Monday, May 10, 2010

perihal bola sepak

tonite, secara rasminya aku tgok bola sepak EPL secara live.. ahaks.. i was so excited to know whether Manchester United can be the champion or not, but unfortunately they didn't. mcm yg korang tau, Chelsea menang bergaya 8-0 against Wigan. ekceli mmg xminat pun tgok bola nih, dlu ade la tgok skali dgn my other half, but at that time, i didn't pay much attention to it, instead i brought along my books biar x bosan sgt.. n lama kelamaan, the interest nk tgok dtg sndiri sbb my other half slalu gk cte pasal bola nih, sape menang, sape kalah n sape yg hebat main.. n ape jd kalo team yg hebat tu kalah.. mmg nmpk mcm xd pape, but the after-game impact mmg dpt rase, in term of investment, endorsement dn mcm2 lg la..

and by looking at the player just now, they were playing really hard. agak bersemangat tgok diorg main..

so, dlm idup ni, anything that we do, anything at all, kte haruslah give it all out, as best as we could, sbb pd pndgn org lain, bnde yg kte buat tu maybe nmpk remeh, but for us, and for some people, that thing is great and terrific and meaningful!

it is never too late to make a new change in your life.

till then..~~

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Anonymous said...

soccer is not only a sport but soccer can have full of suprise, how the player work very hard to achieve a good result, their ambitious to achieve their target and many more. soccer also can release tension if your team win and will give you a little bit tension when they are not winning against super hebat team. actually i loke manU since childhood. i'm used to buy ManU jersey since "sharp" sign on the manU jersey. One day i would like to go to manchester united to see it live in front of my eyes and i will go there with someone i really love which is Siti Aishah. Do you know her?:)

aishah~ said...

hehehe.. you really are "comel".. agaknye kalo diajak bcerita pasal ManU, sure x ckup satu mlm kot.. n yes i do know her.. n she says i love you too ;)