me to play, i thought it was just for fun. ya know, for friendly match, and nothing more. but then, it turned out to be a tournament! "Piala Futsal Dr Azhar", if im not mistaken. can u believe that? im going to enter a futsal tournament, and i havent acquired any skills on my list yet. in fact, i've been playing it twice. and i even used my hand to score. haha.. geram sgt nk tendang msuk gol x dpt2.. so, wish me luck for tomorrow. ;) oh ya, i'll be playing as a defender. hik3.. striker sgt la jauh smpi bole msuk longkang. =p

later this evening, g pasar dgn zaikha and dayah. diorg x pnh g pasar jumaat. n lunch td kak ida blanje. sbb die menang competition last wednesday aritu. best2..

i have to sleep early tonite. got to have as maximum strength and stamina as i could.

nite2 people.

till next time..

Thursday, July 23, 2009

strength, come to me now~

howdy guys.. how was your day today? (of course i mean wednesday..hehe) mine? i gained a new experience today. i went to the Young Lecture Competition organized by USM which was held at Bukit Jawi Golf Resort. all i can say is that all the contestants were very talented. i couldnt even see a bit of anxiety in each of them. the winner goes to one of my friend, Katrina. u go girl! congrats! ;) i dont know if i would feel as confident as them if i was one of the contestant. hee~

apart from that, sgt bertuah kpd sesiapa yg managed to watch the eclipse. its the longest time of this phenomena so far, and you wont see the eclipse longer until the year of 2132, if im not mistaken. unlike me, im reading eclipse, book number 3 of twilight saga.hehe.. tp the real eclipse lupe nk tgok.. ape la kn.. huhu..

last tuesday, sy x g keje pn. why? i got a very serious food poisoning. this is the 2nd time sy kne mcm ni. *sigh*. mlm tu mkn kt kulim, tmpt yg slalu gk mkn dgn my other half dlu2. dh lme x mkn kt stu, tu yg g. pas mkn je, x smpt ke mane2, dlm kete tu jgk perut dh rs len mcm. then i went back to hostel. guess what? from 4 am till 6++ in the morning, i went to toilet continuously. siyesly mmg x dpt nk tdo. and to make it worst, sy muntah2 4x. 2x dlm bilik. luckily i managed to grab the pail.hehehe. so, sah2 pg tu x larat sgt2 nk g keje. whole day i spent my time with sleeping. alhamdulillah, evrything's ok now. ptg td siap g masak2 uma zaikha. luckily diorg ade kt sni. x rase sunyi sgt. perangai pn gile2 mcm sy. hee~ thx to zaikha, anis and dayah sbb melayan perangai sy... =) mesti ko nk muntah kn zaikha bace entry nih..haha..

its 1215 in the morning now. i got some work and some thinking to do. nway, thx kpd semua org yg bg nasihat kt sy. sgt2 sy hargai. ;) those advices are worth remembering. =)

good nite people.

till next time..

Monday, July 20, 2009

guys, i need your opinion

hi kwn2.. slmt bjmpa lg.. sy tgh runsing skrg ni. just now, i met with my ex-supervisor, Dr Syed. we had a long talk, n the talk of cos involve isu pekerjaan, smbg master, experience, government and other related stuff. there was this one thing that keep me thinking until now. he said that according to his opinion, antara bekerja dan sambung belajar, he would prefer to work. because, by working, definitely we will gain experiences. and.... experiences + master = that's the real power. of course working in our field, as in me, Mineral Resources Engineer.

the truth is im not applying for master study yet. im working as a RA. and.... (byknye and), im planning on it. in fact, im working on the proposal right now. tp apa yg dr syed ckp tu sgt betul. but the main problem here is i havent got any job at all. he said that it's better if we work as RA, RO first. then, bile dh ckup pengalaman, proceed with master. of cos all these are of his opinion la kan. he, himself after degree, keje dlu, then smbg master, keje then br smbg phd.

just now, my mum called. i got "invited" utk attend exam for PTD.

thing that bother me now is whether i should hold on the master application, and try searching for work. kalau bole, work that's related with my field of study.

guys, any opinion? i dont wanna make the wrong move in my life, again. ckup sekali itu. the moment where that bi**h destroyed my dream.

till next time..


morning!! another boring monday.. huwarghhh...

im turning back the background to pink layout. what to do, i lurve pink a lil' bit more than other colours. ;)

have a good day people..

till next time..

