Wednesday, May 26, 2010

untitled... again.

sejak menukar template kt blog nih, makin bmsgt lak utk menail rsnye. serius! there are so many things inside my head that I wanna write down here, tips, emotions and anything at all! tp kdg2 bile byk2 tulis, tkot org bosan. I think people love to see more pictures instead of longggg writing. but xkn everytime nk upload gmba kot? I am not that rajin, and I do respect and impressed for those people that features at least one picture in every entry of theirs.

smlm dh habes tgok cte The Vampire Diaries. and today i am so bloody boring as to figure what to do now, because at times like this, mmg tgok cte tu smpi sakit punggung. ahahaha...

and tomorrow's holiday. x tau nk watpe.. elaun pun x masuk lg.. sedih.. sedih nk jln2 dgn naim x leh, nk g beli2 brg ngan sara pun x leh.. and most of my friends are going home already.

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