Thursday, July 23, 2009

strength, come to me now~

howdy guys.. how was your day today? (of course i mean wednesday..hehe) mine? i gained a new experience today. i went to the Young Lecture Competition organized by USM which was held at Bukit Jawi Golf Resort. all i can say is that all the contestants were very talented. i couldnt even see a bit of anxiety in each of them. the winner goes to one of my friend, Katrina. u go girl! congrats! ;) i dont know if i would feel as confident as them if i was one of the contestant. hee~

apart from that, sgt bertuah kpd sesiapa yg managed to watch the eclipse. its the longest time of this phenomena so far, and you wont see the eclipse longer until the year of 2132, if im not mistaken. unlike me, im reading eclipse, book number 3 of twilight saga.hehe.. tp the real eclipse lupe nk tgok.. ape la kn.. huhu..

last tuesday, sy x g keje pn. why? i got a very serious food poisoning. this is the 2nd time sy kne mcm ni. *sigh*. mlm tu mkn kt kulim, tmpt yg slalu gk mkn dgn my other half dlu2. dh lme x mkn kt stu, tu yg g. pas mkn je, x smpt ke mane2, dlm kete tu jgk perut dh rs len mcm. then i went back to hostel. guess what? from 4 am till 6++ in the morning, i went to toilet continuously. siyesly mmg x dpt nk tdo. and to make it worst, sy muntah2 4x. 2x dlm bilik. luckily i managed to grab the pail.hehehe. so, sah2 pg tu x larat sgt2 nk g keje. whole day i spent my time with sleeping. alhamdulillah, evrything's ok now. ptg td siap g masak2 uma zaikha. luckily diorg ade kt sni. x rase sunyi sgt. perangai pn gile2 mcm sy. hee~ thx to zaikha, anis and dayah sbb melayan perangai sy... =) mesti ko nk muntah kn zaikha bace entry nih..haha..

its 1215 in the morning now. i got some work and some thinking to do. nway, thx kpd semua org yg bg nasihat kt sy. sgt2 sy hargai. ;) those advices are worth remembering. =)

good nite people.

till next time..

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