Sunday, July 19, 2009

sometimes love knocks you down....

gud morning! well, it's almost noon right now.. hehehe..

ekceli xde pape nk tulis, tp ttp jgk nk menaip. currently, im very addicted to these 3 songs:
1) Keri Hilson - Knock you down
2) Kris Allen - No Boundaries
3) Green Day - 21 Guns

these songs keep on playin on my mind most of the time. god, how to get rid of this? but no worries, time smyg alhamdullillah ok.. ;) its just that i cant keep myself from humming them. hee~

till next time..

p/s: my lonely weekend for the first time i'm here. :( i miss my friends....

Saturday, July 18, 2009

woman from point of view of engineer

hi there.. i just bumped into this entry by someone. it's funny and ridiculous. how they can come up with this such a brilliant idea. hehehehehe. click here.
till next time..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

here and there

hi all.. dh lme x update blog. i was kinda bz settling a few things that have to be done quickly. one by one is settled, hopefully sume akan selesai a.s.a.p. hee~

this week mcm minggu pertemuan membe2 lme lak. last week, i met with my old friend from mrsm, zaikha, as i mention in the previous entry before. last monday, tanpa disangka2 tjmpe lak mmbe lme time kt matrik dlu, zati. we didnt meet for like, 4 years i think. jmpe lak kt dlm surau time nk smyg zohor. pertemuan yg diberkati. hehe. she's from unimap, n doing RA like now, just like me. what a coincidence. b4 ni mmg lost contact trus dgn die. this world is a small small world. pi mai pi mai, tang tu jugak. hehehehe~

gtg, will write more later. ;)

till next time..

Sunday, July 12, 2009

my new destination

howdy people!

guess what? im in penang now. trying to find a new solution of my jobless life. hopefully sume akan dpermudahkan olehNya. Amin.

thx to my friend, zaikha yg sudi menumpangkn sy di rumahnya. if not, im gonna be a homeless person. hehehehe..

i've got so much to settle by tomorrow. so i guess i better start right now.

im off.

till next time.. ;)

Friday, July 10, 2009

i feel goooodddd...

hi guys..

after been stressed out for like, 2 or 3 days, i think im ok now. thx for those who give me their brilliant advices and stuff. sy sgt2 hargai. i know, life isn't always beautiful. when we think we've been cheated by it, we have to keep our head up, but always keep your nose at the same level. otherwise, people will hate u. hehe.

i've made up my mind. well, u can say im up to something at this very moment. =). tp tanak la cte lbih2, biar jd dlu, then i'll write it here.

in the previous entry, i promised that i will update about my journey to the north, precisely penang. actually nk letak a few pics kt sni, but i wonder where my usb cable is. x jmpe2 lg smpi skrg. well, it was a fun and memorable journey, though. i did stuff that i did when i was student back there. g jln2, tgok wayang, tgok kapal terbang.. hehe. n last but not least, tgok ombak atas feri. hahahaha.. pathethic me.. but considering the fact that i've been living in S'gor for almost 2 months, it wasnt so bad i guess kalo sy sgt suke tgok ombak time nek feri.hee~ there was this one kakak, she's indian. ktorg mntk tlg amek gmba, tp die malu2 dan tnpe disangka2 die pngl lak hubby die kot, yg tgh asyik tgok laut kt dpn. tkt gk die mrh sbb kaco die, but luckily, die sgt peramah. thx ye uncle. all in all, it was a memorable journey, of cos la sbb i g jln2 dgn my other half kn.. hehe.. thx to u bucuk, for ur willingness utk amek cuti n bwk g u. always have, always will.

smpt gk jmpe mmbe lme time kt mrsm dlu. die wat ra kt usm, n soon she will continue her study in master. sebut psl kwn ni, i can say that it's hard to find friends like u used to have back when u were in school. at that time, sume x pk ape2 kecuali tlg mmbe n sket pn x rase jeles, or dengki or whatsoever. bkn kwn time dh besa ni x baik, but that's the reality of it. when we thought that he or she will be our best friend among other friends, unexpectedly we stumbled upon something that we thought they will never do. there was this saying that me n friend in school used to say. "a friend in need is a friend indeed". rndunye kt mereka2 semua. but now, they rather concern on their own personal profit. no offense, this is only my general point of view.

wow, pnjgnye entry kali ni. sbb bersemangat kot. haha..nite guys.

till next time..

