Thursday, August 20, 2009

quick update

hi hi friends.. i dont know why, but lately feel quite lazy to write, or update my blog, and even my fb. i've been busy, well, not that super duper busy.. cume pg g keje, ptg balik, rehat jap and then g dinner, pastu pas dinner, pnt, x larat nk wat pape other than bc berita, kms2 and borak dgn rumet. pastu tdo. and tomorrow the same routine will happen.

i think i promised to upload my pics, starting from i bought those twilight stuff, went to penang, a short vacation to cameron, and last event, my convocation. i will upload all those pictures, as i promised. but not for now. im struggling for this mundane existence to get rid of my life. hee~
i did upload some of my graduation pics though. in fb. :)

im sleepy. nite2..

till next time..

nota kaki: sy tidak mmpunyai broadband lg. sudah dibawa pulang ke rumah oleh adik. salah satu sebab tiada semangat 2 3 hari ini. internet usm? hmm, siput berjalan lagi laju...

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