Monday, October 19, 2009

craziest, wackiest madness of westlife's phenomenal..

hi.. tonite im gonna tell a story of my favorite past time. it happened ages ago, almost 10 years. which is the addiction of me towards boyband2 yg ade mase tu, including bsb, nsync, and my most madness, craziness... WESTLIFE!! sbb westlife ni aku sgt2 minat nk blaja BI, n i can say that i scored quite well. hee ;)

bole dikatakan kt atas meja blaja, kt bilik prep,kt dlm file, dlm loker, dlm wallet, sume ad gmba westlife, esp Shane Filan, my one and only la konon2 time tu.. keh3..well, bcos of him, i dare to dream high, i learned english by heart, and i know how someone's heart got broken. it all started mase kt uma kot. time tu tv3 slalu tayangkn vid klip bdk2 westlife ni, If I Let You Go. and, i loveeee him at the first sight. xtau npe, bkn yg len x ensem, mark, kian, nicky and not forgetting bryan, but my heart trus terpikat n tergoda gile kt si shane ni.. tp dulu, starting from that day, anything, anything at all that relates to westlife, i will definitely buy it, print it or do anything that i can to own them. there was this one secret, aku print sume lagu westlife kt tenet kt uma mase tu, and of cos mase my mom xde kt uma. sia2 je kne marah kalo die ade. dan aku snggup simpan duit semata2 nk beli magz cm smash hits, lime, max (a few examples magz yg femes satu ketika dlu). and utk sesapa yg tau, smash hits tu agak mahal ok. dlm 20 something. gila kn?

dan aku x kn lupe sorg kwn aku ni, anissa sohadi, die sngup bg kt aku door-sized poster of westlife n can u imagine how i scream like hell at that time?? hehehe.. bila pk2 balik, rs lucu pulak sbb tlalu minat kt si shane n westlife ni. not forgetting every single songs and words yg aku sgt2 hafal. cm kacang goreng je. dan sume kaset2 diorg aku beli x kisah la special edition ke, ape ke.. n bcos of them, aku bcita2 nk smbg blaja kt ireland, n x paling x bleh blah, nk kawen dgn mat saleh. hahahaha..

well, i didnt manage to further my studies oversea, thanks to my hormonal changes yg menggatal time tu.. n i didnt get any mat saleh boyfriend. but now i have lelaki melayu sejati who truly loves me and i do love him more than ever. jgn mrh ye syg.. ;)

bile start x suke westlife? well, bkn x suke, tp kurang minat sbb as i grow up, i love to listen to punk rock, and other songs that catch my ears. but one of the reasin is bcos shane dh ad gf mase tu, gillian walsh. patah ati, xde la frust menonggeng kn.hehe.. my prince charming of my childhood.

but then, thanks to them, i always got highest marks in english, and bcos of them, i love english languange so much. tp tu dulu.. and i always have this one dream yg xkn pnh padam, tu watch weslife concert with my own eyes. well, one of fren, pkah dh pon tgok konsert diorg mase blaja kt uk dlu. and i definitely gonna watch them someday, with my other half teman, xpe kn syg? bila dan di mana? well, lets hope for the best.

last nite, hati tbe2 tgerak nk goggle pasl westlife nih. shane dh ad 2 anak pon rupe2nye, patrick n nicole. i feel happy for them. tp agak x bkenan kt si gillian tu sbb bg aku die x cntik pn.mcm la aku cntik sgt..hahahaah.. its good to see them still going strong with the same members. cume bryan yg dh xde.

well, that's all for now..

till next time peeps..~


*zaikha-yusuf* said...

yea shah~
ko mmg gile ngn westlife tu...
mksdnye?ko mmg gile..hehehe..
sje nk komen..
haha,,ak pon tersampuk gle..

ooyee,,awat daisy path xtukar ke 2years pon?emm...

aishah~ said...

haish.. ko tsmpuk tang mane ni jeka? musykil aku..jgn jd jeka yg aku x knal dh la ye.. hehehe..
bnde tu sjak mngu lps mengong. tgok la, kalo x ok lg, aku tuka ye..

atiQah adNan said...

hi aisyah!!
akak pUn suke westlife jUga dulu..
akak sUke mark heheh
ape kabar dia sekarang eak..?

belog bahasa inggeris wah akak impress!! akak tak terror b.i sangat..T_T *sigh..

aishah~ said...

hi sis! thx sudi dtg sni.. hehe~ wah, we are on the same boat. suke2.. ;) sy dh x tau pe cte dgn diorg sume, except for mark is a gay! tu yg sdih..muka dh hensem gile..hehehehe..

atiQah adNan said...

mark is a gay? ohhh.. sedih sekali dear..

aishah~ said...

yup.. sdih n mmbazir je muka dh ckup perfect cmtu.. luckily we got our own version of mark (our bf ok). hehehehe..ops, utk akak i would say fiance ;)

Anonymous said...

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