Thursday, July 9, 2009

my sanity has been provoked!

i am mad, very mad at myself. sume yg aku wat arini sume x jd. tensen! im as clumsy as someone could be! damn it!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

this way, that way, which way?

hi friends..

last monday i got back from penang. first, to meet my other half yg dh lme sgt x jmpe. second, i went to usm, meeting with my lecturer. we discussed about the possibility of me continue my study in master. but still, my heart feels unsure of it. the truth is i feel unsure of everything. it's like, in front me, lay all the paths that im not sure which one to take. each path is full of uncertainty that somehow i dont seem to understand. *sigh*.

xmo sdih2.. cte bnde yg best g penang. hee.. apart from meeting my old fren back in mrsm, byk gk aku g jln2.. will tell u guys later.


till next time..

Friday, July 3, 2009

another say from me

i'm super-duper happy today. lots of happy things happen.. one of them, surat dr usm dh smpi, confirming that i will graduate this coming august. alhamdulillah. at last, i can make my parents proud of me, since im the eldest in my family. ;)

other thing is that i received another parcel of twilight merchandise. cant wait to show it here. but i dont capture any pic of them yet. maybe later.

x bole lame ni, i've got something to do. but still my hand tersangat la gatal nk menaip. more thing, im off to somewhere this weekend. cant wait! will update about it later.

till next time..

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


today the weather's not too hot. looks like it's going to rain anytime now. for this entry, i feel like talking about my liking. i bet my closest friends know how much im in love with twilight saga. deeply love smpi my other half kdg2 perli, g la sgt kt edward cullen tu.. hahaha. dear, no need to worry. i love u, u & u alone. ;) in fact, when we were watching twilight, he was sleeping, meaning that the story didn't attract him at all. sng cte, bosan.. hehehe.. jgn mrh ye bucuk. but as for me, terbeliak bijik mate tgok cte tu. wow, i was mesmerized. it's not because of edward cullen only, but it includes all aspects of twilight. the story, the person involved, emotion shown by the actors. i just love it. and when i said i LOVE it, i'll do anything to have anything that relate to it. heh heh.

lucky me, i met this one person on the internet, she's selling twilight merchandise where she bought in australia. rsnye kt sni xde official twilight store, right? but hope they will be someday, though. i cant wait to receive the stuff that i bought from her. even my other half mrh2, bising2, still die belikn jgk. thx bucuk. so far, i've got all series of twilight saga. plus another book written by twilight movie director, Catherine Hardwicke, "Twilight Director Notebook." when the was book was first arrived in M'sia, there were only 7 copies of it kt seluruh Penang. mcm mane sy tau? my other half yg duk tepon sume Popular Bookstore kt Penang, including main land and island. turned out only one copy left at Popular Gurney Plaza. so, ptg tu jgk, ktorg g Penang sbb dh booked. sgt2 bersyukur time tu. and thanks again to my other half sbb belikan buku tu.hehe. twilight books sgt2 laris di penang. this is the cover of the book. hee~

and right now, i cant hardly wait for the sequel of twilight, New Moon. the movie is due this coming november. 20th nov if im not mistaken. hope it is better than twilight movie because the previous movie wasnt as good as the book. but, still ok for me. ;) bkn sng nk wat cte dr novel. there are limit here and there compared to writing book.

one more thing, i bet all twilight lovers out there know about this one book called "Midnight Sun."it is twilight version from edward perspective. hope Stephenie Meyer will release this book sooner.

till next time..

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

my lil' neighbour

mrng everyone.. just to share something funny that happened last night. ad sorg jiran aku ni, farhan nme die.. last nite he came to my house. at that time, i was browsing the internet, tgh tgok bju yg my other half bought for me. yeayy.. nk djadikan cerita, bju tu dipakai oleh seorg model yg kalo dh nme model, mmg cantik la kan. that one i cant deny. si farhan ni dgn jujurnye bertnye kt aku..

