Wednesday, May 26, 2010

untitled... again.

sejak menukar template kt blog nih, makin bmsgt lak utk menail rsnye. serius! there are so many things inside my head that I wanna write down here, tips, emotions and anything at all! tp kdg2 bile byk2 tulis, tkot org bosan. I think people love to see more pictures instead of longggg writing. but xkn everytime nk upload gmba kot? I am not that rajin, and I do respect and impressed for those people that features at least one picture in every entry of theirs.

smlm dh habes tgok cte The Vampire Diaries. and today i am so bloody boring as to figure what to do now, because at times like this, mmg tgok cte tu smpi sakit punggung. ahahaha...

and tomorrow's holiday. x tau nk watpe.. elaun pun x masuk lg.. sedih.. sedih nk jln2 dgn naim x leh, nk g beli2 brg ngan sara pun x leh.. and most of my friends are going home already.

final touch up!

finally, selesai sudah proses mengedit blog ni.. and I hope the colors that I chose fit with the background and all. topi

hari ni ad spot check kat lab, org dr unit pembangunan dan ape tah dtg wat inspection, and of course, we had gotong royong last week, label bnde tu, label bnde nih, and make sure everything looks good and professional! konon la..

and my roomate sudah selamat kembali ke Malaysia n Penang. before ni dia g US lawat adik dia grad and sambil2 tu g makan angin. best jgk ye kalo ad byk duit nih, mcm2 tempat leh g, and leh beli. and she got me something!

cantik kan? hehehe... she knows how much I love tinkerbell... masa mula2 akak rumate bg, agak terover excited jgk la.. I thought it was a music box or something, but it is a decanter with a very nice smell. hmm, kalo ad bath tab, for sure dh lama berendam

till then~ babai

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

what do you think of my new look?

kwn2, what do you think of my blog? izzit ok? izzit nice? sj carik angin baru, and i need something that represents me more. kenyit

actually there's still lots of things need to be changed, but I'm taking it one step at a time.

ok, gtg for dinner with my other half. I'm not eating, just temankan dia aje senyum

hee hoo..

dear diaries,

slmt pg sume.. celebratemulakan hari anda dgn sarapan! jom kte breakfast. arini teringin nk mkn roti pisang kt Riyas + nescafe ais kaw! minum

wishin you guys have a very nice day today! plan for today:

1) sort out journal yg dh x tersusun dh tu.. pening pale tgok.
2) print out table for my experiments.
3) run planetary mill as usual.
4) basuh bju balik tghari nnt.. sengihnampakgigi

Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday blues

It's Monday already. So I'm wishing everyone a happy Monday! peace

and as for me, I wish there's no more this so called "Monday Blues" where I couldn't get any of my works done! I wish Monday would be a great day for me to kick off the whole week with achievements!
nerd x salah kot nak jd nerd kdg2.. hihi..

till next time.. ~

oh ya, I made a banner for my new upcoming blog template. harap2 lps tuka template baru, akan lebih bsmgt utk menulis / menaip.

rsnye sy sudah terpengaruh dgn cite The Vampire Diaries! gee... sengihnampakgigi

You should try to watch it, lg2 utk org yg suke cte Twilight or any vampire story yg seangkatan. the first season has already ended.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

mixed up feeling

finally it has stopped raining now. n cuaca pun nyaman dan sejuk je and of course, perasaan pun akan rs nyaman.. but im not! xtau nape, ptg2 yg sejuk n best cmni, ad 1 perasaan yg x best. i dont know how to describe it. heartless? nope! numb?? yes, i guess "numb" is the right word to describe my feeling right now.

ntah la, tibe2 rs takut sume yg di plan xkn jadi. im not indicating on a specific plans, but plan2 yg mmg dh dirancang b4 nih.. (ayat pun dh x btul dh nih).. tbe2 terpk, mcm mane kalo sume yg dirancang x jdik, dan xkn jdik smpi bile2, smpi mase yg aku sndiri pun x tau bile..

and tbe2 terpk, rs sedih sgt tgok org lain dh achieve diorg pnye dream, and i cannot stop wondering whether my dream will be as good ad theirs, or even better?

hmm... hari yg x best utk aku hari ni...

Monday, May 10, 2010

perihal bola sepak

tonite, secara rasminya aku tgok bola sepak EPL secara live.. ahaks.. i was so excited to know whether Manchester United can be the champion or not, but unfortunately they didn't. mcm yg korang tau, Chelsea menang bergaya 8-0 against Wigan. ekceli mmg xminat pun tgok bola nih, dlu ade la tgok skali dgn my other half, but at that time, i didn't pay much attention to it, instead i brought along my books biar x bosan sgt.. n lama kelamaan, the interest nk tgok dtg sndiri sbb my other half slalu gk cte pasal bola nih, sape menang, sape kalah n sape yg hebat main.. n ape jd kalo team yg hebat tu kalah.. mmg nmpk mcm xd pape, but the after-game impact mmg dpt rase, in term of investment, endorsement dn mcm2 lg la..

and by looking at the player just now, they were playing really hard. agak bersemangat tgok diorg main..

so, dlm idup ni, anything that we do, anything at all, kte haruslah give it all out, as best as we could, sbb pd pndgn org lain, bnde yg kte buat tu maybe nmpk remeh, but for us, and for some people, that thing is great and terrific and meaningful!

it is never too late to make a new change in your life.

till then..~~

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