Friday, July 10, 2009

i feel goooodddd...

hi guys..

after been stressed out for like, 2 or 3 days, i think im ok now. thx for those who give me their brilliant advices and stuff. sy sgt2 hargai. i know, life isn't always beautiful. when we think we've been cheated by it, we have to keep our head up, but always keep your nose at the same level. otherwise, people will hate u. hehe.

i've made up my mind. well, u can say im up to something at this very moment. =). tp tanak la cte lbih2, biar jd dlu, then i'll write it here.

in the previous entry, i promised that i will update about my journey to the north, precisely penang. actually nk letak a few pics kt sni, but i wonder where my usb cable is. x jmpe2 lg smpi skrg. well, it was a fun and memorable journey, though. i did stuff that i did when i was student back there. g jln2, tgok wayang, tgok kapal terbang.. hehe. n last but not least, tgok ombak atas feri. hahahaha.. pathethic me.. but considering the fact that i've been living in S'gor for almost 2 months, it wasnt so bad i guess kalo sy sgt suke tgok ombak time nek feri.hee~ there was this one kakak, she's indian. ktorg mntk tlg amek gmba, tp die malu2 dan tnpe disangka2 die pngl lak hubby die kot, yg tgh asyik tgok laut kt dpn. tkt gk die mrh sbb kaco die, but luckily, die sgt peramah. thx ye uncle. all in all, it was a memorable journey, of cos la sbb i g jln2 dgn my other half kn.. hehe.. thx to u bucuk, for ur willingness utk amek cuti n bwk g u. always have, always will.

smpt gk jmpe mmbe lme time kt mrsm dlu. die wat ra kt usm, n soon she will continue her study in master. sebut psl kwn ni, i can say that it's hard to find friends like u used to have back when u were in school. at that time, sume x pk ape2 kecuali tlg mmbe n sket pn x rase jeles, or dengki or whatsoever. bkn kwn time dh besa ni x baik, but that's the reality of it. when we thought that he or she will be our best friend among other friends, unexpectedly we stumbled upon something that we thought they will never do. there was this saying that me n friend in school used to say. "a friend in need is a friend indeed". rndunye kt mereka2 semua. but now, they rather concern on their own personal profit. no offense, this is only my general point of view.

wow, pnjgnye entry kali ni. sbb bersemangat kot. haha..nite guys.

till next time..


hairdo said...

mana gambar?tak sabar nak tgk.hehe.mesti kau maksudkan aku sebab tak bgtau kau pasal exxon tu.aku mntk maaf sgt2.bkn sb nak pulun sorg.tak kesah la kan da kau nak pk camne.manusia mempunyai pendapat sendiri.tak ade yang salah.bergantung la pada hati sesorang tu.

aishah~ said...

oo tidak.. entry ni bkn dtujukn utk sesiapa.. just a say from its author considering the fact that this kind of situation has occured so many times to so many people. chill babe. rezki ade dimane2. aku x heran lgsg psl exxon tu ok? rileks suda.