Tuesday, June 30, 2009

my lil' neighbour

mrng everyone.. just to share something funny that happened last night. ad sorg jiran aku ni, farhan nme die.. last nite he came to my house. at that time, i was browsing the internet, tgh tgok bju yg my other half bought for me. yeayy.. nk djadikan cerita, bju tu dipakai oleh seorg model yg kalo dh nme model, mmg cantik la kan. that one i cant deny. si farhan ni dgn jujurnye bertnye kt aku..

"kak shasha beli bju ni dgn org die skali ke?"

tau ape jwpn aku? time tu gk i was laughing out loud kt atas kerusi dpn tenet. sume org yg ad kt stu pn gelak, tmsuk la adik aku.. hahahaha..muka die tersgt la jujur n suci. fyi, he's only 12. hehe. aku pn bgtau la die jwpn yg akan mrobek hatinye bhw model itu tidak akan sesekali mnjejakkan kakinya ke sini. hee~

till next time..


good nite everyone.

to you, im sorry for my weird and hideous behaviour tonight. i just cant't help it. im sorry, and i love you. you know who you are. can't wait to see you my dear. :)

till next time..

Monday, June 29, 2009

panggilan yg ditunggu2

hi guys.. ikutkn ati aku tanak tulis psl bnde ni, but yesterday, erm, not yesterday, 2 or 3 days ago, i told my babe, ain about this story.. n die gelak smpi nk pecah perot. so, i guess i should just share it here.. hehehe..

ok, here goes the story. bnde ni jd dlm mngu lps.. waktu tu dlm kul 3 ptg lbey2 sket. aku duk kt luar, n my hp was at my room. so, i went into the room to fetch my hp, n i saw 2 missed calls. no dtg dr area kl cmtu. it was twice, so i tot maybe indeed it was an important call. lg2 dgn status aku yg tgh mnanam anggur smbl mncarik keje nih, so, i decided to call back. dlm hati, agak keriangan dan berdebar2 at the same time. mntk2 la dpt interview kali nih. kol2 bz. "ok xpe.. mebi die tgh kol aku lg skali kot", aku sedapkan ati sndiri. i tried for the 3rd time. this time, dpt.. dup dap dup dap.

die: hello (die adlh seorg perempuan)

aku: hello, td ad x kol no ni, 01****.?

die: jap ye. haa ade2. kami dr syarikat sekian2 (aku lupe kompeni ape), nk bg tiket free msuk sunway lagoon theme park, sekali dgn penginapan.adik ni dh kawen ke blum?

aku: oo.. sy belum kawen lg kak.

die: kalo blum kawen, xdpt la tiket ni, time kasih ye dik.

aku: ok, same2.. xpe2.

  • pengajaran: jgn terlalu berharap pada no yg x dikenali.

there was this other call from different no, also happend around last week. n this time, i managed to pick up the call. bismillah.. mntk2 la dpt terbiu kali nih.

aku: hello.

die: hello, hi. kami dr maxis nk buat survey mengenai perkhidmatan broadband maxis. (lelaki cina dgn pelat cina yg sgt pekat)

aku: oo.. ok..

n die trus bertnye aku bermcam2 soklan dgn slang die yg lgsg aku x phm kdg2 n aku main belasah je jwb sume2, of cos la dgn hati yg kuciwa. isk3.. xpe, saba slagi bleh saba.

  • pengajaran 2: jgn angkat tepon dgn smgt yg mmbara, ckup sekadar merendah diri mnjwbnya.

till next time..

