Sunday, August 30, 2009

hi.. just want to share this useful information. i stumbled upon this blog site (click here) where she shares about quran explorer website. here's the address. sgt bagus sbb ada translation in malay, and even bole dgr org baca. early this morning, sgt menenangkan ati. try to visit it. berbaloi. ;)

left blank

morning friends.. currently im at home, for a short vacation with my family. first time balik umah since first puasa. n today's the first day of me bersahur kt umah. sgt seronok sbb finally dpt mkn ayam msk kicap yg umi masak. hee~ i was bloated for drinking too much...
any news for this whole week? nope. everything going on as usual. cume keje dh btmbah. and im getting busy day by day, which is a good thing since it makes me work harder and try my very best. i dont want to miss any opportunities anymore. it's not that i regret of what i did for the past few years. i want my life to be better. and i know how far can i go to achieve my dreams. i used to have this one dream but unfortunately, it didn't happen. xpe la, bkn rezki sy. but obviously, it was my mistake for not getting that dream becomes reality. but hey, mistake leads to another achievement, if we are on the right track, aren't we? ;) so, keeps your heads up. there are no boundaries above and beneath you. (pnjm lirik kris allen jap, hehehe).

its still early though, 624 in the morning. after this, nk smyg n maybe nk wat keje sket. ad byk lg tanaman yg perlu dijaga. haha. im addicted to Farm Ville. so beware, if u're not used of getting addicted, just dont try it. hehehehe..

next entry will be uploaded with my pics as i promised before. currently im working on sorting all those pictures in my lappy. byk sgt gmba kt dlm ni. dh lme x re-organize.

till next time..

Friday, August 21, 2009

happy fasting

today all Muslim mula bepuasa. selamat berpuasa kepada semua. mohon maaf di atas segala kesalahan. semoga puasa kali ini akan mendapat keberkatan dari Yang Esa. aminnn..

Thursday, August 20, 2009

quick update

hi hi friends.. i dont know why, but lately feel quite lazy to write, or update my blog, and even my fb. i've been busy, well, not that super duper busy.. cume pg g keje, ptg balik, rehat jap and then g dinner, pastu pas dinner, pnt, x larat nk wat pape other than bc berita, kms2 and borak dgn rumet. pastu tdo. and tomorrow the same routine will happen.

i think i promised to upload my pics, starting from i bought those twilight stuff, went to penang, a short vacation to cameron, and last event, my convocation. i will upload all those pictures, as i promised. but not for now. im struggling for this mundane existence to get rid of my life. hee~
i did upload some of my graduation pics though. in fb. :)

im sleepy. nite2..

till next time..

nota kaki: sy tidak mmpunyai broadband lg. sudah dibawa pulang ke rumah oleh adik. salah satu sebab tiada semangat 2 3 hari ini. internet usm? hmm, siput berjalan lagi laju...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

my heart says...

hi hi people.. it's been almost a week i havent updated my blog. the desire to spend time in front of the computer writing blog is quite faint. perhaps it's due to my busyness this past couple weeks. have to go to the main campus to pick up my graduation robe. went here and there with my friends, maklum la nk grad. everything have to settle as quickly as possible. furthermore, im working on my proposal's correction. just submit it this morning.hope everything will be ok.
despite all of that, there are a few things that seem to hurt my heart a lil' bit. gaji x msuk lg. :( i really2 wish, so very really wish that tomorrow will be the day where i can get my salary and settle all my debts. apart from that, it's my graduation day that gets me worried. of course my parents are gonna be here, xkn la nk mgharap duit diorg sj. teringin gk nk bg diorg rs senang.

there are also other things yg mmbuat sy berjauh hati. but its ok i guess. people are people. we cant control on how they think of us. yg pnting, aku x sushkn sape2 n anything that might happen or will happen, aku tanggung sendiri. someone has taught me to be strong, to handle everything on my own without making other people's lives miserable. but im only a human, sometimes i cant afford to take care of everyone's heart gracefully. so, forgive me for my unpleasant way of treating you people.

this week gonna be busy with my graduation things. happy? nope, i dont feel a thing at all. maybe it's too early. hehe..

till next time..

Monday, August 3, 2009

one week updated

hi hi people.. morning! i guess it's been one week since my last post. I've been busy with lots of stuff. but the good news is my team has won 3rd place for the futsal tournament! haha.. me, myself jaringkan 5 gol. can you believe that?? what the.... i didnt even believe it till now. first time playing it, n here it goes.. 5 goals straight in one match.. hik3.. but surely, the next day all my muscle sakit2 la kan. nk jalan kt skul pn tkedek2.. hehehe..

last friday, we've been shocked with lembaran management. for those who stay at blok 1, aras 3, have to move out to give way to those who are sick, n suspecting h1n1. n i got blok 2, aras 3. can u believe that? so, i've decided to stay at my friend's house for a while. the last week has been very hectic for me, just for the sake of pack and unpack my stuff. it wasnt a small stuff, believe me. by just looking at it, i feel tired already. and have to climb all those stairs....*sigh*

oh, i forgot to mention that im home now! yeayy. but tomorrow have to go back to uni. just a short vacation, but still, im happy with it. ;) but the sad part is i haven't get my salary yet. :( how i wish to get them before coming home.

till next time..

p/s: ayah tak bg duk luar.. sdih.. =(