Friday, July 24, 2009

futsal, anyone...?

hi again.. ;) guess what? ptg smlm dan ptg td i played futsal. dlm english ape ek? hehehe. spnjg sy hdup 23 tahun ni, yesterday was my first time ever of playing it. actually, when kak ida first asked me to play, i thought it was just for fun. ya know, for friendly match, and nothing more. but then, it turned out to be a tournament! "Piala Futsal Dr Azhar", if im not mistaken. can u believe that? im going to enter a futsal tournament, and i havent acquired any skills on my list yet. in fact, i've been playing it twice. and i even used my hand to score. haha.. geram sgt nk tendang msuk gol x dpt2.. so, wish me luck for tomorrow. ;) oh ya, i'll be playing as a defender. hik3.. striker sgt la jauh smpi bole msuk longkang. =p

later this evening, g pasar dgn zaikha and dayah. diorg x pnh g pasar jumaat. n lunch td kak ida blanje. sbb die menang competition last wednesday aritu. best2..

i have to sleep early tonite. got to have as maximum strength and stamina as i could.

nite2 people.

till next time..

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