Friday, January 22, 2010

kalau la.....

right now im all alone at my lab. mana sume org pegi ye? so, amek kesempatan la kejap nk update blog. ekceli sgt byk perkara yg bermain di mindaku. byk smpi dh beratur dlm otak ni utk ditulis dlm blog. tp apakan daya, daku tak cekap lg mengurus masa. ahahaha.. that's an absurd excuse, right?

erm, have u ever wondering at age like this, for instance, im gonna be 24 this year. pnh x korg rase korg cm ade krisis identiti cm mase muda2 dlu? i mean, when we were a lot more teenager inside ourselves? i do! pnh x bile umur mcm ni, korg rase "nape la aku x wat mcm ni dlu mase dlu?" or "kn best kalo aku leh jd cm die", or "kalau la...." dan mcm2 kalau yg korg rase korg ptt buat dulu.. i know, it is so immatured utk berfikiran mcm tu, sbb pttnye at the age of 24, taun dpn nk separuh abad dh kot, hihi.. i should think rationally rather than emotionally. tp kdg2 bile emosi tu dtg melanda, mcm2 perasaan rasa, rs x cantik la, rs diri serba serbi kurang la.. pdhal, if we look thoroughly at ourselves, kte ptt bersyukur sbb there are a lot more reasons that we actually way better than others.

n u know what? THIS IS IT! this is our future, our moment of being a successful adult in any way that we can achieve. i think i need a major changes in my life, regarding the way im thinking, the way i make decision, and the way i open up my heart to certain matters. satu bnde yg paling aku nk dlm idup ni, is being less sensitive! yes, i am a very sensitive person, n now i wish i could be more open towards anything in this life.. tanak rs kecik2 ati or sdih kt bnde2 yg x ptt..

and most importantly, this is my future now. maybe it is not as how i imagine it could be years ago, but i should embrace it and push my self to the limit.

creativity is vast.. there are no limitations! ;) example? sng je.. how can great person like james cameron created avatar that has taken that movie into a new level in computer generated characters? it all begins deep inside our heart, translated into our brains..and worked through every single drop of sweats..

till then~

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