"kak shasha beli bju ni dgn org die skali ke?"

tau ape jwpn aku? time tu gk i was laughing out loud kt atas kerusi dpn tenet. sume org yg ad kt stu pn gelak, tmsuk la adik aku.. hahahaha..muka die tersgt la jujur n suci. fyi, he's only 12. hehe. aku pn bgtau la die jwpn yg akan mrobek hatinye bhw model itu tidak akan sesekali mnjejakkan kakinya ke sini. hee~

till next time..


good nite everyone.

to you, im sorry for my weird and hideous behaviour tonight. i just cant't help it. im sorry, and i love you. you know who you are. can't wait to see you my dear. :)

till next time..

Monday, June 29, 2009

panggilan yg ditunggu2

hi guys.. ikutkn ati aku tanak tulis psl bnde ni, but yesterday, erm, not yesterday, 2 or 3 days ago, i told my babe, ain about this story.. n die gelak smpi nk pecah perot. so, i guess i should just share it here.. hehehe..

ok, here goes the story. bnde ni jd dlm mngu lps.. waktu tu dlm kul 3 ptg lbey2 sket. aku duk kt luar, n my hp was at my room. so, i went into the room to fetch my hp, n i saw 2 missed calls. no dtg dr area kl cmtu. it was twice, so i tot maybe indeed it was an important call. lg2 dgn status aku yg tgh mnanam anggur smbl mncarik keje nih, so, i decided to call back. dlm hati, agak keriangan dan berdebar2 at the same time. mntk2 la dpt interview kali nih. kol2 bz. "ok xpe.. mebi die tgh kol aku lg skali kot", aku sedapkan ati sndiri. i tried for the 3rd time. this time, dpt.. dup dap dup dap.

die: hello (die adlh seorg perempuan)

aku: hello, td ad x kol no ni, 01****.?

die: jap ye. haa ade2. kami dr syarikat sekian2 (aku lupe kompeni ape), nk bg tiket free msuk sunway lagoon theme park, sekali dgn penginapan.adik ni dh kawen ke blum?

aku: oo.. sy belum kawen lg kak.

die: kalo blum kawen, xdpt la tiket ni, time kasih ye dik.

aku: ok, same2.. xpe2.

  • pengajaran: jgn terlalu berharap pada no yg x dikenali.

there was this other call from different no, also happend around last week. n this time, i managed to pick up the call. bismillah.. mntk2 la dpt terbiu kali nih.

aku: hello.

die: hello, hi. kami dr maxis nk buat survey mengenai perkhidmatan broadband maxis. (lelaki cina dgn pelat cina yg sgt pekat)

aku: oo.. ok..

n die trus bertnye aku bermcam2 soklan dgn slang die yg lgsg aku x phm kdg2 n aku main belasah je jwb sume2, of cos la dgn hati yg kuciwa. isk3.. xpe, saba slagi bleh saba.

  • pengajaran 2: jgn angkat tepon dgn smgt yg mmbara, ckup sekadar merendah diri mnjwbnya.

till next time..

Friday, June 26, 2009

another day passes by

this afternoon i went to maybank. nk bank-in duit. tp ya allah, satu mesin je ok.. yg len, sume out of service. ape la diorg ni, dh tau nk ujung bulan, sah2 la mesin tu akn jdik hot stuff, cm aku dlu..hehe. (gelak malu2). 2x aku g, sbb first time g tu dh lewat nk amek adik kt skola. so, after amik adik, aku g balik...ttp full jugak. nk x nk kne la tngu. aku g dlm kul 130. balik kul 330. ditambah dgn traffic jam. adoi, mmg menguji kesabaran. sbb jam tu adlh kerana satu kete proton iswara ni rosak btul2 dpn traffic light. can u imagine how narrow the lane was?

