Wednesday, November 4, 2009

her say of upsetting thinG (no S)

hi.. wahh, its been a while since i last updated this blog. bak kata sis arnie, "the sweetest escape." hehe.. actually, i've been busy doing other things including lab, reading journals etc. so, td kak atiqah sent a comment. n it makes me think, "oh ya, dh lme x tulis kt blog."

hmm, im feeling kinda sad actually. first of all, i haven't get my salary yet :( last month pnye salary dh la dpt awal, b4 raya. around 18 sept. so, can u imagine how i survive with no money at all? and btw, im not working for thousands salary. im just a research assistant. so, x byk sgt gaji. tp bole la nk survive utk sebulan. tu pon kdg2 ad something came up, tlepas la gk bajet. so, for this coming december, i wish to register for master study. arap2 dapat elaun lbih sket. aminn.. i did plan for what i have to settle this month, which including car's service, room's rent ( dh lme x byr bilik nih) :( but all of those have to postpone for a while, cos up until this moment im writing this blog, gaji x msuk2 lg. i went to bndahari department this morning, seemed like my contract renewal have a bit of a problem yg menyebabkn gaji tertangguh. so, i did settle the matter and hopefully, by this end of this week dpt la duit tu. i really truly wish dapat cpt. x snggup dh nk utang dgn mmbe. (malu).. hee~

ok, gtg..

till next time.. ;)


atiQah adNan said...

pening jUga kan kalau takde dUit..
takpe mesti dapat cepat k aisyah..~

aishah~ said...

aah kak.. sgt pening xtau nk rotate duit cane.. :( hope so. kalo x, abes la sy...thx nway.. ;)

She is a Bubble Machine said...

kesiannya aishah. maybe u should look for another part time job kot.akak faham kita dah sacrifice masa, gaji pulak tak seberapa and on top of it gaji lambat pulak.

aishah~ said...

im glad u understand. kte dh bg focus yg pnuh, but in the end seems like we are the one who's begging for our very own rights that is money. *sigh lg*