Monday, August 3, 2009

one week updated

hi hi people.. morning! i guess it's been one week since my last post. I've been busy with lots of stuff. but the good news is my team has won 3rd place for the futsal tournament! haha.. me, myself jaringkan 5 gol. can you believe that?? what the.... i didnt even believe it till now. first time playing it, n here it goes.. 5 goals straight in one match.. hik3.. but surely, the next day all my muscle sakit2 la kan. nk jalan kt skul pn tkedek2.. hehehe..

last friday, we've been shocked with lembaran management. for those who stay at blok 1, aras 3, have to move out to give way to those who are sick, n suspecting h1n1. n i got blok 2, aras 3. can u believe that? so, i've decided to stay at my friend's house for a while. the last week has been very hectic for me, just for the sake of pack and unpack my stuff. it wasnt a small stuff, believe me. by just looking at it, i feel tired already. and have to climb all those stairs....*sigh*

oh, i forgot to mention that im home now! yeayy. but tomorrow have to go back to uni. just a short vacation, but still, im happy with it. ;) but the sad part is i haven't get my salary yet. :( how i wish to get them before coming home.

till next time..

p/s: ayah tak bg duk luar.. sdih.. =(


*zaikha-yusuf* said...

its oke laa shaa~~
bley jek nk dtg umah wiken2 nie...hehe
u're always welcomed...hihi,jgn cdey2

hairdo said...

tak boleh la kita nak berumah bersama...

taniah dengan 5 jaringan tu.aku tau kau boleh buat 10. kan2?*wink2* :P