Tuesday, August 11, 2009

my heart says...

hi hi people.. it's been almost a week i havent updated my blog. the desire to spend time in front of the computer writing blog is quite faint. perhaps it's due to my busyness this past couple weeks. have to go to the main campus to pick up my graduation robe. went here and there with my friends, maklum la nk grad. everything have to settle as quickly as possible. furthermore, im working on my proposal's correction. just submit it this morning.hope everything will be ok.
despite all of that, there are a few things that seem to hurt my heart a lil' bit. gaji x msuk lg. :( i really2 wish, so very really wish that tomorrow will be the day where i can get my salary and settle all my debts. apart from that, it's my graduation day that gets me worried. of course my parents are gonna be here, xkn la nk mgharap duit diorg sj. teringin gk nk bg diorg rs senang.

there are also other things yg mmbuat sy berjauh hati. but its ok i guess. people are people. we cant control on how they think of us. yg pnting, aku x sushkn sape2 n anything that might happen or will happen, aku tanggung sendiri. someone has taught me to be strong, to handle everything on my own without making other people's lives miserable. but im only a human, sometimes i cant afford to take care of everyone's heart gracefully. so, forgive me for my unpleasant way of treating you people.

this week gonna be busy with my graduation things. happy? nope, i dont feel a thing at all. maybe it's too early. hehe..

till next time..

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