Friday, June 26, 2009

another day passes by

this afternoon i went to maybank. nk bank-in duit. tp ya allah, satu mesin je ok.. yg len, sume out of service. ape la diorg ni, dh tau nk ujung bulan, sah2 la mesin tu akn jdik hot stuff, cm aku dlu..hehe. (gelak malu2). 2x aku g, sbb first time g tu dh lewat nk amek adik kt skola. so, after amik adik, aku g balik...ttp full jugak. nk x nk kne la tngu. aku g dlm kul 130. balik kul 330. ditambah dgn traffic jam. adoi, mmg menguji kesabaran. sbb jam tu adlh kerana satu kete proton iswara ni rosak btul2 dpn traffic light. can u imagine how narrow the lane was?

lg 1, time2 tgh jam, everybody akan jadik selfish. except for me. ehem2.. nk djadikan cerita, aku kuar dr simpang ni, pastu trus bg signal nk msuk lane tgh. fyi, jalan tu ade 3 invisible lane. so, sape2 yg x familiar dgn jln tu, sah2 akan silap msuk lorong dan definitely akn menyusahkn kete lain kalo nk tuka lorong, lg2 jalan jam truk. ok, smbg cte balik. tgh bg signal tu, aku try msuk slow2. slow2 + signal ok. tp kete perdana putih ni, plat no WHP ****, dgn sombongnye merapatkan kete die kt kete aku dgn harapan aku xkn dpt msuk dpn kete die. mmg kalo silap aribulan, kemek gk la. u know what i did? aku pndg die dan aku angkt tgn cm mmbe lame yg dh knal. of cos la kne snyum sket. hahaha.after dat, trus die stop, n bg aku msuk.. fuh.. lega beb. kalo x, abes la my beloved viva. in the end, turned out he was the one on the wrong lane. hahahahaha. padan muke die.. he was trying to move to the left lane but poorly, he got stuck in the middle, sbb ad satu lori yg sgt besa ni dgn selambenye trus jln tnpe mmberi die peluang. tu la bang, len kali bertimbang rasa la sket ok? bkn kte x bg signal. wt to do, this is the mentality of our malaysian driver.

balik2 uma, kene g uma nenek lak, amek pisang. haii, x smpt nk rehat. kne la pegi, nenek dh rndu kt aku sgt2 sbb dh lme x jmpe, tp jmpe2 je, nenek ckp, "shasha ke ni? apsal pipi tmbam?".. adoi.. nenekku syg....aku speechless....trus diam tnpe bkate ape2.. ok, sok nk puase.

til next time..

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


good evening guys.. its already 5 o'clock in the evening, but i dont feel any enthusiasm for anything today. not at all. sometimes, there's this one small thing, a least bit small., that when u know the truth, it hurts u.. not much, but enough to make your day gloomy. *sigh*. i hate this kind of feeling.
am i the only one with bad luck? or less lucky than others i might say? sy mau gembira semula tnpa perlu pk bnde2 yg menyebabkan saya berjauh dan berkecil hati dgn org lain.

how to increase your self-confidence

hi all..gud morning.. its 2.04 in the morning right now. i think im starting to like this blogging thingy. before this, i never thought i would have my own blog, since im not fond of writing anything about myself to be read by others. but in a way, it is good in term of expressing my own feeling toward anything. open-up my mind a lil bit u might say. ;) plus, rs best sgt dpt kontek balik mmbe2 lame through this blog. i miss u guys.

as for my entry today, i feel like writing something about how to boost up your confidence level. since i,myself will definitely attend any interview someday, and so does my other friends, i hope this will help u a little bit. hehe.

many of us, including me, will have this feeling where we tend to feel insecure of various things in our lives, such as physical appearances, speech, lifestyle, habits, work or even family. well, i found this 5 simple tips on how to overcome it.

-u have to like and accept yourself the way you are. each of us are special in our own way.

-this is hard to do, right guys? i feel the same too. hehe. but, i think we should give it a try. we can get useful tips from the speakers and also observe their body language while they talk.

-whether it is for an interview or for a presentation, tell yourself that you can do it. Motivate yourself each day and soon you will find your confidence level growing. Another good way for motivation is that after work or study each day you should make a list of at least four things that you did well for that day.

-u have to remind yourself that if you haven’t try something you can never say that you will fail in it. Be positive and try things without any fear or insecurity.

