Wednesday, June 24, 2009

how to increase your self-confidence

hi all..gud morning.. its 2.04 in the morning right now. i think im starting to like this blogging thingy. before this, i never thought i would have my own blog, since im not fond of writing anything about myself to be read by others. but in a way, it is good in term of expressing my own feeling toward anything. open-up my mind a lil bit u might say. ;) plus, rs best sgt dpt kontek balik mmbe2 lame through this blog. i miss u guys.

as for my entry today, i feel like writing something about how to boost up your confidence level. since i,myself will definitely attend any interview someday, and so does my other friends, i hope this will help u a little bit. hehe.

many of us, including me, will have this feeling where we tend to feel insecure of various things in our lives, such as physical appearances, speech, lifestyle, habits, work or even family. well, i found this 5 simple tips on how to overcome it.

-u have to like and accept yourself the way you are. each of us are special in our own way.

-this is hard to do, right guys? i feel the same too. hehe. but, i think we should give it a try. we can get useful tips from the speakers and also observe their body language while they talk.

-whether it is for an interview or for a presentation, tell yourself that you can do it. Motivate yourself each day and soon you will find your confidence level growing. Another good way for motivation is that after work or study each day you should make a list of at least four things that you did well for that day.

-u have to remind yourself that if you haven’t try something you can never say that you will fail in it. Be positive and try things without any fear or insecurity.

- Always remember that past mistakes and failures cannot be reversed and what’s done is done. confident individual always looks past those failures in his life. After all, failures are juts part and parcel of becoming successful. If you failed once you should take that failure as a learning lesson.

(resource of information :

all in all, we must have faith in ourselves.

till next time..


hairdo said...

kau da tukar profession ke?jadi penceramah motivasi.hehe.thanks yang berguna.

aishah~ said...

tak2.. xtau nk post ape. hehe.. any idea babe?

hairdo said...

post sex position pelis.

aishah~ said...

jp.. kne sokongan dr org len dlu. r babe.. tumbuk kang.