Wednesday, July 8, 2009

this way, that way, which way?

hi friends..

last monday i got back from penang. first, to meet my other half yg dh lme sgt x jmpe. second, i went to usm, meeting with my lecturer. we discussed about the possibility of me continue my study in master. but still, my heart feels unsure of it. the truth is i feel unsure of everything. it's like, in front me, lay all the paths that im not sure which one to take. each path is full of uncertainty that somehow i dont seem to understand. *sigh*.

xmo sdih2.. cte bnde yg best g penang. hee.. apart from meeting my old fren back in mrsm, byk gk aku g jln2.. will tell u guys later.


till next time..


hairdo said...

babe,jgn la sedih2 mcm ni.kalau hati kau tak sure kau cube tnye pendapat org berpengalaman then mintak tolong Allah permudahankan urusan kau.mkay?jgn la ssh hati.

RaSHidAwAti DaUd said...

dear, feeling unsure are always 'our best fren' as we've still young, leak of experiences and of course we want the best for us. Believe me until now I still hv that; especially in working field. But the decision is u'rs bcoz u've the one who's going to face the impact. I've learn something from experience people yesterday; bcoz I've not braved to make any decision on my work. He said, "u will go no where is u'vr keep this kind of attitude".

So, make up ur mind. U will feel like a 'grown up people' after release with the best decision. U've nvr had the experience if u did not go for it. And along the way, yes we've always have our elders as the adviser...

so, gud luck ;)

aishah~ said...

ain: thx babe.. i know u'll always there for me. ;)

kak shida: thx a lot kak shida. after reading ur advice, i feel a lil' bit relief.. relief bcos i realize we dont know what we gonna get if we dont give it a try.. i guess i know what to do, apart from being unsure, i feel some confidence on my side now. =)

RaSHidAwAti DaUd said...

that's my girl ;)