lg 1, time2 tgh jam, everybody akan jadik selfish. except for me. ehem2.. nk djadikan cerita, aku kuar dr simpang ni, pastu trus bg signal nk msuk lane tgh. fyi, jalan tu ade 3 invisible lane. so, sape2 yg x familiar dgn jln tu, sah2 akan silap msuk lorong dan definitely akn menyusahkn kete lain kalo nk tuka lorong, lg2 jalan jam truk. ok, smbg cte balik. tgh bg signal tu, aku try msuk slow2. slow2 + signal ok. tp kete perdana putih ni, plat no WHP ****, dgn sombongnye merapatkan kete die kt kete aku dgn harapan aku xkn dpt msuk dpn kete die. mmg kalo silap aribulan, kemek gk la. u know what i did? aku pndg die dan aku angkt tgn cm mmbe lame yg dh knal. of cos la kne snyum sket. hahaha.after dat, trus die stop, n bg aku msuk.. fuh.. lega beb. kalo x, abes la my beloved viva. in the end, turned out he was the one on the wrong lane. hahahahaha. padan muke die.. he was trying to move to the left lane but poorly, he got stuck in the middle, sbb ad satu lori yg sgt besa ni dgn selambenye trus jln tnpe mmberi die peluang. tu la bang, len kali bertimbang rasa la sket ok? bkn kte x bg signal. wt to do, this is the mentality of our malaysian driver.

balik2 uma, kene g uma nenek lak, amek pisang. haii, x smpt nk rehat. kne la pegi, nenek dh rndu kt aku sgt2 sbb dh lme x jmpe, tp jmpe2 je, nenek ckp, "shasha ke ni? apsal pipi tmbam?".. adoi.. nenekku syg....aku speechless....trus diam tnpe bkate ape2.. ok, sok nk puase.

til next time..

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


good evening guys.. its already 5 o'clock in the evening, but i dont feel any enthusiasm for anything today. not at all. sometimes, there's this one small thing, a least bit small., that when u know the truth, it hurts u.. not much, but enough to make your day gloomy. *sigh*. i hate this kind of feeling.
am i the only one with bad luck? or less lucky than others i might say? sy mau gembira semula tnpa perlu pk bnde2 yg menyebabkan saya berjauh dan berkecil hati dgn org lain.

how to increase your self-confidence

hi all..gud morning.. its 2.04 in the morning right now. i think im starting to like this blogging thingy. before this, i never thought i would have my own blog, since im not fond of writing anything about myself to be read by others. but in a way, it is good in term of expressing my own feeling toward anything. open-up my mind a lil bit u might say. ;) plus, rs best sgt dpt kontek balik mmbe2 lame through this blog. i miss u guys.

as for my entry today, i feel like writing something about how to boost up your confidence level. since i,myself will definitely attend any interview someday, and so does my other friends, i hope this will help u a little bit. hehe.

many of us, including me, will have this feeling where we tend to feel insecure of various things in our lives, such as physical appearances, speech, lifestyle, habits, work or even family. well, i found this 5 simple tips on how to overcome it.

-u have to like and accept yourself the way you are. each of us are special in our own way.

-this is hard to do, right guys? i feel the same too. hehe. but, i think we should give it a try. we can get useful tips from the speakers and also observe their body language while they talk.

-whether it is for an interview or for a presentation, tell yourself that you can do it. Motivate yourself each day and soon you will find your confidence level growing. Another good way for motivation is that after work or study each day you should make a list of at least four things that you did well for that day.

-u have to remind yourself that if you haven’t try something you can never say that you will fail in it. Be positive and try things without any fear or insecurity.

- Always remember that past mistakes and failures cannot be reversed and what’s done is done. confident individual always looks past those failures in his life. After all, failures are juts part and parcel of becoming successful. If you failed once you should take that failure as a learning lesson.

(resource of information :

all in all, we must have faith in ourselves.

till next time..

Monday, June 22, 2009

at last, i got my parcel..hehehehe.. thx kak arnie.. i lurve it! there's not much to do today sbb air xde.. the pipe system got broken.. masak pn simple2 je..the gud thing is i dont have to sidai kain.. haha. but tomorrow gonna be a tough day. im still waiting for any job interview. mudah2 an dipermudahkan olehNya. aminn..

early in the morning

hi all..

its 1.25 in the morning and i cant sleep at all. i just finished watching this one movie titled 'miss potter'. tgok sorg2 mlm2 cmni sdih bile smpi kt part bf die mati.they nearly got married. how sad..*sigh*

its been 1 month of me staying at home. my target is to find any suitable job around this time. the sooner the better, but still, x puas lg duk kt umah. i've been staying outside (boarding school stuff) since i was 13. until now, this is my longest time of staying at home. but surely, i miss a few things that u cant do while u're home. cant watch late-night movie and lepaking at the gurney drive after that, cant go to mcd in the middle of the night with my beloved bf and cant go to mamak kul 2 3 pg time study week with my bestest frens. hehe.. those memories are just so beautiful i cant forget any of it for a second. this is my new phase in my life. im gonna be a working-adult soon. life would be totally different. still, i can do those crazy things,but of course, once in a while la kan. heh.

