Monday, December 28, 2009

hey hey people! hari ni rs sgt bsmgt! first thing first, i had a sixth sense in the morning that gaji akan msuk arini. ye, FYI, elaun kami sbg RA akan masuk btul2 ujung bulan, or btul2 awal bulan. sgt2 jarang utk masuk 27, 28 hb mcm hari ni. kira hari ni anomaly la. sbb unexpected! haha.. tq en lukman

so, for this month i have less debt to settle with. and as new year is just around the corner, i've made up my mind that i will in any possible way, try to save up a little. tanak berbelanja sesuka sesuki dh. enough is enough. tp kan, kalo ade good bargain for dresses ape salahnya kn? kn? hahaha.. currently i am crazy for online shopping especially all those gorgeous dresses. agaknye nk tngu sampai my little wardrobe senget br stop kot. it's my passion though, but i have to limit myself, have to restrain myself from doing things sesuka ati.

oh, talking about new year, have you got your own resolutions yet? i visited this one web, and in case you don't have any idea at all on your resolutions, this might be a good start by visiting here. you will find many useful information on how to boost up your life to the max!

oh ya, on a completely different matter, i wanna ask.. mcm mane utk tidak mengendahkan ape org sekeliling ckp psl kita? i am a very observant person. bnda kecik yg org lain x perasan, i will notice it first! believe me. it's true. i wish i could just dont care what others say sometime!


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