Monday, July 20, 2009

guys, i need your opinion

hi kwn2.. slmt bjmpa lg.. sy tgh runsing skrg ni. just now, i met with my ex-supervisor, Dr Syed. we had a long talk, n the talk of cos involve isu pekerjaan, smbg master, experience, government and other related stuff. there was this one thing that keep me thinking until now. he said that according to his opinion, antara bekerja dan sambung belajar, he would prefer to work. because, by working, definitely we will gain experiences. and.... experiences + master = that's the real power. of course working in our field, as in me, Mineral Resources Engineer.

the truth is im not applying for master study yet. im working as a RA. and.... (byknye and), im planning on it. in fact, im working on the proposal right now. tp apa yg dr syed ckp tu sgt betul. but the main problem here is i havent got any job at all. he said that it's better if we work as RA, RO first. then, bile dh ckup pengalaman, proceed with master. of cos all these are of his opinion la kan. he, himself after degree, keje dlu, then smbg master, keje then br smbg phd.

just now, my mum called. i got "invited" utk attend exam for PTD.

thing that bother me now is whether i should hold on the master application, and try searching for work. kalau bole, work that's related with my field of study.

guys, any opinion? i dont wanna make the wrong move in my life, again. ckup sekali itu. the moment where that bi**h destroyed my dream.

till next time..


Khairiyah said...

grab any opportunity that u have right now.jgn nanti ape yg dikejar tak dpt yg dikendong berciciran.cewah..

nway, i proceed wit work for a year++ n smpi bosan baru sambung master..insya-Allah this end of year.

saya bibah said...

i pn rs keje is the bestest decision for u ryt now.dun give up n try apply lg byk2 k.huhu

RaSHidAwAti DaUd said...

hye dear. Just a pcs of advice. haha, mcm bagus jer kan =)..but, that not it. Just to share my though =)..
1) definitely as Engineers(if u really into it), experience is much more importance. But yet, mush be in related field. Then snap, u've got the idea btwn working or studying. bcoz u've mastered in both field. Being as engineer is not that easy. For me, I like my job but frankly speaking, I find my self not really feed in. Bt peoples believe on me. So, I keep on move on with this though. This is the case if ever u wants to cont with what u've study in prev level.
2) Before I'm graduated, I've been attending lots of classes on advising this future career. One of the speakers told that, it is advisable for engineering student explore 'outside form their world;.. Let say kalau nak amek master, jgn amek in engineering field. Amek business ker, management ker. In this case we hv 2 path which much more flexible for us in whichever field it is....

So, that was my opinion ler kan =)...base on my experience. But for me, I would like to explore more in industry so that I can bring it as an exrta asset for let say settled as lecture. Would be nicer and more time for family =)

aishah~ said...

kak kerry: btul gk kn.. just like my lect said. keje dlu, then, bile rs x puas ati dgn achievement yg kte ad, proceed with our study. thx akak. how i wish dpt keje n blaja kt U yg dkt dgn uma kte, just like u.. ;)

bibah: yerp2 bibah.. i almost give up..wish both of us luck.. jgn pki pelik2 kt gems tu weyh..aku br tgok blog ko nih.. haha..

kak shida: wahh.. pnjgnye. akak la yg plg rajin bg advice pnjg2 kt aishah. thx a lot ;) it makes me think more thoroughly about my future.teringin nk bgelar engineer yg btul2 keje kt industri nih.. hehe..that's right, works = experience, and when experience combines with master or upper level of study, u'll be an excellent person. wish me luck eh.. thx again. :)