Saturday, January 30, 2010

never say never

im gonna turn 24 this year. n just now i gave myself a really deep thought.. about my future n what im supposed to do instead of what i like to do...

*sigh*... sgt byk bnde yg perlu difikirkan, dan aku terpikir mmpu ke aku wat semua tu? dan x terlambat ke utk mulakan perancangan baru? life's too short to be wasted just like that..

there are just soo many thoughts going through my mind now. and im afraid of it..

if it's not me, who else gonna do it?

oh,btw, me and my girls had a lil fun outing @ Jusco.. sempat tgok cte Adnan Sempit, n i told u, it is a MUST watch movie guys! starting cite smpi abes mmg x abes2 ktorg gelak.. sara yg jrg gelak pon asik tersengih je.. ahahaha.. njoy these pics of ours ;)

kak yana, kak aida & sara (from left ye)

on our way back

driver yg ketenye besa tp tuan die sgt la kecik..hihi..

till next time ;)

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