Monday, June 22, 2009

early in the morning

hi all..

its 1.25 in the morning and i cant sleep at all. i just finished watching this one movie titled 'miss potter'. tgok sorg2 mlm2 cmni sdih bile smpi kt part bf die mati.they nearly got married. how sad..*sigh*

its been 1 month of me staying at home. my target is to find any suitable job around this time. the sooner the better, but still, x puas lg duk kt umah. i've been staying outside (boarding school stuff) since i was 13. until now, this is my longest time of staying at home. but surely, i miss a few things that u cant do while u're home. cant watch late-night movie and lepaking at the gurney drive after that, cant go to mcd in the middle of the night with my beloved bf and cant go to mamak kul 2 3 pg time study week with my bestest frens. hehe.. those memories are just so beautiful i cant forget any of it for a second. this is my new phase in my life. im gonna be a working-adult soon. life would be totally different. still, i can do those crazy things,but of course, once in a while la kan. heh.

im waiting for my fren, ain.. where r u babe? td aku ttdo, sori..

i cant wait for my parcel to come. haa, this is my new passion. shopping online. my one and only destination, arnie's style. sah2 kt uma xde duit, but lucky me, thanx to my mum, my sis, n my other half for supporting me in buying those gorgeous tops and dresses. hehe..what to do? i cant resist the temptations. heh heh (gelak ade makne).

for anyone who's reading this blog (if there's any), do visit her blog. u wont regret a bit. :)

till next time..


hairdo said...

aku de tgk cite tu smlm.tapi tgk cam buhsan trus aku tido.wah..dah beli nmpk nyer baju tu ye?nak tengok pelis...

aishah~ said...

aku tdo, bgun2 tgok cte tu.. hehe.. aritu tgok half way, ni pn halfway jgk..agak bosan mmg.. malu la ain nk tayang kt sni.meh la dtg uma.. wink2..

hairdo said...