Saturday, January 30, 2010

never say never

im gonna turn 24 this year. n just now i gave myself a really deep thought.. about my future n what im supposed to do instead of what i like to do...

*sigh*... sgt byk bnde yg perlu difikirkan, dan aku terpikir mmpu ke aku wat semua tu? dan x terlambat ke utk mulakan perancangan baru? life's too short to be wasted just like that..

there are just soo many thoughts going through my mind now. and im afraid of it..

if it's not me, who else gonna do it?

oh,btw, me and my girls had a lil fun outing @ Jusco.. sempat tgok cte Adnan Sempit, n i told u, it is a MUST watch movie guys! starting cite smpi abes mmg x abes2 ktorg gelak.. sara yg jrg gelak pon asik tersengih je.. ahahaha.. njoy these pics of ours ;)

kak yana, kak aida & sara (from left ye)

on our way back

driver yg ketenye besa tp tuan die sgt la kecik..hihi..

till next time ;)

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

guilty pleasure

hi.. baru balik dr airport nih.. td amek sara.. she just came back from sarawak and of course with lots of kek lapis yg kami sume order.. ahaks... these are mine:

kredit to dayangsalhah website

nampak lazat bukan? x sabar mahu menikmatinya

nite people~~

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Monday, January 25, 2010

ada banyak sebab dlm hidup ni utk aku bersyukur mnjadi Siti Aishah.. too many reasons that u can and u cannot see with naked eyes.. i could never been better if i were someone else.

bersyukurlah kerana anda adalah anda.. ;)


hello there! assalamualaikum and a very good morning! i wanna help one of my friend, sis Arni. she is conducting a charity where the money will be given to an organization that most needed it. so, long story short, im gonna post her banner and take a look at it below. A sale is gonna be held at her blog on Wednesday, 27th Jan 2010. come on, let's do our part in charity. even it's not big, it is still a charity though ;)

new day in a new week

tomorrow is the new day. i lyykeeee monday. (ok, cuba berpura2 seboleh yg mungkin)

so people, have a good day and a good night sleep after this. ;) and as for me, im trying to finish up this novel, Inkdeath (last sequel of inkheart) as fast as i could.

may tomorrow brings us more happiness. and believe in yourself. how? just do it YOUR WAY!


p/s: i would love a cup of hot right now.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

love story... happy & not happy ending..

when someone falls in love, no matter how young you say they are, it will happen. nothing can stop them from being in love with someone.

and when their heart is broken by the same love they possessed, the devastated heart cannot be imagined by anyone who never experienced it. the rage and the anger... and the catastrophic effects will stay, lingering around them forever.

so people, dont give love easily to someone who might broke your heart sooner or later. love yourself. i've been there, done that. and the pain still linger somewhere inside me. but there is always rainbow after the rain, u just have to find and wait for it patiently at the right time n place. and i hope the "rainbow" that i've found 2 years ago will keep on shining on me forever. ;) aminn..

byk kisah sedih yg berlaku dlm mngu ni dan mngu lepas yg melibatkan org2 dan kwn2 yg aku syg. hati dan mata hanya mmpu berkata2 dan melihat, ttp utk org yg rasa, perasaan tu sgt berat utk ditanggung.

hari ini perlu lebih serius mmbuat kerja2 yg serius stlh smlm bersuka ria

oh ya, last night i managed to watch Tooth Fairy, where the main actor is The Rock! yeah.. it was fun and hilarious. gelak mcm nk pecah perot kot.. totally recommend this movie for those yg nk menghiburkan hati di hari minggu

take care guys.. ;)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

sekarang hujan sgt lebat, br plan nk basuh bju. hmm, x jd la nmpk gayanya (alasan kot)..

ok, skrg mau mncari theme utk hp baruku.. hee~


Friday, January 22, 2010

typing mode

anything can be done, anything at all, even that anything is next to impossible, we can achieve it! all we need is courage and determination, not to mention effort, endless sweating, thinking.. ya, finally i got the momentum to stand tall next to anybody that i felt "taller" before. Allah itu Maha Adil. today we see sadness upon us, but the next thing we know, there's great news.

kpd sesiapa yg rs diri tu sgt lebih segala2nya dr org lain, dan dgn bangganya menunjukkan lagak, sedarlah.. in the end we are all the same. we'll just be bones. what matters more is our heart, our nawaitu.

n kdg2 certain decision that we make, wont do us favor in other things. but it is our choice, and we have to bear it. kwn yg baik adlh kwn yg tidak mengubah kwnnya mnjadi spt ape yg dia suka, ttp bersama2 menuju ke arah kebaikan.


kalau la.....

right now im all alone at my lab. mana sume org pegi ye? so, amek kesempatan la kejap nk update blog. ekceli sgt byk perkara yg bermain di mindaku. byk smpi dh beratur dlm otak ni utk ditulis dlm blog. tp apakan daya, daku tak cekap lg mengurus masa. ahahaha.. that's an absurd excuse, right?

erm, have u ever wondering at age like this, for instance, im gonna be 24 this year. pnh x korg rase korg cm ade krisis identiti cm mase muda2 dlu? i mean, when we were a lot more teenager inside ourselves? i do! pnh x bile umur mcm ni, korg rase "nape la aku x wat mcm ni dlu mase dlu?" or "kn best kalo aku leh jd cm die", or "kalau la...." dan mcm2 kalau yg korg rase korg ptt buat dulu.. i know, it is so immatured utk berfikiran mcm tu, sbb pttnye at the age of 24, taun dpn nk separuh abad dh kot, hihi.. i should think rationally rather than emotionally. tp kdg2 bile emosi tu dtg melanda, mcm2 perasaan rasa, rs x cantik la, rs diri serba serbi kurang la.. pdhal, if we look thoroughly at ourselves, kte ptt bersyukur sbb there are a lot more reasons that we actually way better than others.

n u know what? THIS IS IT! this is our future, our moment of being a successful adult in any way that we can achieve. i think i need a major changes in my life, regarding the way im thinking, the way i make decision, and the way i open up my heart to certain matters. satu bnde yg paling aku nk dlm idup ni, is being less sensitive! yes, i am a very sensitive person, n now i wish i could be more open towards anything in this life.. tanak rs kecik2 ati or sdih kt bnde2 yg x ptt..

and most importantly, this is my future now. maybe it is not as how i imagine it could be years ago, but i should embrace it and push my self to the limit.

creativity is vast.. there are no limitations! ;) example? sng je.. how can great person like james cameron created avatar that has taken that movie into a new level in computer generated characters? it all begins deep inside our heart, translated into our brains..and worked through every single drop of sweats..

till then~