Sunday, January 24, 2010

love story... happy & not happy ending..

when someone falls in love, no matter how young you say they are, it will happen. nothing can stop them from being in love with someone.

and when their heart is broken by the same love they possessed, the devastated heart cannot be imagined by anyone who never experienced it. the rage and the anger... and the catastrophic effects will stay, lingering around them forever.

so people, dont give love easily to someone who might broke your heart sooner or later. love yourself. i've been there, done that. and the pain still linger somewhere inside me. but there is always rainbow after the rain, u just have to find and wait for it patiently at the right time n place. and i hope the "rainbow" that i've found 2 years ago will keep on shining on me forever. ;) aminn..

byk kisah sedih yg berlaku dlm mngu ni dan mngu lepas yg melibatkan org2 dan kwn2 yg aku syg. hati dan mata hanya mmpu berkata2 dan melihat, ttp utk org yg rasa, perasaan tu sgt berat utk ditanggung.


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