Wednesday, October 7, 2009

tambun, mcd, master, etc...

syuh2.. habuk, g terbang jauh2.. its been quite sometimes since my last update.. bz sgt.. ngee. tah ape yg bz pon i x tau.. ;) im at my lab doing nothing today.. hehe.. oh ya, my master application has been accepted. alhamdulillah.. know what, sometimes i wonder, "why did i choose this path in the first place?" masa jd undergrad student dlu pnye la berikrar tanak smbg blaja dlm masa terdekat, nk rehat2 carik keje kt uma, n have a goood looong holiday. but then, suddenly, i just made this decision and its been 3 months already, n i must say that this isn't a bad choice. someone used to say this, "accept your destiny and embrace it."well, well maybe before this it seemed not a good choice for me, but sometimes the 'not good' is the best for us, and yet we have to embrace it and try to manipulate it in a good way. bila dh tgok status accepted tu smlm, rs mcm ad tanggungjawab yg besar pulak. but yet, i love this responsibility. someone has said to me, haish, these past few days, byk kata2 someone yg melekat di fikiran aku. hehehe.. ok, someone has said to me, " we are 23 year-old already, it is time to grow up and handle everything on our own. xkn sume bnde nk susahkn org." it makes a lot of sense to me. manusia ni kdg2 x sedar ape yg die buat slame ni, mgkin x berapa betul. tp bile ade org yg ckp something wise, rs mcm kene kejutan elektrik and ada satu smgt baru utk improve hidup kita. im feeling it now, at this very moment. ;)

last 2 days, me and my other half went to drive through mcd @ juru. and guess what? we got one regular coke, and one sundae choc for free!! ktorg ckp kt org tu, "bang, kami x order ni." and he said, "xpe, amek je." walawei, rezki tp mlm tu agak kekenyangan, so seronok tp x abes pon.. hee~

and last saturday, we went to Lost World of Tambun. this is our second time there and it was fun until my skin has been burned out. lupe nk pki sunblock yg kalis air. up until this moment, my nose still lg merah2 n kering.. uwaaa.. plis get well better, nose.. plissss..

ok, stop smpi sini dlu..

till next time folks.. ;)

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*zaikha-yusuf* said...

hehe~sme laa kte..
ak pon dolu mse undergrad kte xmo smbung blaja..
xsmpai sebln kat umah dah g smbung alek...hak2..
bengong jek..