Saturday, November 7, 2009

pelik dan penyek

happy weekend people! im not a morning person, so last nite i stayed up late and definitely woke up quite late today..hee~ my roomies share the same habit with me, so phm2 sndiri la kn..hehe..

last week's lab was quite impressive i might say. during the lab experiment, i found something yg menyebabkn my supervisor sgt bsmgt. u can say that it is a new discovery. well, i accidentally found it actually. if not for my lab mate who said that we should show the structure of the particles to our sv, maybe by the time now bnde itu sudah lama ku penyek2kan. hahaha.. u can see difference between new and experienced researhers, right? ;) so, in the end of that day, my sv told all his students, "kalo jmpe something pelik2, tnjuk kt sy dlu." heheheheh.. i was happy though. makes me want to work harder. alangkah bagusnya kalau gaji tiap ujung bulan xkn ad masalah cm tu. i wish all this would end once i become a master student. i love my job, but like sis arnie said, perhaps i should find another part time job. i got a few opportunities lay ahead in front of me, but im afraid to give it a try. im afraid it might not work properly. call me a coward, but sometimes i do have internal conflicts with myself. right now, im considering something that perhaps could change my future. it is not something massive and grand, though. but something i can gain extra income with. wish me luck! ;)

till next time peeps ;)


She is a Bubble Machine said...

new discovery ke? sweet if mana2 scientist tak penah jumpa lg bole la letak nama aishah lol.

actually apa yg aishah kata tu betul, akak pun sometimes takut nak risk my life utk cuba something new afraid if it's not work well and such but if we never try, who knows it's gonna turn huge for us.

aishah~ said...

2 pon x sengaje kak arnie.hehe..

u're right. we never know till we give it a try. wish me luck k ;) u r one of my idol. bangga tgok akak dpt buat ape yg akak suke (business) n yet still enjoying ur life to the max.

atiQah adNan said...

yaa gud luck aisyah~
cari diri sendiri.. dari seratus peratus faktor kejayaan adalah dari diri kita sendiri kan..? so kalau kita nak kita pastikan kita dapat ye.. ^__^

aishah~ said...

thx a lot kak atiqah! wah,pg2 ni org bg komen mmbina rs bersemangat nk wat keje.. hee~ slalunye monday is dull.. tp hari ni len.. ;)

Anonymous said...

tahniah and congratulate to you because you have found something that nobody else cannot found before. i know you are really good and keep it up so that your dream can come true. you really my idol and my beloved person in my life. i will always support you no matter what you want to do because you know what is good for you. wish you all the best:)