im waiting for my fren, ain.. where r u babe? td aku ttdo, sori..

i cant wait for my parcel to come. haa, this is my new passion. shopping online. my one and only destination, arnie's style. sah2 kt uma xde duit, but lucky me, thanx to my mum, my sis, n my other half for supporting me in buying those gorgeous tops and dresses. hehe..what to do? i cant resist the temptations. heh heh (gelak ade makne).

for anyone who's reading this blog (if there's any), do visit her blog. u wont regret a bit. :)

till next time..

Saturday, June 13, 2009

this morning i went to mid valley megamall for the games and gadget exhibition 2009. meaning that, byk pameran n jualan regarding games, phones, pc, and other newest technologies. i wish to buy the garmin thing since my licence has expired. tp ape nk buat, no money, no talk. just stop and stare.

the truth is my lil bro wants to buy point card kt stu. die ckp murah. so, since no body at home, i have to take him there. it was a nice experience though, since die ni bkn adik yg mesra sgt dgn kakak die. apetah lg nk ajak kua same2. kire, once in a lifetime la ni. haha.

i didnt manage to capture any picture to show u guys. but i can say its a pretty good exhibition. and its much more better if u have lots of money. blink2~

i suppose to meet my other half tonite since he's going back to penang tomorrow morning. but dunno if its possible or not. kete savvy ad mslh la pulak. uwaa.. n my beloved viva, angah bwk g johor.

ohh.. how i miss so many things back in penang. the food, the people, the beaches....

til next time..

Friday, June 12, 2009

im not perfect, and so are you.

i hate it when people say something so negative to me that makes me wanna punch them in the face! i know ignorance is blessing but sometimes i just cant avoid being irritated, until at one point, i'll say to myself.. "teruk sgt ke aku ni?" it doesn't matter whether the comment related to me physically or mentally, but occasionally, it does hurt a lot! i dont wanna be afraid of myself, dont wanna be someone who cannot accept herself with a big heart n penuh kesyukuran. its the people out there that kill the spirit in you, the determination to change to a better person.

i live my own life, do my own things. screw you!

and i know, i cant avoid all those bad talking forever. i gotta be strong, just keep pushing on (miley cyrus's lyrics - the climb)

til next time..

Saturday, May 30, 2009

perihal pekerjaan dan lebah

im waiting, still waiting.. for my phone to ring.. bila sy mau mendapat kerja?

i've got 7 bees in my bathroom, consisting of green and yellow colour with black stripes. this is part of my job at home, trying to make my lovey dovey home as impressive and creative as possible. im kinda fond of contemporary-english decoration thingy. but still cant afford any of it.. :( maybe later. for the mean time, take a look at my bees. welcome bees sekalian.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

the biggest loser

hi all..

today, my entry will be fully english.. (sj sbb dh lme x wat english essay.. hehe).

this evening, when i was watching tv, i managed to watch this one program at hallmark channel, which they called "the biggest loser". i think any of you mush have watched this program at least once, right? well, it was the season 1 finale, and at that time, they were finding the winner who would get around 250,000 based on the biggest weight they lost during the program.

the thing that attracts me the most is when they show those people before and after they undergo the training program. there was this one woman who was crying while she said that most of the people out there judging her based on her weight, and not because of the real her. and there was this one guy, who said that he wanted to show to all those people out there that we can do anything, anything at all as long as we have the determination to do that. turns out he's the winner with the biggest lost of his weight, around 100++ pounds. he used to have female boobs (trust me, die sgt2 overweight).. hehe. it touches me to the most because as we all know, most of the people only judge us by the way we look, how we appear, and less of them know the real us. and they tend to hurt us sometimes, with their unappropriate words, criticizing our physical. sometimes, its the heart that matters the most.think about it.

later this evening, the rain's pouring down, thx god. dpt la merase ptg yg nyaman. i managed to sip a hot coffee while reading my twilight 3rd book kt laman umah. sangat2 nyaman.

ok.. gtg. my sis sgt2 la x sabar nk gune tenet nih. huh!

til next time..