- Always remember that past mistakes and failures cannot be reversed and what’s done is done. confident individual always looks past those failures in his life. After all, failures are juts part and parcel of becoming successful. If you failed once you should take that failure as a learning lesson.

(resource of information : http://www.essortment.com/all/howtogainco_rfbl.htm)

all in all, we must have faith in ourselves.

till next time..

Monday, June 22, 2009

at last, i got my parcel..hehehehe.. thx kak arnie.. i lurve it! there's not much to do today sbb air xde.. the pipe system got broken.. masak pn simple2 je..the gud thing is i dont have to sidai kain.. haha. but tomorrow gonna be a tough day. im still waiting for any job interview. mudah2 an dipermudahkan olehNya. aminn..

early in the morning

hi all..

its 1.25 in the morning and i cant sleep at all. i just finished watching this one movie titled 'miss potter'. tgok sorg2 mlm2 cmni sdih bile smpi kt part bf die mati.they nearly got married. how sad..*sigh*

its been 1 month of me staying at home. my target is to find any suitable job around this time. the sooner the better, but still, x puas lg duk kt umah. i've been staying outside (boarding school stuff) since i was 13. until now, this is my longest time of staying at home. but surely, i miss a few things that u cant do while u're home. cant watch late-night movie and lepaking at the gurney drive after that, cant go to mcd in the middle of the night with my beloved bf and cant go to mamak kul 2 3 pg time study week with my bestest frens. hehe.. those memories are just so beautiful i cant forget any of it for a second. this is my new phase in my life. im gonna be a working-adult soon. life would be totally different. still, i can do those crazy things,but of course, once in a while la kan. heh.

im waiting for my fren, ain.. where r u babe? td aku ttdo, sori..

i cant wait for my parcel to come. haa, this is my new passion. shopping online. my one and only destination, arnie's style. sah2 kt uma xde duit, but lucky me, thanx to my mum, my sis, n my other half for supporting me in buying those gorgeous tops and dresses. hehe..what to do? i cant resist the temptations. heh heh (gelak ade makne).

for anyone who's reading this blog (if there's any), do visit her blog. u wont regret a bit. :)

till next time..

Saturday, June 13, 2009

this morning i went to mid valley megamall for the games and gadget exhibition 2009. meaning that, byk pameran n jualan regarding games, phones, pc, and other newest technologies. i wish to buy the garmin thing since my licence has expired. tp ape nk buat, no money, no talk. just stop and stare.

the truth is my lil bro wants to buy point card kt stu. die ckp murah. so, since no body at home, i have to take him there. it was a nice experience though, since die ni bkn adik yg mesra sgt dgn kakak die. apetah lg nk ajak kua same2. kire, once in a lifetime la ni. haha.

i didnt manage to capture any picture to show u guys. but i can say its a pretty good exhibition. and its much more better if u have lots of money. blink2~

i suppose to meet my other half tonite since he's going back to penang tomorrow morning. but dunno if its possible or not. kete savvy ad mslh la pulak. uwaa.. n my beloved viva, angah bwk g johor.

ohh.. how i miss so many things back in penang. the food, the people, the beaches....

til next time..

Friday, June 12, 2009

im not perfect, and so are you.

i hate it when people say something so negative to me that makes me wanna punch them in the face! i know ignorance is blessing but sometimes i just cant avoid being irritated, until at one point, i'll say to myself.. "teruk sgt ke aku ni?" it doesn't matter whether the comment related to me physically or mentally, but occasionally, it does hurt a lot! i dont wanna be afraid of myself, dont wanna be someone who cannot accept herself with a big heart n penuh kesyukuran. its the people out there that kill the spirit in you, the determination to change to a better person.

i live my own life, do my own things. screw you!

and i know, i cant avoid all those bad talking forever. i gotta be strong, just keep pushing on (miley cyrus's lyrics - the climb)

til next time..