Monday, October 24, 2011

entry after midnight..

everytime I look at those pictures, my heart's aching. I know I shouldn't feel that way, but I just can't help it..

That should be me.... sedih Ironically, I keep on repeating the song by Justin Bieber, That Should Be Me... aha!

on the other hands, I think I'm getting good at doing things consistently, except for a few minor things that I should really work my butt off! Giddy up lazy ass! sengihnampakgigi

and I'm superliking this statement at the moment, "do not wait for things to happen, you MAKE them happen!" and yes, I did make 'em happen! Abaikan saja mereka2 yg suka menunggu bagai bulan jatuh ke riba itu! I hope I'm not givin' up on anything, anything at all, yet..

p/s: rest in peace Marco Simoncelli.. he died during the race at Sepang GP circuit, at such a young age. That reminds me, ajal tak mengenal usia...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

thing I would love to do

kadang2 kan, bila tengok people my age dah pegi travel merata tempat, it doesn't matter whether it's for holiday trip @ work trip, I do feel a tad jealous of 'em. I have this big, massive and huge dream to go travel one fine day. Dulu ingat nak belajar kat oversea, tapi tak kesampaian lah pulak kan, so I think for the holiday is good enough. Memang jeles tengok member2 rapat yg dah merasa pegi merata tempat, or at least they reside somewhere other than Malaysia. It's been my ultimate dream to go all around the world, you know.

So, positive thinking, maybe bukan rezeki sy lagi. I'm still stuck in USM, studying. But this is my choice, though. Bak kate dia, kalau sy dah kerja sekarang, maybe dah kahwin @ ade anak pun.. hee~ So, I just have to go through with this, right? tak lame dah pun...

Takpe lah kan, maybe rezeki utk travel tu akan tiba lepas kahwin? So that bleh travel bersama husband tersayang. Mungkin tuhan tu tahu kalau sy travel before kahwin, ade kemungkinan besar sy taknak balik2 sebab nak carik boipren matsaleh? gatai hahahaha...
Salahkan kumpulan Westlife, lagi2 si Shane tu ye, sebab die lah dulu sy kunun2 tanak carik org Melayu jdik bf, last2 dapat jugak dengan org T'ganu, pure Malay lagi youu! harap2 berkekalan... aminnnn....

The bottom line is, God knows what's best for you. Be patient, the time of your life will come eventually. Dia Maha Adil.

p/s: It's been 4 years, syg, can you believe it? but I don't feel like 4 years, it seems like only 4 months since I've first met you. That's a good sign, right? I can't get enough of you, yet.. love

Monday, October 10, 2011

nak beli beg tak?

hi! just a quick post only.

anyone interested in buying the bag below?

i bought it last week for RM46 termasuk posting cost, but I'm gonna let it go for RM35 only, termasuk posting cost.

Reason for sell? ---> simply because I cannot find any outfit to match it with.. jadi sayang kalau tak pakai. It looks nice, though.

Width: 33CM
High: 25CM (handle below)
Handle High: 13CM

Email me:

the colour is exactly the same as above, I can assure you.

p/s: credit to ireen.kieron for the picture.