Sunday, December 20, 2009

new look! what do you think guys?

monin' people! it's 348 in the morning and I just finished giving my blog a few modifications, just to make it look fresher and resembles more of me (yess, i love tinkerbell a lot! hihi).

ok, here goes the stories of my life these past few days:

  • my parents came last thursday utk perjumpaan tenaga pengajar PSSCM. spend some quality time them with them. sadly, they have to go back early. umi ckp ad byk knduri kt uma. :(
  • I am officially a master student! hee, registered early december and have to present a progress report this coming wednesday *sweating*
  • just witnessed a fatal accident that involved one person's death and i watched the dead person right in front of me. still can remember the scene vividly. mengape aku perlu tgok???
  • just involve in an online business. perlu usaha dgn lbih lg! oh ya, u can scroll down and take a look at those bags im currently selling. ;)
ok, I guess that was it! will try to write frequently after this.

p/s: last wed tgok wyg cte "the princess and frog" dgn rumet and sara, and now I CANNOT STOP LISTENING TO THE SOUNDTRACK, "NEVER KNEW I NEEDED, by Ne Yo." I have played the song again and again. totally in lovvee with it!



She is a Bubble Machine said...

wah nice background akak mmg suka ;) siap ada banner tinkerbell lagi.
akak rasa cuma tulisan tu perlu change to something darker (black, dar blue, etc)
sbb yang ni cam hampir blend with background.

ikhayusuf said...

wahhhh..suda tuka layout..cute2..gmbr pon ala2 skema jek..hahaha..nape letak gmbr ic?hehe..

aishah~ said...

kak arnie: aah kan, ptt la tgok mcm ad sumthing dull. nnt sy tuka.. tq ;)

jeka: sbb i pon skema..hahaha..