Friday, June 12, 2009

im not perfect, and so are you.

i hate it when people say something so negative to me that makes me wanna punch them in the face! i know ignorance is blessing but sometimes i just cant avoid being irritated, until at one point, i'll say to myself.. "teruk sgt ke aku ni?" it doesn't matter whether the comment related to me physically or mentally, but occasionally, it does hurt a lot! i dont wanna be afraid of myself, dont wanna be someone who cannot accept herself with a big heart n penuh kesyukuran. its the people out there that kill the spirit in you, the determination to change to a better person.

i live my own life, do my own things. screw you!

and i know, i cant avoid all those bad talking forever. i gotta be strong, just keep pushing on (miley cyrus's lyrics - the climb)

til next time..


hairdo said...

biasa la tu aishah.jgn terlalu rasa diri ini yang salah.aku tau siapa yang jahat buat bff aku rasa cam ni.meh aku g tumbuk muka die.mgkn di telo nyer juge.

aishah~ said...

hahaha.. aku bc komen ko trus gelak guling2. nseb bek br sapu ain.. lawak2.. nway, thx babe.. agak2 aku nk tumbuk die, def u'll be my partner-of-crime. ;)

hairdo said...

ya..kalau benda jahat jgn lupe ajak aku.keh keh keh (gelak evil ni)

aishah~ said...

yeah babe..sure as hell i will. hahahaha. (double evil)